How to choose and install a plow for salute motoblocks?

Since the 80s of the last century, aggregates such as motoblocks began to be widely used in agriculture. Conducted by this development of farming and private household. Motoblocks significantly simplify agricultural work due to the large spectrum of mounted and replacement equipment.

Motoroblocks “Salute”

The bright representative of the Russian manufacturers are Motoblocks of the Salute brand. The advantage of this unit is a balanced price and quality ratio. One of the first models that is now in demand and remains on the market, is the Salyut-5 motoblock. The design of this unit is so simple and reliable that it easily won the love of the population of the middle class. The popularity of the model inspired its manufacturers to create a more advanced and upgraded sample – “Salute-100”. This unit has an increased capacity, due to which, with a large number of attached equipment, its area has expanded.

How to choose Plow

Depending on the work on the processing of land, it is necessary to select attachments. This rule concerns the plow. Most often three modifications of plow for plowing.

  • Reverse. Its design allows you to adjust the depth of plowing. This plow at work forms a furrow and turns out the cut-off layer of the Earth aside, which is the easiest way. Having improved the upper part of the lemis, you can achieve better soil processing. To do this, in the upper part of the aggregate there is a bend of the lemis on the left side with a slight inclination. When working, the cut-off layer of the Earth slides on this fusion and turns 180 degrees, thereby improving processing.

  • Rotary. Used for more detailed land processing. By design, it has several blades, which allows you to increase the depth of plowing. This plow is not only plowing the earth, but also grinds cut-off. This allows it to be used to enhance it and in the manufacture of furrows under the planting of crops. The lack of a design is that using the tool can only be on soft and middle soil. On solid soil, it will be necessary to initially carry out a revolving plow, then apply rotary, which increases the physical costs and processing time. Also, the price of this design compared to others is the highest.

  • Plow Zykov. Is a modified modified revolving plow. The design of the plow has proven itself when processing solid soil breeds. Due to the larger number of settings, it is possible to optimally prepare the equipment to work, considering all soil parameters and operating conditions. Setting the angle of inclination or, as they are called the “Angle of Attack”, allows you to apply this unit to process any soil. To do this, you need to increase the angle of attacks for processing the Earth’s solid rocks or reduce it for softer soil species.


To reduce physical exertion during the processing of the Earth by the Motoblock, namely, when plowing, you need to properly install and adjust the plow. Starting the installation of the plow to the unit, pay attention to the hitch mount. It must be mounted in one central pin to the motoblock. This mount provides a small backlash, which will allow you to compensate for the load in the processing of problem areas of the soil. With an increase in the load on the plow, it will open a little to the side, without changing the trajectory of the motoblock.

If you attach the equipment hard with two hoptes to the motoblock, then all efforts through the plow will be transmitted to the aggregate. There will have to make a lot of physical strength to keep a flat trajectory of movement.

The installation of the plow is quite simple and does not take much time. Next, it’s about the adjustment that you need to pay maximum attention.

How to adjust

To correctly perform adjustment, you need to know which soil you are going to plow and what depth. Here is a brief instruction how to adjust the plow on the motoblock.

  • Plow so that its central axis coincides with the longitudinal axis of the motoblock and at the same time the equipment dimensions did not go beyond the limits of earth captures. This will ensure the stability of the unit during operation, and you can easily hold the direct trajectory.
  • To set up the depth of earth processing, prepare the coasters under the wheels of the motoblock in height equal depth of processing. It is necessary to install the assembly unit on the substrate parallel to the Earth. We free the plow rack screws. He must go down and touch the land. After that, screws fix the plow at the rack.

  • To adjust the angle of inclination of the plow, lower it on a smooth section of the earth. It must fit tightly throughout the plane to the soil. If this is not, loosen the clamp on the rack and turn to the desired side. Then lock the clamp.
  • An angle of attack is regulated by a screw that is located between the rack and the lemmet. Turning the screw clockwise, you reduce the angle of attack. This setting is suitable for handling soft soil. If the screw is to twist counterclockwise, the angle of attack will increase, which will help to handle more solid soil.

How to install a plow for salute motoblocks, look in the video below.

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