How to choose a starter on a fiberboard?

Motoroblocks do not constitute complex designs, but at the same time they contain certain features. For example, when using this device, two starters work simultaneously: the main and additional. In addition, spring and electrical options can also be performed.

The latter are considered the most popular, as they can be installed without any problems and carry out repair work. A distinctive feature of such starters is also unpretentious, so they do not require too careful use.

Features of the manual mechanism

In the process of choice, most users usually prefer the manual starter. It has a huge amount of advantages in comparison with electric and other options. Such device includes the following details:

  • The hull made in the form of a drum;
  • several springs;
  • Various fastening and cord parts.

It is a manual starter that uses the most popular, since during operation, such devices often fail, so they have to be repaired, but the manual options are extremely easy to repair. Consider how the process of restoring the recovery of the starter.

  • Before starting repair, you need to find a scheme from the manufacturer to understand the features of the location of all parts. In addition, it will be worthwhile to understand the instructions.
  • Need to cook the key with which you can unscrew and remove the nuts.
  • Before shooting the starter, it is best to make several photos. This will help restore everything in case you forget the location of certain parts.
  • Unscrew the washer that is located in the center of the drum.
  • Find damaged items, and replace them.

Thus, the repair of a manual starter does not take too much time, so this type and enjoys extremely popular. In the process of restoring the workload of the starter for the motoblock, the main thing is to pay attention to any details, even the smallest.


For the motoblock you can also install other types of starters. Among the most popular and in demand in the market, several types can be distinguished.

  • Spring, which are considered the most simple both in the use and installation. In order to start such equipment, you will need to just move the handle of the motoblock. The unit includes a semi-automatic spring, which provides the necessary acceleration of the power plant. In order to replace the manual option to mechanical, no more than two hours will be required.

  • Electric, which work from the built-in rechargeable battery. It is the last part and determines the power level of the device and the life of its autonomous work. It should be noted that such starters can not be installed on all the motoblocks. Only some models are able to work with the help of electricity, so before the choice must necessarily learn the features of their aggregate.

In the process of choosing any starter, it is worth understanding that in the first year of work they are almost all the same. If a conscientious company, each device will fully perform the functions assigned to it, but a year later the situation changes. In order for the device to work as much as possible and longer, you need to take care of it, lubricate and replace the details failed. Only in this case, the starter will be able to boast high performance and durability.

Installation features

In order for the selected starter to be fixed as long as possible, it could fully perform the functions assigned to it, it should be installed correctly. Installation process includes a number of steps.

  1. First of all, you need to remove the flywheel so that you can install the crown. Next, filters are filmed from the unit, thereby accessing access to almost all parts of the motoblock.
  2. Now you need to get rid of protective casing. Make it is quite simple: you just need to unscrew the screws that hold the starter basket. In order not to damage any details in the removal process, it is best to take advantage of a special key.
  3. At this stage, you need to mount the generator to the place allotted for it, to wind the rope, and when it is assisted, put a kickstarter.
  4. The assembled system is mounted on the motor, and the starter terminals are connected to the battery.

As can be seen, the independent installation of the starter on the motoblock does not take too much time. The main thing is to clearly follow the rules and advice. In addition, it is necessary to be extremely attentive when choosing the starter. You must initially make sure that it is suitable for your model of the motoblock. For example, the electric starter can not be installed on all models. During the repair, the device must be disconnected from electricity.

You can replace the starter if necessary by the same scheme. For the perfect work of the device, it is best to choose the same models that were previously installed on the device. Most of the power units of motoblocks are characterized by a capacity of 13 horsepower, so you can use the usual top kit. For replacement, use the original components from the manufacturer who will definitely not harm the integrity and performance of the motoblock.

Of course, it is much easier to fix what you can simply replace. For example, if the cord has deteriorated for the motoblock, then it can be changed without any problems to a new. But as for the starter spring, it will have to tinker a little here. The fact is that you need to carefully examine the place of attachment to pick up the optimal spring. If the hook simply failed, then it will be more expedient to make a complete replacement of the mechanism.


Select and install starter – only half work. If you want the acquired item to work as long as possible, you need to pay close attention to care for it. New things always work well. For example, the factory starter requires only one jerk to start the engine. However, after a year of active use, the state of affairs will necessarily change. To prevent the emergence of such problems, you need to constantly carry out lubricant before launching. In addition, you need to not overdo it with a handle for a handle, as this may cause mechanical breakdowns.

If a kickstarter has fallen, then repair usually includes updating components that stopped working. For example, the replacement of the cord is produced if it is pulled, and you can only fill the spring from “MB-1” when problems with its work.

Thus, the starter is an indispensable part that ensures the operation of the motoblock. In the process of choosing, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer, compatibility with the Motorobloma itself and the species of the model. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to constant care of the starter, which will avoid breakdowns and quick failure in active use.

For the prevention of starter work, see the video below.

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