How to do rake?

    Those who handle at least a small land plot know that when performing gardening and earthworks it is impossible to do without robber. This tool is the primary in the list of garden inventory and performs several both the main and auxiliary functions.

    Device and purpose

    The device at robble is very simple. The design is a stalk with a transverse rail with teeth, which are performed by the designed robble function. Garden rakes are used for a wide variety of works. With the help of them you can:

    • purify a plot from dry foliage;
    • raking a stubborn grass;
    • remove from the ground roots of plants;
    • dry hay;
    • loose soil;
    • Running the irregularities of soil.

    Some enterprising gardens use rake even to collect berries, for example, lingonberries. For this apply special, with long frequent teeth tool.


    In practice, both at home and in production purposes are used different types of rake. Conditionally, they can be divided into several types:

    • traditional (transverse);

    • rake-tailoring;

    • fan;

    • equestrian;

    • rotary;

    • For berries.

    Rakes for berries are arranged in a special. Best of all they are suitable for collecting lingers. The product is a cross between robbles and scoop. Teeth in them are thin and planted close to each other. Such a device makes it possible to assemble the harvest of berries with bushes with convenience and practically without loss.

    Materials manufacturing

    Currently, in retail, you can find a variety of kinds of gardening inventory, including Rabel. They are relatively inexpensive, but those who wish to save money can make this device independently. The process of manufacture is simple and can cope with it almost every summer house or gardener.

    For the manufacture of the product, the following materials are used:

    • Iron, which is subsequently painted with anti-corrosion products;
    • steel;
    • aluminum;
    • plastic;
    • plastic;
    • wood.

    The most durable and durable will rake from steel. However, they have one drawback – they are heavy.

    So that the heavy weight of the product does not prevent work, it is better to choose an aluminum option. Perhaps such a rake will serve a little less, but also the hands will not be tired of them. Products made of plastic or plastics are considered comfortable and light, but for a long time they will not serve. Alternative to them will be wooden products.

    Rake do it yourself

    Those who decided to make a rake independently will immediately realize that this is a labor tool consists of only two parts: a cutlets and a transverse plank illuminated on it.


    Cuttings are made mainly of wood. To do this, most often use:

    • Pine, which is not afraid of moisture, besides enough durable and easy;
    • birch, easy processing and having a small weight;
    • Bech, famous for good strength, but requiring additional processing;
    • oak, which is although durable, but because of the heavy weight, only strong men will be able to use it.

    In factory production, in the presence of the necessary equipment, from these wood breeds, a smooth round timber is cut 3-4 cm thick and well cleaned it. With the home production of robles, you can apply the trunk of a young tree above varieties, cutting out a cutting of the required length from it.

    The finished segment of escape is sharpened on the one hand and sand the other cut. It should not be painted or clean the cutlets, as it will slide and turn in the hands when used.

    Cross working surface

    At home, from the girlfriend, it is easiest to make a work surface robble from a tree. For this, the same wood varieties, which were considered in the manufacture of the holder. For better results, it is best to pre-make a drawing of the intended model. So it will be easier for you to navigate in the process of execution.

    The process of manufacturing a plank with teeth consists of several consecutive steps.

    • From the bar 5 cm wide, you need to make a block with a height of 3 cm and a length of 50-60 cm.
    • According to her center from the side width, make a hole, the diameter of which will coincide with the diameter of your cutter.
    • With a thick drill, do in the workpiece for the working surface of the hole in the width of the pads. The distance between them should be 35-40 mm.

    • From the appropriate material, make blanks for teeth 10-11 cm long and diameter equal to the width of the prepared teeth.
    • For ease of use, each tooth needs to be fired on one side.
    • Insert the teeth into the hole prepared for them with a blunt end inside the plank and fix the blocks from the height of the block.

    Insert the prepared cutting into the holder and secure it with a self-tapping screw. The finished working surface must be painted or treated with another material for wood that prevents the penetration of moisture into the wood.

    Homemade transverse rakes are ready. They will suit you to collect foliage, hay, for the cleaning of the lawn. With small loads and proper care, the tool will serve with benefits for a long time.

    Homemade rake-tail

    Currently, many farmers who have to handle large areas of land, use motoblocks. This unit is considered universal, because with its help you can automate the transportation of cargo, and harvesting, and soil loosening. It is possible to connect to such mini tractors and rake-tail. Make them at home will not be much labor. It will only be enough to build only three metal wheels.

    In order to make a rake of a bearing for a motoblock, you need to prepare:

    • Metallic rack for frame;
    • brackets that will be attached wheels;
    • durable steel wire in order to make grinding springs;
    • a couple of bearings that need to be attached to the hub to install the wheels;
    • Steel sheets with a thickness of 4 mm, of which working wheels will be performed.

    We also need items for the sample, with which the product will be fastened to the motoblock. When making an aggregate, do not forget about safety technique. In the case of incorrectly performed work, not only a mini tractor can suffer, but also a person.

    Rake – important, indispensable element of garden inventory. With their help you can perform many works. Which rakes to choose to work in the garden plot – to solve you, but you should know that the tool is selected on the basis of the types and volume of the functions that they will perform.

    About how to make garden fan rakes, look in the video below.

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