How to choose a heater for the pool?

    If the pool is located on the household site, the question of purchasing the right heater arises. Knowledge of the main nuances will allow you to buy a product in such a way as to use the pool could not only in the heat. However, the store has a wide variety of similar devices, including it is difficult to find the perfect suitable. Therefore, it is necessary to stay in detail on the main aspects of the heater selection.


    The selection of the heater for the pool should be considered at the stage of design and construction of the reservoir. It is during this period that the construction is necessary to insulate the walls and the bottom. Modern person is not used to counting exclusively in the sun when it is possible to adjust the temperature to the desired mark. For example, in the pool you can set the temperature for swimming in the range of 24-26 or 30 degrees, if children are swimming there. The heater is capable of performing this task practical and inexpensively.

    Especially relevant use of heaters for frame-type pools. They stand on a sandy pillow, so the cold bottom of such a reservoir will need pre-insulation. All water heating systems without exception are included in the working circuit of other equipment for the pool, its filtering systems, as well as disinfection. For this reason, they will be mounted simultaneously with other devices and nodes.

    Separate varieties allow embedding after the implementation of the main installation work. Heating is carried out in several ways. It depends on the volume of the basin, as well as the amount of water for heating and the features of communications. For example, with strong or weak electrical wiring and different fuel it is different. Based on this, you can perform the installation of the heater, which will operate in the general system of hot water supply at home.


    The existing types of heaters for pools can be divided into 4 categories:

    • Electric heaters;
    • heat exchangers;
    • thermal injuries;
    • Solar collectors.

      In addition, the gas options of heaters use. All varieties are characterized by the system of heating itself and operational characteristics.

      Electric heaters

      Electrical products are one of the most sought-after markets in the market. They are characterized by small sizes, beautiful design and do not spoil the landscape composition at the location by the pool. Such systems have a pump with a filter, so water in the pool will not only heat up, but also to clean.

      In the line of such products there are low-power options that are easy to use, suitable for heating the inflatable type pools (children’s). Heating adjustment is carried out by means of a thermostat, which makes such devices even more convenient. They are safe in work, but manual management like not every buyer. The supply voltage of such devices is 220 V.

      If you need to accelerate water heating, you can apply a passing awning. The heating range of such models varies from 16 to 35 degrees. Other modifications do not have a thermostat. For this reason, the temperature is checked using a thermometer. Sometimes the package includes thermostat, hoses and attachments.

      When buying such a product, it is recommended to ask the seller about the configuration. This is due to the fact that sometimes unscrupulous sellers sell components separately. Other varieties may include a relay, protecting water from overheating. Usually inside the case there is a TEN from a metal. Varieties with less power have a plastic case.


      These varieties are preferably used when the pool has a landline look and large volume. Water heating is carried out by burning fuel. It can be:

      • solid (coal, firewood);
      • liquid (oil);
      • gaseous (on gas).

      The use of such heaters is associated with two factors that it is worth paying attention to before purchasing a device. Their use is impossible if the circulation pump is not included in the system. In addition, when using a water heater of this type, will have to further take care of fire safety measures, whether it is an option on solid or gaseous fuel. The wood version of this heater is one of the simplest types of heating devices for swimming pools, which works with the pump.

      It can be made with his own hands made of metal pipe of the desired diameter. A serpentine with long ends builds from it to eliminate the burning of the hoses. The serpent himself concludes in the body so that the water warms up better. The principle of operation is quite simple. Inside lay firewood, they set fire to them, then waiting when water in the pool is warm up to the desired temperature.


      Such modifications of heating devices are considered more economical. At the same time, they are characterized by greater power and are able to heat the water in large pools of stationary type. Water heating in this case is quickly. It uses propane or natural gas.

      Gas burns in a special chamber, in the process of which highlights heat used to heat the pool. A distinctive feature of such varieties is the possibility of maintaining a constant temperature. Such devices are good and the fact that they do not require complex care, since after combustion there is no ash, ash and soot.

      The disadvantage of such a water heating system is the need for harmonization with the regulations of the gas service. And this, in turn, causes to resort to the services of specialists, without which the installation will be impossible. However, there is a substantial plus – the service life of such a water heater is at least 6 years without the need for repair. This option may make a worthy competition by electrical analogue.


      Such collectors themselves are interesting devices. Their heating is carried out from solar heat. The system of their work is unique: pump pumped water in the collector tube. After the water heats up to the desired temperature, it enters the overall tank. At this time, the collector is gaining a new portion of water for heating.

      The dimensions of such devices may be the most diverse. Selection of the solar collector is based on the parameters of the pool itself. In most cases, such products are characterized by an acceptable cost and simplicity of installation. However, their work depends on weather factors, which is the main disadvantage of such modifications. When there is no sun, water will not heat up to the desired temperature.

      With solar weather for heating enough 3-5 hours per day. In order not to depend on the weather, such a system has to be improved by inclusion in it heater. It is especially convenient if the design of the pool is closed, because it will be possible to swim in warm water throughout the year. When buying a solar device, you need to watch the hose diameter.


      These devices differ from the analogs of the appearance. They look like air conditioners and equipped with fans. A distinctive feature of such water heaters is the work from the remote control or the device panel itself. Their operating voltage is 220 V. The system of their work is completely different: electricity consumption goes to work compressor, as well as fan electric motor.

      Heat is pumped from one medium to another and is obtained from the energy of the environment. After the heat exchanger, it enters the water heating pool. The use of such devices is appropriate for stationary and mobile type reservoirs. The choice of variety depends, as a rule, on the total heated water.

      These pumps are distinguished by various configurations. They can consume heat from air, soil. The disadvantage of models is the high cost (from 120,000 rubles) in comparison with other analogs for heating the water of the pool. In addition, such structures work well only in warm weather. The advantages of systems are minimal power consumption, the ability of spacious reservoirs and versatility.


      These options are rarely resorted. However note them. Their advantage is low cost, although it is difficult to call them practical, whether it is a modification of an infrared or other electrical device or ordinary firewood. One of them is a boiler that can be used to heat a small or children’s pool. The disadvantage is long water heating in portions, because it will cool faster.

      Analogue of a solar collector is snail. Her principle of operation is similar to a traditional product, however, the effectiveness of the option can only speak sunny weather. A peculiar spiral mini boiler is easy to use and does not need to be installed. Also such a device is distinguished by the available cost.

      You can try to apply thermal stroke for heating the tank. In stores it is often called “special bedspread for pools”. They are covered by the pool, trying to save heat and heat the water for a couple of degrees. However, in this case, only the upper layer of water is heated. The bottom remains cold.

      For various designs

      The choice of the product cannot be implemented without tank design. Pools are open or closed. In the second case, you need to choose options with a constant temperature adjustment system. Such structures are characterized by fewer heat loss. Therefore, the consumption of electrical energy in them will not be so big as in the open-type pools.

      It is important to consider and modify the device. For example, a flow-type system is not suitable for a large water pool. She simply won’t have time to heat. It is especially important to take into account if we need a water heater for the outdoor water reservoir.

      This product is not suitable in the case of a closed pool indoors with old wiring. It is also not worth buying this heater when the consumption of electrical energy is limited.

      If the portable pool is important to take care of such structures that react to the absence of water and disconnect the heating. In this case, the flow options will be appropriate to use. They can be used for a skeleton inflatable pool with small sizes. Here, the automated control system and adjustment of the desired temperature will be very by the way.


      Before buying a particular water heater model for the pool, you should familiarize yourself with the installation instructions. This aspect is especially important because it will allow you to evaluate the scope of work. In addition, it is worth paying attention to several nuances:

      • It is important to choose the correct material from which the device is made. Best indicators have devices whose elements are made of stainless steel.
      • From a wide range of models, you need to choose those water heaters that are equipped with system adjustment systems, as well as protection. For example, it can be a stream sensor or a thermostat.
      • It is important to pay attention to temperature indicators. The maximum value should not exceed 35-40 degrees.
      • Masives and power. This directly depends on this. For example, the network may be three-phase.

      • In no case cannot be connected to the device if people swim in the pool at this time.
      • Select options with helium (solar collectors) will have to consider water, as well as climatic background. Before buying, it is important to calculate the area of ​​the collectors themselves, including the desired outlet temperature, attendance and type of tank (open, observer).
      • In addition, the simplicity of control, minimum service costs, a small period of heating and versatility, are important factors to pay attention. This factor is especially important in the country when it is necessary to provide hot water all the house.
      • Before you buy, you can choose several options for proven brands, the products of which are in nearby stores. At the same time, it is preferred by brand products accompanying their products quality certificates and compliance with generally accepted standards. You can first go to the official website of the selected company and ask what providers the manufacturer works. This will make it possible to understand whether it really sells products of a specific brand.

      • In addition, it is worth considering both the reviews of real buyers who can be found on the unrestrained worldwide cobwebs. Usually they give more reliable information than advertising sellers. Purchase need to exercise thoroughly considering the product. Any visible defect or suspicious price will tell about the fake, which is not so simple to determine the usual buyer.

      About how to heat the swimming pool with a solid-fuel water heater of tw in 20, look in the video below.

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