How to make a combine for collecting berries with your own hands?

Gardeners who love to grow a variety of berries, wish to alleviate and improve the harvest. For this, various adaptations are often used, which are called combines or berrymarboards. They allow the collection of small berries to make a simple and enjoyable occupation. As a result, instead of 30-40 minutes you can cope with the task of 5-15 minutes. The varieties of combines are a huge set, and a lot of them can be made from simple materials.

What is a berries collector?

Such a combine is a device that improves the collection of berries in large volumes. Such devices have various use techniques, structure, mechanization. The most important thing is that the combine removes the harvest with twigs with minimal damage, and better and without them. Most often, berries collectors are used when collecting gooseberry, lingers, blueberries, cloudberries, cranberries, currants and other berries.

The simplest device is a scraper. It consists of a comb, container where berries will be replaced, and handles. Berry collector forms can be the most diverse: in the form of a rectangle, circle, oval. Containers can be soft or hard. Use such an aggregate just. It is enough to hold it with one hand for the handle, and the other – directed twigs with berries in the side of the ridge. The principle of use of any combine is the same: when it moves, shoots the shoots between the teeth.

The diameter of the gaps at the ridge must be less than the diameter of the berry so that it can not slip.

Distinguish several basic types of combines.

  • Manual without mechanization, which was made on prototypes of devices created by our distant ancestors. The type of such a berries collector resembles a rake with a handle and capacity. Of course, today they have acquired a very convenient shape and are distinguished by ergonomic handles. In many models for capturing branches there are special frequencies from wire or sheets.

  • Manual with mechanization. The engine is provided in their design, which allows for rapid progressive movements to jamming the harvest right from the branch in the container. There are also interesting options with vacuum suction.

  • Automatic operator manages. Such a combine look like a huge machine cleaning grain. However, in them, instead of kosy elements there are special for collecting berries without damage.

Sure, Most gardeners prefer homemade combine. Moreover, when choosing, what to buy or do, it is worth deciding for what berries need an aggregate. For example, blueberries, currants and gooseberries are more solid, and models are suitable with a shooting element in the form of a rabel, while soft, fragile strawberry and raspberries are better to collect tools that are pushing the berries in the container.

One of the most successful hand models is recognized by Finnish Yagarmarrik.

This device does not damage the bushes and is recognized as safe from an environmental point of view. Its main part is a plastic container, reminding his type of closed scoop. Handle comfortable, with rubberized overlay. The cutter is made of metal, and the needles have special protection.

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It is worth noting that in such a combine knitting needles can be with balls at the ends or bent like studs. It is the spokes that branches with fruits are coming up, and then the cut-on will take them off from the base, and they fall into the container for berries.

It is important that the berries collector be without sharp cutting edges so as not to damage the stalks of plants and leaves.

This also applies to the teeth themselves. It is especially important to provide in homemade models. If the bushes are injured when collecting berries, then the next year harvest will be less.

Necessary materials and tools

For the manufacture of the simplest collective device with your own hands First, a number of materials and tools should be prepared.

  • Bottle of durable plastic. The easiest option is a plastic bottle of mineral water, but it does not differ in durability and durability. It is better to stop the choice on options from Ketchup or Milk, kefir. Such containers have a small size and at the same time quite wide, which is convenient when shaking berries.

  • Acute knife. You can use both the usual kitchen and stationery.

  • Stick. Its length should be convenient for harvesting berries with bush.

  • Rope or Scotch For fastening the combine parts.

Make a berry collector and metal. To do this, you will need a little different working instruments.

  • Steel sheets. It is desirable that they were new and have no damage. Of these, the combine body is made, and sometimes the container itself.

  • Metal wire must be durable and not bent when contact with branches or soil. She will go to the manufacturer of a comb that is responsible for breaking the harvest with a bush. At the same time, the length of the pins is desirable to choose from 10 to 15 cm in the range.

  • Bolts, nails, screws or other elements for fasteners.

  • Scissors for metal. Allows quickly and accurately cut the sheet to the necessary parts.

  • Plywood or Plastic sheets Need for body skin. It is necessary to avoid damage to berry when collecting. To do this, you can also use canisters, plastic bottles or screaming them.

  • Drill allow with minimal effort to make holes for fasteners.

  • A hammer. Especially indispensable when covering a plywood container.

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Also often combines for harvesting berries can be made of plywood. In this case, it will take all the same as when creating a combine of metal. Only the basis will not become steel, but a plywood sheet.

There is another option of a very simple combine for which such materials and tools will be needed:

  • Wooden shockts for kebabs are perfect for the comb;

  • Tree branches with a diameter of 10 cm are taken as a basis;

  • The saw will allow from branches to separate the circles of the desired size;

  • The drill and drill will be made holes;

  • The chisel is useful for giving the optimal form;

  • glue will give the opportunity to quickly and just bage the whole design.

Drawings and sizes

For blueberries, gooseberries, cranberries and lingonberries fit the easiest bucket with deepening. Front to it, comes a comb with teeth with a length of 10-15 mm, which are removed from each other by 4-5 mm. Behind the bucket is equipped with a handle for more convenient work. Berries are easy to run away from the bush and roll into the container, and then they can be slept in a bucket or other capacity.

The parameters of such a nuclear collector will be as follows:

  • The base in the form of a rectangle with the parties 72 and 114 cm;

  • sidewalls that are strung up P-figuratively according to the drawing shown below;

  • Tooth ridge 2 mm thick and 10 mm long;

  • Distance between the teeth – 5 mm.

Picture 1. Drawing of metallic nuclearball

It is worth noting that such a model is completely not suitable for strawberries and for currants from a bush.

This is due to the fact that they have too large leaves that are poorly held between the cracks. Strawberries are recommended to collect on a large scale by purchased berries, vacuum cleaners, which cause minimal damage to gentle trollars and rashes of the plant.

Instructions for manufacture

Make yourself a journey collector very simple. The simplest option is a glass of bottle.

  • First on the bottle marks a place where the hole will be located.

  • Next, the stick is fixed to the tool so that its end pulls to the bottom of the plastic container, and another edge performed outward.

  • According to the mark, applied earlier, a hole in the form of a square is made.

  • From the bottom of the bottom you need to cut large teeth.

    You can also make a handmade combine for collecting a metal berry.

    • First, paper pattern is made according to the drawings. Exception is only wire elements.

    • Then from the steel sheet it is necessary to cut the bottom of the tool, as well as the case.

    • From a separate sheet, the cutter was made. To do this, you need to measure the width that is equal to the width of the receiver for berries, and then break one edge of steel.

    • On one of the sides of the resulting compartment, holes with a diameter equal to the diameter of the wire are made. The distance between them should be 4-5 mm.

    • Now you need to cut a wire on a piece of 10 cm long and insert into the resulting holes. Next they are fixed or with welding, or just bend a hammer. Also there is an option to fasten through a wooden rail.

    • Ends of robble, which turned out from the wire, should be beatened before the formation of the side. It will allow berries not to roll.

    • Now you can collect the case using the fasteners selected in advance.

    • Next, you should fasten the resulting comb to the housing.

    • If desired, the tool body is additionally trimmed with wood or plastic. This measure allows you to improve safety when working and simultaneously protects bushes from unwanted damage.

    • The handle is made of steel tube or narrow plate. You can also use ready-made handles, for example, from the old door or from construction ironing. It is fixed with welding to the top of the body or bolts, which holes are drilled in advance. Make a handle less than a slippery, wrapped it with a layer of tape.

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    It is easy to make another variant of the berries collector.

    • For him, you must first make a couple of identical harsh of branches.

    • Next on one of the resulting wooden circles it is necessary to do a hole using the chisel. It is done with an indent from the edge of one centimeter.

    • Then grinding is carried out to remove burrs.

    • Grebenka is now done. To do this, in a circle you need to drill holes around the circle equal to the diameter of the skewers for kebab. The distance between them should be about 5 mm.

    • Similar holes are made on the second round.

    • Next, both circles put one on another so that all the holes coincided. Sliding skewers are inserted, and the circles are discharged for a distance of 15 cm.

    • After that, the frame can be fastened with glue.

    BerryMarbon manufacturer options a large number. As can be seen from the above instructions, make a right tool with your own hands quickly and just.

    In the next video, one of the options for the manufacture of the berry collector do it yourself.

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