How to get rid of dandelions on the lawn?

People who live in private homes or are avid summer houses, the problem of clogging lawn by various weeds, get rid of which is extremely hard. They spoil the appearance of the lawn and contribute to the fact that the grass on it begins to grow badly. In this article we will tell you in detail how to get rid of one of the most common weeds – dandelion. We will also offer several effective ways and mention preventive activities that will help prevent the growth of “unborn guests”.

Features of the procedure

Dandelion is an unpretentious perennial plant, a bright representative of the Astrov family. It spreads very quickly on the lawn, and no weather cataclysms are terrible. Due to the fact that the dandelion is breeding with seeds that are spread by the wind, he is very fast and thick growing. In case you simply forgot or did not count the desired timely to get rid of the blooming bright yellow flowers, it seems to be adorning the lawn, in a short time you will see that they “scored” the whole area. Fight with such weeds, of course, you need, but it is difficult to bring them enough, especially if the parachute seeds have already spread throughout the territory.

There are many different methods of struggle, with which you can get rid of dandelions on the lawn, one of them are effective, others are not very. When choosing a way to combat a weed, a number of factors should be taken into account:

  • properly determine the time of the procedure;
  • The fight against weed should be not only effective, but also safe – lawn grass should not suffer.

After the procedure for removing dandelions will be completed, they must be assembled and removed as far as possible from the site. It is impossible to leave on the grass or earth this plant, but it is connected with the features of the root system – it is very strong and can take root back. If you have a bird, a goat or a cow, such a green-yellow mass can be raised pet.

Also, many recommend using dandelions for therapeutic purposes: they make various ointments, tincture.

Mechanical methods

One of the easiest and most affordable options for getting rid of dandelions on the lawn is a mechanical impact. Most dachas resort to him. There are several types of mechanical getting rid of weed. Let’s look at them.


The easiest and most common way. For its implementation, only the inventory, which today is in the household of each dachane: braid, trimmer or lawn mower. But the effectiveness of this method is weak, because with the help of the above manual device, you can remove only the part of the plant that is on the surface. Root – the strongest part – remains in the ground, and after a while the plant will again give themselves to know.

Skinking is chosen only because it is least expensive and safer for lawn grass.


The method is often used quite often and is more efficient than weed cut with a lawn mower or trimmer. To perform the procedure you will need a tool for removal – Special garden shovel. Such sold in every garden store. With the help of a blade, you can remove not only the top of the plant, but also its root system.

To make the method benefit, dig a plant right. For this, the earth is jumping around the dandelion, and then the root itself is extracted. Need to try to remove the entire root system. Such a method with constant use will help get rid of weeds much faster.

We use chemical preparations

The chemical agent is a herbicide, to the use of which in the fight against weeds on the beds, flower beds and lawn grass is resorted most often, because it is so in modern. Currently there are many different chemical compositions against weeds. There are even drugs that will help get rid of dandelion forever. But before you resort to the use of chemistry, you need to carefully read the drug and find out if it will not destroy everything, including lawn grass. After all, sometimes a refive can harm and soil.

To remove dandelions use such herbicides.

  • Selective action. Assortment of funds here is very diverse. The main advantage of such a chemical drug is that it does not harm the lawn and soil. The most popular and frequently used is “Lontrail”. The main active substance in the composition of the drug is klopyrald, which contributes to the restriction of the growth of dandelions and their gradual destruction. The solution is prepared according to the instructions. Processing the site to the tool only after haircuting grass. Early morning or late evening – the most appropriate time for the processing of lawn solution.
  • Solid exposure. These are very strong chemicals, the improper use of which can lead to the fact that all vegetation will disappear on the site. These drugs are recommended to be applied only in the process of preparatory work. They handle land before getting on the lawn. The remedy so strong that the sowing of lawn grass is possible only after 2-3 months from the date of the soil treatment with herbicide. When preparing a solution, you need to act strictly according to the manual that the manufacturer indicates.

Choosing chemical preparations in the fight against dandelions, it is necessary to follow the safety rules:

  • carefully examine the instructions;
  • Use when processing a site of individual protection: Rubber gloves, mask or respirator, also, if there is an opportunity, put on things that, after it is not sorry to throw out;
  • After the procedure, do not allow the treated part of birds, pets.

When buying herbicide, it is desirable to give preference to the products of famous trademarks. Also, do not forget to look at the shelf life, the availability of instructions for use written on your understandable language. All this will help you to purchase a means that will be both efficient and safe.

Make sure the quality certificates from the seller.

Folk Methods

Folk ways to deal with dandelions found wide use of gardeners. What is the advantage of such recipes? And in the fact that they are based on the use of ingredients that are in every home. Also do not forget that most of the folk methods are harmless.

  • Salt. None of the famous plants can survive if an ordinary cook salt acts on it, which, if more precisely, is a chemical compound. This method is very efficient and affordable, since the salt is a product available in a free sale. To destroy the weed, it is enough just to pour 1-2 tablespoons of the table salt on the dandelion.
  • Boiling water. This is one of the most expensive ways to deal with dandelions. In order to get rid of weed with boiling water, you have to spend not one day. The essence of the method is to have a dandelion bush for a whole day to water cool boiling water. The amount of irrigation should be at least 5 times a day.
  • Vinegar. Using acetic acid, you can destroy the root system of absolutely any plant, including dandelion. Working with vinegar is needed very carefully – he should only get on dandelion. If the acetic acid of high concentration and in large quantities will fall on the grass or other plants, they will also have a disadvantage. Most likely, the acid will burn them. To achieve maximum effect, you need to use high acidity vinegar.
  • Corn flour. The use of corn flour will also save the green lawn from the growth and appearance of small “solar” colors. Before planting on the plot of lawn grass, it needs to be treated with corn flour. Experts argue that the corn flour layer will prevent the appearance of dandelions for a sufficiently long time.
  • Burner. Gas or gasoline burner is a tool with which dandelions burn out. Open flame with long-term exposure to weed can destroy it. But in most cases, only the above-ground part of the plant is dying, the root remains the whole. It is necessary to work with the burner very carefully and carefully, adhering to security measures and using personal protective equipment.
  • Pets. This option is possible for those who have geuses, ducks, turkey or chickens. For poultry dandelion – this is one of the most favorite delicacies. Just just release them to walk on the lawn, where the flower grows. This walk will become more than effective both for a bird that will be enjoyed and for lawn, which will be cleaned by weed. Perfect and quickly cope with weeds can rabbits. This method is very fast, efficient and harmless.
  • Improving soil composition. The method is incredibly effective, and most importantly, useful for soil and for lawn. You just need to fertilize the site with a certain periodicity.

As a fertilizer, only mineral additives are recommended, for example, mulch. After the mulch procedure, dandelions do not appear on the site for a very long time.

Preventive actions

In order for your lawn to always had a neat and well-groomed look, and dandelions did not appear on it, some preventive measures should be produced.

  • It is very important to correctly choose the lawn grass itself. You need to buy exceptionally special, resistant to various weather cataclysms having a strong root system. When buying blends, you risks along with the grass to purchase and dandelion seeds.
  • Everyone knows well that the lawn should be shortly strut. But few people know that the mowed grass is best not to clean. Let the grass lies – it will prevent the appearance of weeds, including dandelions.
  • In case the lawn has been powered, and the so-called ballas began to appear, in these places it is necessary to sow new seeds. This is necessary in order to “empty” the place did not begin to germinate those dandelions.
  • Follow the height of grass. Let’s grow the grass to grow to 6-7 cm. Such height of the lawn will contribute to the fact that dandelions will not grow.

In addition to preventive measures, there are some more recommendations, but they need to be performed in preparatory work on the arrangement of lawn. Preparation consists of the following steps:

  • Determine the territory;
  • Treat the ground with a special herbicide, which will not harm the soil, but can resist weeds and their development;
  • Match the soil before landing.

Data manipulation must be performed constantly, with certain periodicity. From a single procedure, there will be no sense. If you fulfill all the above preventive measures, the lawn on the plot will always look beautiful, and none of the famous weeds can grow.

How to get rid of dandelions on the lawn, see the following video.

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