How to grow tulips at home in a pot?

Tulips – All Favorite Colorful Flowers, which appear in spring. The variety of varieties and varieties allows you to satisfy the requirements of even the most arring gardeners. These flowers are very gentle and noble, can symbolize different messages for the bouquet recipient. Red, naturally, will mean recognition in love, and a bouquet of white tulips asking for forgiveness. Talk about how you can grow tulips at home in a pot.

How to grow tulips at home in a pot?


It is believed that the birthplace of tulips is Holland, however, in fact they are delivered to Europe from Asia. These flowers relate to the class of Lily. The closest relative is Lily. In total, there are about 2,000 varieties and varieties in the world.

How to grow tulips at home in a pot?

Tulips can be grown from seeds and bulbs. The first method is very long and more complex. From the moment of planting seeds and before receiving the flower will be held 5-6 years. In this way, use when removing new varieties. Life life of a bulbous flower – 2 years. It can be grown in the ground or at home

Grow the flower of the bulbs faster and easier.

How to grow tulips at home in a pot?

Select variety

Each lover of flower plants is sooner or later there is a question of how to grow tulips in a pot. They are pretty unpretentious flowers, so even the newcomer can cope with such a task. And to grow my own flowers for March 8 in a pot will be doubly pleasant. Let’s immediately declare that this article will go exclusively about the cultivation of tulips from the bulbs.

How to grow tulips at home in a pot?

So, if you decide to grow in the cultivation of this flower at home, it should be remembered that not all varieties are suitable for this task. Different varieties and types are adapted to various conditions. The lowest varieties are best. High tulips grow harder, besides, they are more susceptible to various diseases. Most of all suitable such varieties: “Parade”, “London”, “Oxford”, “Aristocrat”, “Lustiga Withe”. This is the most popular and unpretentious five. Varieties are in order from more popular to less popular.

Suitable time

So, when it is better to plant flowers in a pot? The growth cycle and plant development is important to observe and disembark them in the same period when they land into the ground – in September. It is suitable for the bulbs that you dug out of the soil. If you are used by purchased material, you can make a falling into a pot with the onset of cold. Thus, you can get flowers to the holiday of lovers either by March 8, it all depends on the grade and conditions of cultivation.

How to grow tulips at home in a pot?

Conditions for growing

So, in order to grow these beautiful flowers on the windowsill, we will need a pot and soil.


It is quite suitable for a pot of medium size, because the root system in tulips is not strongly developed. It has long been known that the natural potty of clay is more close to natural conditions.

How to grow tulips at home in a pot?


Pour into the pot can be peat, adding a little sand into it. Garden land is suitable, mixed in equal amounts with manure or compost and a bit dead wood chips. From the ground from the garden should be careful, because with it you can also make microorganisms that can spoil the flower. If you plan to use the ground from the garden, it should be keenly dry in advance under the sunny rays, scattering on a flat surface.

Tulips are such a culture that does not like wind, straight sun rays and drafts. The flower is finely reacting to humidity. Thank you will take spraying, but only if you wipe the stem and sheets, and not the flower itself.


Correct the bulbs at home you can both in the pot and in the containers. The landing is carried out at a distance of 1 centimeter from each other. Flowers are placed in a pot from the ground so that on the part of the bulb was in the ground.

How to grow tulips at home in a pot?

When buying bulbs in a specialized store, you buy treated from viruses and bacteria material.

There is also a high probability that after the collection they were sufficiently sucked and the temperature regime of their storage was observed. However, if you decide to plant bulbs from the soil, then before landing it is better to hold them about 30 minutes in cool water with manganese. There will be disinfection, which will avoid rotting the sowing material and plant disease in the future. After that, you can exercise landed in the ground.

How to grow tulips at home in a pot?

After disembarking, the bulbs should pour water. For more favorable ripening, it can be done to disembark a solution for the first irrigation, consisting of 5 liters of water and 10 grams of calcium nitrate. Thus, it turns out 0.2% solution. If after watering the earth gave shrinkage, you should shove the soil so that the bulbs are visible on ? from the ground, as was written above.

After planting a pot or special container, it should be tailored to a cool place, the temperature in which does not exceed 10 degrees. Occasionally can be peeking and watching the earth is not dry. But very wet should also be avoided. It should be slightly wet, otherwise the bulbs can be contraryed with an excess of moisture or dry during insufficient watering.

If the temperature regime is observed, it will be enough watering once every 10-14 days. About 2-3 weeks from the bulbs will appear first sprouts. When their length will reach approximately 5-6 centimeters, they can be entered into a warmer room.

How to care?

Pots either containers should be put in a bright place, but not under direct sunlight and not under the battery. Maybe it will be a table near the window. Avoid drafts.

How to grow tulips at home in a pot?


Watering flowers should be as follows 2 times a week. The land should not disappear, but also to fill the plant is not worth it. You can spray the leaves with water in dry rooms.


For better and faster growth of the flower and its protection from bacteria it is better to use a special tulip feeder, which in large quantities sell in specialized flower shops. One-time feeding will be enough.

Diseases and pests

The most dangerous for tulips are mushrooms. They penetrate the flower bulb itself and destroy it. The reason for the appearance of fungal diseases is increased humidity. It is possible to incorrectly dry the bulb, without observing the temperature regime, then it will already initially be sick. And you can land the bulb and take care of it, then inflammatory processes will begin to appear in the ground.

Because of the fungus, the flower becomes weak, sluggish, can release the arrow and not blooming. The most dangerous fungal infections are gray rot, white rot, Tiffulz, root rot, fusariosis.

With some kinds of rotting you can fight, in the case of detection of others, it is unlikely to be able to help the plant.

How to grow tulips at home in a pot?

Also dangerous for colors Viral diseases. Unfortunately, today there is no treatment for viral infections such as spells and august disease. In the case of spells, stains and strips are observed on petals. Previously it was believed that this is a new grade of tulips and gardeners even tried to withdraw such flowers in large quantities, however, today it is reliably known that petals affected by a virus acquire. It can be made of birds, insects, including those living in the ground, and even a person himself when cutting a flower (in the event, for example, if the juice with a patient with a tulip falls on the stem or petals of healthy).

The August disease is manifested in the form of an ugly curvature of the stem, flower sheets. The virus affects the growth and development of tulips. It can be amazed like a bulb itself (it will be visible to rotting) and stems and leaves (light spots will be visible on them). This virus is transferred from weeds that constantly live. Unfortunately, the affected bulbs cannot be cured and are to be destroyed.

How to grow tulips at home in a pot?

IMPORTANT when landing, use high-quality land and bulbs and, if doubt it is correct to determine what exactly the bulb is amazed to prevent further spread of flowers in the pot.

No less dangerous for tulips of bacteria and microorganisms, as well as insects that live in the ground. Depending on which symptoms are observed in the tulip, appropriate treatment is made. It can be both spraying and watering the plants with the necessary solutions. Maybe additive ash, magnesium, sodium.

The disease weakens flowers, violates the cycle of his life. Even by releasing the arrow, the tulip may not bloom. If the flower grew strong, and it began to appear yellow on the leaves, pay attention, did you change the location of the plant, is it worth it on draft. Be sure to check whether the sunlight flower is enough, the lighting is normal for it. This is the first cause of yellow and weakened leaves, provided that before this tulip grew strong and healthy.

It is important to determine the cause of the disease as early as possible and eliminate it. Otherwise, the flowering of these beautiful colors can not wait. Room Flowers feel when they are grown with love when they are due to. They gratefully answer your efforts beautiful, fresh, bright and large flowers.

How to grow tulips at home in a pot?

How to grow tulips at home by March 8, see the following video.

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