How to choose a mower for high grass?

Summer goes to her man, as the grass grows in the plots. On today’s agenda, the topic of processing area, more precisely, the grassland. Namely: Consider the imagination of high grass. When having a haircut such vegetation, you need to be careful and know some features if you started using garden equipment recently.

How to choose a mower for high grass?


Consider the main types of tools for working with lawn.

  • Motor cultivators – differ in that they have a simple structure. We are working, as a rule, on internal combustion engines (DVS). Sufficient capacity allows them to cope with the country’s decent levels. For weeds fit perfectly. Their advantage is also in time. They can work for quite a long time, which is suitable for large territories.

Popular aggregates called “Loplos”.

How to choose a mower for high grass?

  • Lawn mower – more functional and complex representative of garden technology. Differ in the type of power (electrical and fuel), and there are self-propelled and noncommodating. High-quality lawn mower will help you create a very smooth and well-kept lawn. The main difference from trimmers is that lawn mowers have wheels.

Thanks to the function of movement, they facilitate the work of a person, because they only need to smoothly push forward.

How to choose a mower for high grass?

  • Trimmers – Motokos that can be used even for uneven plots. Due to the fact that man directly moves with him, then it gives mobility. Among the owners of the plots, the trend of using exactly trimmers is increasingly, because, unlike lawn mowers, they allow you to remove the grass in hard-to-reach places, and professional mowers can help even process trees branches. There is a choice of cutting elements: disk or fishing line.

How to choose a mower for high grass?

Another advantage of the Trimmer is The ability to work at the height and cut the branches, which can also be strongly helped in cleaning on its territory.

Since trimmers are electrical and gasoline, then you will need to organize their work depending on their type. Electrical worth turning on the power supply and charge if it is not charged, and gasoline fill, if required.

How to choose a mower for high grass?

Features of work

In order to cut a lawn with high grass quality and quickly, it is necessary to comply with technology and know some features that save your time and strength. You can work faster.

First of all divide the area to the zones. It will help you understand how much the amount will need to perform. And you will not be delusions on whether you have worked on this territory, and whether the second time you do.

If we are talking about the height of the mowing, then it is usually 4-5 cm. For a more beautiful lawn you can take up to 3-4 cm, but it will require special techniques.

It is necessary to pick up the mower that in the country will be more convenient for you. Do not forget about gasoline exhausts from gasoline models and access to the network in electrical. Pros and cons of electrical and gasoline models are the same as in trimmers. One needs a close and permanent source of electricity (or using carrying, which is not very convenient), others need to breed fuel in a special proportion.

How to choose a mower for high grass?

Special attention is required here. High grass needs more careful processing, rather than lawn. The fact is that there is an effect of winding vegetation on the coil. In this case, the grass remains on it and will not give the mechanism to rotate in full capacity. This is noticeably slowing down the process.

So that this does not happen, pass the way in several stages. Gradually cut a certain amount in height, passing the lower and below the stalk. As a rule, the high greenery base of the stem is much thicker and stronger, so In addition to winding, you can damage the cutting element with solid stems.

Need to take into account the fact that if your technique works recently, then mowing particularly powerful and high grass need gradually. On average, the work can last about 15 minutes, then rest on the same amount of time.

How to choose a mower for high grass?

Since it is better to mow in several stages, then Do not forget about the grass collector and other filters. They will start clogged very quickly, and this will lead to problems with the tool. Clean all the time to the next cleaning passed not too little time.

And you can work with such tools not only on the grass, which can be tough and powerful, but also by other clusters of vegetation. For example, Byrian. But since it can be long, then for a trimmer, for example, it is important that the grass is not wound on the rotational mechanism.

Choose your budget and based on the type of plot. Somewhere the grass is softer, somewhere tougher. Do not forget also about whether you are going to often use this tool.

Professional equipment is intended to work constantly.

How to choose a mower for high grass?

Child Nuances

Among the main parameters that you can meet when choosing a tool can be:

  1. power;
  2. the number of revolutions;
  3. the number of functions;
  4. price;
  5. Types of technology.

The choice should proceed from the work.

If you buy a powerful unit for a simple lawn, then spend extra funds.

How to choose a mower for high grass?

How to choose a mower for high grass?


If we are talking about manufacturers, then among lawn mowers and trimmers, you can designate the following:

  • HUTER;
  • Daewoo;
  • Champion;
  • Patriot;
  • Bosch;
  • DDE;
  • Viking;
  • AS-Motor.

There are many garden equipment manufacturers. Not everyone is listed here, only a list of those who are often found in the modern market are announced.

How to choose a mower for high grass?

How to choose a mower for high grass?

If you make a choice in favor of ecology and buy an electric technique, do not forget about the fact that this technique can not work in rain conditions – it can cause a breakdown due to short circuit. This also applies to dew, especially if the engine is located below.

If we talk about the types of fuel, then it gasoline AI-92, and oil SAE 10W-30. Stir fuel (gasoline oil) needed in a ratio of 1 to 50. I.e On 1 liter of gasoline should leave 20 ml of oil.

Some devices are equipped with a measuring glass, where it can be mixed, but if it is not, then everything will be necessary manually.

How to choose a mower for high grass?

How to choose a mower for high grass?


The choice is limited only to your position and your site. The main thing – do not forget about the security technique and about the features of your device. Mower can cause harm when used.

Consider and explore the possible options responsibly and with any breakdown, contact the specialists who know their business. Technique is a serious thing that can how to help and harm.

Choose a useful garden technique for yourself, which will come in handy and will serve for a long time.

How to choose a mower for high grass?

How to choose a mower for high grass?

Video review of self-propelled lawn pump for high grass Caiman Athena 60s you can see below.

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