How to choose a turning plow for a motoblock?

High-quality plows are used for processing arable land. To date, there are a few species of this tool. A revolving plow is most often used by farmers due to the maximum and simple efficiency of this equipment. Learn more about classifications, ratings and methods of applying reverse plows for a motoblock in this article.


A recycled plow for the motoblock has two mirror working elements – lemis. One of the blades plows the processed area, the second is in the air. After the reversal of the motoblock, the lemet changes in places due to the effects of the hydraulic system. Such a structure of the plow allows you to get the land with the absence of a furrow, rings.

The use of a standard single plow does not allow to achieve such indicators. Due to the design of the tool, the final result is obtained with double furrows located on the sides from the center. The current models are fixed to the technique in three sections that provide uniform stiffness of the structure. Positive qualities include:

  • Ease of adjusting the design nodes;
  • increased wear resistance of the working bodies;
  • width of the capture of arable land;
  • Convenience of transporting tools.

The device of the mounted plow includes the following parts:

  • rigid frame;
  • toothed sector, gear, hydraulic cylinder responsible for the ability to rotate the tool;
  • disk case with doubles;
  • fuse;
  • hydraulic device;
  • wheels.

Setting the width of the capture is possible in 4 directions from 33 to 50 cm. If the plow consists of a variety of cases, then the width increases up to 9 meters. Dimensions of PLugs for Motoblocks do not differ in massive. The width of the lempets of reverse plows on average is 50 cm at a height of 25 cm. The angle of the island of the blade is about 20-40 degrees. The entire height of the finished design is no more than meters.

What are there?

Working elements of a single-populated plow Form divide on:

  • Lemet (divided into a screw, cylindrical and half-cylindrical shape);
  • unrestituted;
  • disk;
  • rotor;
  • Combined or universal, designed for the greatest grinding of the land being processed.

By the number of working parts, the device is:

  • Singleprocessing (the easiest to use, have a smallest mass, simple design);
  • two-circuit;
  • Multicpus (used in ultra-empty tasks for plowing soil).

Reversible models are applied when processing is difficult to feed and heavy soils. The design is a curved feather, which turns over during the earth processing. Reversible plows are reverse and swivel. Rotary are represented by two-circuit and three-circuits. These models have a complex design, the amount of lemhehs depends on the shape of the plow.

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Disk applied when plowing wet soils. The depth of processing is the smallest when compared with other species. A two-tempered plow is a standard model represented by two blades located opposite each other. Each working body falls off the ground in the right and left side, depending on the selected direction, the lem people are reinstalled by a manual rotation of the mechanism 180 degrees. These plows have the greatest popularity and increased productivity. Suitable for plowing on inclined surfaces, slopes.

The two-fledged plow is operated for plowing the launched and stagnant layers of land. This model, unlike others, no idle runs are observed, which improves the performance of the instrument several times. The design of the two-fledged plow allows you to change the direction of movement of lemhehs by 90 degrees.

Rating models

The most common models are “Kvelland”, “Almaz”, Lemken, “Salute”, “Mole”, “Neva”. LEMKEN plow (Germany) is characterized by high performance, the speed of turning the working surface on narrow areas, strength and durability of the material from which made. Such models are equipped with modern high-power tractors. Some LEMKEN variants are formed by a 4-profile frame, equipped with a system for controlling the revolutions of Lemekhov and equipped with hydraulic protection against unacceptable loads. Models of hybrid types are used as attached and semi-mounted circulating plows.

The “Neva” model is represented by a mounted and one-circuit option. The attachment model is made with a design with one blade, plowing is made in one direction. The depth of the soil is changed by manual mode, the range from 18 to 22 cm. Singlepox plow has 9 different models, characterized by weight, dimensions and pashny capabilities. Weight row differs from 3 to 15 kg. Plowing depth – from 14 to 20 cm. Singleproke types are universal and suitable for any requirements.

The “Salute” model is represented by many species. These are revolving, disk, mounted plow. Plow series “Mole” are represented by single-circuit and two-speed models. All tools are made in Russia. All types of plows are suitable for motoblocks with the same name. This is done for ease of use and search for suitable parts for equipment replacement.

Plows of the brand “Kverneld” are manufactured in Russia, designed for hitch with tractors. The model range is divided into mounted circulating and semi-mounted plow. Semi-mounted possess the greatest number of workers of the corps, up to 14 pcs., easy to operate and configure equipment. Turns are characterized by high quality, strength are divided into models suitable for various types of soils, including stony. Have from 3 to 7 buildings.

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Setup and adjustment

No matter how constructive features have a plow, all of them are fixed to the motoblock with the hitch of two models – universal and stationary. The first curbral model is the best option thanks to the latitude of the tool setup options. When mounting the plow to the motoblock, the knob does not affect the attachment technique. Fix equipment as follows.

  1. Plow is located on the sublime surface in relation to the motoblock. Natural elevations are used as a pedestal, bumps, bricks mounds.
  2. The hitch is made in the area of ​​the Farkop. All holes must match each other, forming a single ring.
  3. The clutch is performed using a bolt.

When fixing mounted equipment, the bolt should not be clamped with increased power. Hard fixation of elements affects the quality of the processing of arable land, the plow will hang out of side to the side. To this not happen, there should be a horizontal clearance in the fastening site, equal to 50 degrees. Next, the canopy is adjusted:

  • Selects the depth of plowing;
  • level of inclination board;
  • Dump angle.

Depth is responsible for which magnitude working parts of the plow will be shipped. Most often the magnitude is equal to the height of the blade. With a shallow plowing, weeds are not irrigated from the ground. With an excessive depth of treatment, a fertile layer when mixed with lower layers will lose the nutrients necessary for the development of a sown culture. To perform the setting of the depth level, it is necessary to fix three bolts in the desired lock position during raising and lowering the plow. The tilt corresponds to the screw handle, the adjustment is made according to the following scheme:

  • The motoblock is located on the hill;
  • The handles are turning until the touchboard occurs with the soil;
  • The handle is twisted in the opposite direction, the board must be located at the height of several centimeters from the ground level (2-3 cm).

With overly large corner there will be a slip of the tool due to the clinging of the plow for earth. In case of insufficient level, the unit will not be able to handle all layers of soil with a fixed depth. Setting the angle of the Dump is executed according to the rules listed.

  • Motoblock is located on the edge of the processed zone and the first furrow is produced. Then the resulting depth of arable land is determined.
  • The passage must be strictly in a straight line.
  • Next, the wheel of the motoblock will start in the furrow, the plow is perpendicular to the earth. You can use the carbon.
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All these methods will lead to a high-quality plow setting, will provide protection against possible tool breakage.

Operating Rules

Qualitatively plowed land affects the level of yields of sown seeds. In agricultural enterprises and in private possessions, the use of reverse plows on motoblocks and tractors leads to positive soil processing indicators. The difference in the arable elements depends on the type of unit used. Their mass varies, size, number of dumps. When working you need to make sure that the hitch is properly setting up and fixing.

  • It is forbidden to get a face and sides of the used technique, shove your hands when working parts of the mechanism.
  • You can not use conventional plow when plowing stony lands. This will lead to a rapid breakdown of the tool and possible mechanical injury.
  • All replacements of work parts and parts are made only when the technique is turned off.
  • The rate of plowing of the Earth should not exceed 10 km / h on tractors and no more than 6 km / h on motoblocks.
  • It is necessary to obtain repair and lubrication of work units.
  • On the mounting element there are no traces of metal corrosion and cracks.
  • It is forbidden to use massive insensitive plows with motoblocks. Incorrectly chosen technique will lead to the impossibility of plowing the site, breaking the motoblock and tool.

Tips for choosing

Before buying, it is worth considering some moments.

  1. Type of Motoblock used.
  2. Quality of the treated surface – soil types, humidity, presence of slopes.
  3. Ability to adjust Lemekhov.
  4. Design features of the plow.
  5. The presence of an additional plow when processing the Earth is huge hinged tools. The problem is that after plowing a large appliance, the remaining furrows (reversal bands) must be reconsored again.
  6. Protective qualities of tools. The selection of the case is carried out when taking into account the work and type of soil. For stony lands, it is advisable to acquire a plow with springs and hydraulic protection.
  7. Availability of an automated tool setup process.

Overview of the work of the motoblock with a revolt plow See in the following video.

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