How to choose a frame for hammock?

How nice in summer to build or read an interesting book in the fresh air in a hammock. Only here is not enough – even if you have a hammock, it is possible that where you are planning a rest, there are no pair of large trees to hang the cloth. In this case, it is better to use frames that are installed in any convenient location.


Support for garden hammock is made from a strong heavy durable material, which can withstand enough impressively load melted with a mass mass of the user, and the pressure that appears when swinging. In most cases, frameworks produce from a round steel pipe, as well as a rectangular profile. Less often use wooden Bar – He can be straight or bent.

Traditional framework is Racks and beams system creating a reliable rigid support. As a rule, attachment nodes are placed at a distance of 3.5-4 m so that they support the hammock in the stretched state.

It is necessary to have them in such a way that the web was removed by approximately 1.5 m – in this case, the user climbs into a hammock without any problems and get out of it.

Supports take on not only vertical, but also also horizontal load, which usually occurs at the time of planting and swaying design. That is why the working circuit includes two mandatory parts.

  • Vertical Rama – represents a part of the mechanism stretching the canvas. It usually includes 2 and more racks.
  • Horizontal disgusts. These are legs to which the framework will be relying. They need to prevent its tipping, can withstand significant loads.


Frames for garden hammock can vary by material that was used for their production. Usually they are performed from metal – As a rule, it is steel that is covered by an additional layer of protective enamel that prevents the appearance of rust. If we are talking about wood, then it is usually a broom of 100×50 mm. For the manufacture of legs are usually used pine, for the frame manufacturers prefer to take the beech or glued pine, less often tropical wood.

Depending on the characteristics of the frames, two main design options are distinguished. First – in the form of an arc. Externally, such a model resembles a rocker. In the second case, the frame is rather similar to a trapeze with a great base. To fix the bottom of the construction, usually resort to all kinds of additional fasteners, it provides greater reliability of the product.

The stand under the hammock is collapsible or stationary. In the first case, the frame can deal with and move at any convenient place, this model is optimal in case you often go beyond the city and take a hammock with you. The second type of framework is optimal for mounting on some one place and use it is there for a long time. A distinctive feature of such models is a durable hitch with land.

Less frequently used framework, the design of which includes 2 frames connected from above. Also on sale can be found models in the form of parallelepiped, the main advantage of such schemes is their stability. However, it should be noted – such racks need to make a hammock on a pair of fasteners from all sides. If you like to soak in a cool place, but there is no big trees anywhere else, then preference is better to give the designs that are also provided with a light canopy in addition to the carcass. The most expensive equipment models include cheap mosquito nets.


Typical stand for hammock includes a design consisting of a pair of separations with parameters 1800x60x80. They are mounted at an angle of 45 degrees relative to each other. Two boards in size 2000x40x80 go to the strapping. Each of the divosers must be strengthened by the corner shelves with dimensions of 160x622x60, they are mounted on the strapping. In tandem, they form a rather stable trapezoidal design. The lower part of the framework provides 2 bases of the base size of 1000x80x800, each contains the backbone with the 80x150x25 parameters. On all colts at an altitude of about 1.40 from the bottom plane, the beams are attached to them.


Supports for garden hammock are produced in various countries of the world. The most popular are models from Russia, Belarus, as well as China and Italy. Budget category includes prefabricated products from a metal pipe of Russian and Chinese production. The cost of them may vary from 3 thousand. rub. (Murom) up to 18 thousand. rub. from Ultra (Stary Oskol).

The price tag on the Italian bases of bentwood begins from 20 thousand. rub. (Venezia) and can reach up to 150 thousand. The steering wheel in the case when it comes to the veiled design of a tree of a curved handmade timber, supplemented by a canopy. In the overwhelming majority of cases, frames are implemented with a guarantee for 1-2 years, however, most of the manufacturers assure that with careful and neat operation, the design can serve as 20-30 years.

What to take into account when choosing?

When buying a coaster for a garden hammock, first of all, It is necessary to proceed from parameters such as reliability and strength of the design. Metal models and wooden structures are considered the most persistent. Make sure that the material has been processed by the compositions that improve the technical and operational features of the product: the metal must be covered with anti-corrosion composition, and wood is antimicrobial to protect the material from rotting, the appearance of mold and fungus.

At the time of buying Be sure to check the strength of the fasteners, take it with your hands if the bolts are watched – From such a purchase, you should immediately refuse, otherwise at any time with the slightest movement you can simply fall and get injured, especially when the skeleton is folding.

Using outdoors makes special requirements for fasteners, so all bolts, screws, as well as self-tapping screws and nuts must be performed from steel with mandatory copper or zinc coating.

    Optimally that the width between the suspended hammock racks was greater than a meter – Only in this case will ensure the proper level of stability will be ensured. We introduced you to the features of frames for suspended hammocks. You can purchase a similar design in any specialized store, but most of the craftsmen prefers to make it with their own hands – with minimal skills to work with tools, this is not so difficult.

    On how to choose a hammock, look in the following video.

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