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Wheelbarrow in the garden turns out to be literally an indispensable assistant. However, in the manufacture of it from zero, they need components, and during operation – spare parts. Let’s try to figure out what you want to know the consumer about them and how to choose it all.


Most often among the components, people are interested in a wheelbarrow wheelbarrow. High-quality polyurethane product can be successfully used in construction equipment, and in trolleys for a garden with one or two wheels. Modern polyurethane can be used in frost at 50 degrees, and with heat +50. Even at these extreme points, the material density is saved. But for the wheel to fulfill its task as it should, you need to use an even reinforced bearing with increased tightness.

These types of bearings are securely isolated from contact with water, dust or sands. Therefore, the overall life of the construction increases many times. However, not any polyurethane wheel equally good for the garden. It is necessary to take into account the level of load on the bearing: it should be at least 250 kg. The tubeless wheel should definitely follow compared to the chamber, because it is much less destroyed during normal operation, below the risk of its puncture.

In some cases, you can use cast wheels of a special kind. They are good for one-bed tack, but for two-wheeled it is hardly suitable. The cannonal design, obtained by casting, manifests itself well when it is necessary to move the cargo on uneven, covered with alarm and depressions of the terrain. How manufacturers, wheels without pneumatic cameras:

  • serve longer than ordinary;
  • do not destroy under the action of high humidity and ultraviolet rays;
  • do not suffer from draining;
  • amortize as efficiently as traditional pneumatic tires;
  • perfectly working on a variety of surfaces;
  • differ in high passability;
  • can withstand a significant load.

Selection of wheels is still determined by the fact that they will ride. So, for the dacha car driving on the ground or metal, suitable products made of elastic rubber or classic pneumatic tires. On asphalt recommend them. If the territory is paved with tiles or covered with cement, you need to use simple rubber or polyurethane. When it is just known that a metal chips will be found on Earth, only elastic rubber will be suitable.

Caution must be paid to:

  • overall carrying capacity of the wheels;
  • the outer diameter (the pace of movement depends on it);
  • Interior section (corresponding to the outer diameter of the axis).

When you plan to transport cargo to a large distance, it is recommended to use wheels by external cross section 40 cm. But if they are mainly moving within the garden plot, it is possible to limit the value of 32.5 cm. It is very important when consulting consider the features of drivers for carts and for garden bar. If sellers do not report clear information, carefully bypass questions – it is necessary to refuse to buy.

Worth considering and reviews about a particular store.Watching the acquisition of tires made in China. Yes, they learned how to carefully comply with technology. However, the technology itself often implies the minimum amount of rubber and the predominance of phenol in the composition. As a result, a bad smell appears, and the wheel itself in the cold “Dubet”. This means that processed waste and leaving raw materials were used in production.

Moreover, the lack of full-fledged rubber complicates the repair. The gluing cameras is greatly difficult, and no one will give warranty that they will not dug quite quickly. After all, any adhesive compositions and patchwork are designed for a high-quality rubber base. Finally, it makes sense to consider wheels. The pneumatic propeller propulsion is convenient and provides decent running quality.

If the manufacturer complies with technology, you can guarantee successful use of tires in all weather conditions. It is noted that high-quality pneumatic tires almost do not suffer from the irregularities of the relief, little viscous in loose soil under significant load. Other things being equal to the parameters it is necessary to give preference to products with an increased amount of layers. Each additional reservoir increases stability. If not limited to pneumatic structures, it is necessary to take into account the difference between solid and plastic samples.

Tight tire is better held on any coating. Using plastic tires, you can enhance depreciation and improve moving on loose, unstable soil. Delicious Wheel, thanks to the absence of air, almost does not suffer from punctures. However, it creates an enlarged load on bearings.

To conside the wheel of the wheel, and the width of the hubs. Specialists advise:

  • carefully select tires on pressure;
  • Consider the color (high-quality products have a matte squeeze and moderately black color);
  • Check, there is no fragrance of phenol;
  • Check if the camera does not slip when touching;
  • listen to the screen of pneumatic cameras (it must be required).

Rims Wheels are made of plastic or metal. Metal structures use when the highest reliability and stability is required. In the same cases, preference is given to roller or ball bearings. Choose sliding bearings more cost-effective. However, they cannot provide continuous displacement cars, especially at high speed.


The most significant element of cars, however, not body, and frame. It is categorically impossible to acquire frames having seams and other defects. When it is immediately known that the garden trolley will be used very intensively, the frame is needed from an inseparable pipe. But if you only need to periodically export household waste and the like light loads, you can limit the easier designs. Pipe in them is replaced with steel support. But still, and this support should not have seams. After all, any junction is a weak point in terms of mechanics. Under the action even 10-40 kg, with active use, seam can easily disperse.

Since the frame should take on the entire burden of the body, it should go to the perimeter. However, it is not necessary to think that having decided issues with the main parts, you can safely ignore all other details. Very important point are the handles of a garden trolley. Each of them, when choosing, it is necessary in the literal sense to “go through” so as not to buy a deliberately inappropriate product. It is necessary to pay attention to the length of the handle: how it is more, the usually a practical product, the fact that it will be maneuver.

It must be checked so that the handles are made from the primitive non-slip rubber. In the store, this is not so clearly realized, but after 1-2 hours in the garden, the difference between high-quality and poor-quality rubber is felt. Between the handles should be just such a distance to fit a person freely.

It is necessary to navigate only for your needs. The same moments must be taken into account in the independent manufacture of cars from individual parts.

Other details

20×35 mm bearings are widespread. The first figure refers to the size of the axis, and the second to the landing diameter. You can buy bearings and other sizes: 16×35, 47×20, 35×15, 35×20, 15×47 mm. This value is selected every time individually, taking into account the characteristics of the wheelchair itself.

But besides wheels, bearings and shafts, you need to pay attention to other parts of the garden trolley. Great importance is the right body choose. Since the device will only be used or mainly in the garden, the requirements are much lower than to the construction barns. Plastic bodies can be applied. The main thing is that they like to resemble the trapecy, then the load will be distributed as efficiently as possible. But regardless of the material, it is necessary to prefer the body with a flattened bottom, since it is most rational and allows you to load a maximum cargo to the wheelbar.

If the working compartment is thinner than 0.1 cm, then it is better to give up from buying such a detail. It will be not strong enough and will come into disrepair.

About how to collect a garden wheelbarrow from old components with your own hands, you can see in the following video.

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