How to choose a “fog-2” sprayer?

    Farm farms gradually grow and need new techniques. Every year it has to carry out procedures for feeding and protecting plants on the fields from various diseases and pests. Most often for these works are used the simplest tractors, characterized by slowness and low performance. As a result, in the peak period, it is very difficult to find technique for field processing. This is exactly what pushes farmers for the purchase of special equipment that will make it easier and speed up the desired and hard work.


    The “fog-2” sprayer is indispensable in small and medium farms. Only for one season, this unit is able to process more than 15,000 hectares. And even for several tasks for spraying, just one of this car is enough. The sprayer is assembled on the basis of the “Fog-1” model, but differs from it more advanced technical characteristics.

    The main advantages of the Garden Ungregate:

    • Engine greater power (from 100 horsepower);
    • enlarged container for chemical exercise and fertilizer (up to 2 000 l);
    • Increase the operating speed (up to 45 km / h).

    The car has a greater height – up to 2 340 cm without taking into account the wheels – and high weight (up to 2,400 kg). As in the model “Tuman-1” from a new sprayer, a four-wheel drive, an independent suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers. The productivity of the unit can be 60 ha / h and up to 18,000 hectares per season. The car is produced in three grades that allow you to fully process and fertilize fields and gardens.

    A huge advantage for the sprayer is increased permeability, which allows you to work on any fields, including uneven or snow-covered.


    Of course, among farms, self-propelled sprayer uses the greatest demand. With it, you can quickly and without unnecessary problems to process large areas. However, there are other types of sprayers who also found wide use in various farms. Modern sprayers can be divided into several types.

    • Self-propelled, which is an autonomous spraying machine. Unlike other sprayers, it allows you to spray up to 2 m at once, with good maneuverability and there is no need to additionally install bulky equipment.
    • Hinged, As a rule, fixes on the tractor. Due to the small tank for substances does not differ high performance. Suitable for small fields with an area of ​​not more than 1,000 hectares. The main advantage is a small cost.
    • Trailed The view allows you to process the area to 10,000 hectares. Not suitable for high plants, since when the technique passes, many of them are damaged.
    • Manual is the most inappropriate for medium and large farms. Mainly used for spraying small gardens and plots.

    Complete set of self-propelled sprayer

    The fog-2 sprayer is available in a certain configuration, which allows you to optimally cope with all field processing tasks. When this model is selected, it is worth paying attention to all the components in place and in good condition. It is worth noting that thanks to domestic producers of this sprayer, the cost of component elements makes it inexpensive.

    Rod sprayer

    It is used to handle young crops with herbicides and pesticides. Allows you to evenly spray substances for 21 meters of area. When using a rod sprayer, you can process about 60 hectares in one hour.

    SAH-5 aerosol sprayer

    This type of sprayer is also called fan. It is mainly used if you need to treat large areas. At one time it allows you to immediately cover up to 200 meters. At the same time, the consumption of chemicals is reduced by a more accurate determination of its required amount. Another advantage of SAH-5 is the possibility of installation in various positions.

    Fertilizer spreader

    Mineral additives, as well as solid fertilizers conveniently scattering with this special device. For an hour with it, you can easily feel about 30 hectares of the square. It is possible to adjust the number of fertilizers per hectare (50-200 kg). The spreader allows you to evenly fertilize 20 meters. Its metal bunker is resistant to corrosion and does not react with most fertilizers.

    It is worth noting the simplicity of components of both applications and installation. They are easily replaced by simplifying work.


    The use of self-propelled sprayer “Fog-2” is very wide.

    • Allows you to protect from weeds and does not injure plants. Good permeability and low weight allow processing plants even on a wet field and in the early growing season. For this, low pressure tires are used.
    • Makes it possible to protect against disease. This stage is not carried out at an early stage of vegetation, so the narrow wheels are suitable for sprayer. You can also additionally install the enlightenment magnifier.
    • Protection against various pests Provides a fan sprayer with a powerful stream. It can be used in the calm, and in windy weather. Application This device is found on the fields, gardens, vineyards, currents, warehouses.
    • Make feeding with mineral fertilizers In granules or crystals is best with a special spreader.
    • Finger plants can be right at the root due to the multi-gelector. Fertilizer standards can not be adjusted manually, but on the computer.


    Competitors at “Tuman-2” are quite a lot, but most of them lose this unit. This is due to the fact that in one machine managed to collect many functions and the minimum of flaws. Among the large number of advantages of the sprayer can be distinguished by several basic:

    • ease of operation;
    • affordable cost;
    • repair even on the field;
    • inexpensive and affordable repair kits, as well as consumables;
    • Reducing the time to process 1 hectare to minute;
    • Ability to process per day to 1 000 hectares;
    • Simple transmission device;
    • The resource of an aggregate for work is increased to 500,000 km.

    In addition, the sprayer shows itself as a reliable and trouble-free machine. In the form of additional devices, components are used extremely high quality and wide functional. Using self-propelled sprayer allows you to free the tractor under the more suitable for them. At the same time, the costs of fuel are significantly reduced, and the fields are better processed.


    The production of self-propelled sprayers is the company “Pegas Agro” from the Samara region. Over the years of its work, the organization received colossal experience in creating agricultural equipment for agrochemical works. Machines manufactured by the company are distinguished by multifunctionality and can process and fertilize under all weather conditions. Sprayer models differ in the way the main nodes, as well as the power.

    Basically, the organization produces self-propelled sprayers “Tuman-1” and “Togan-2”. The first model is distinguished by its compactness, and the second – increased productivity. One such unit is able to replace five tractors with mounted or trailed sprayers. “Togan-2” was created in 2008 with an improved complex, which allows you to perform all the necessary work from the application of fertilizers and completing plant processing from various diseases and pests.

    It is worth noting that the company does not stop stopping. Models of self-propelled sprayers are constantly improving, offering an increasing number of functions and better quality.


    Farmers were able to fully test the self-propelled garden sprayer “Fog 2” in fact. As a result, most of them remained satisfied with the work of this unit. First of all, everyone likes that thanks to such a car, the time required for the processing of chemical extents and feeding plants has been significantly reduced. In addition, the sprayer made it possible to reduce the financial costs of these operations. Enough single machine to perform three functions at once.

    Self-propelled sprayer allows you to process not only plants, but also the area between the rows, which improves the quality of work. It is damaged much less shortcuts than when processing on tractors with trailed sprayers. Many note the convenience that it is not necessary to use additional cars or tractors for sprayer.

    Farmers unequivocally like that in any weather, you can process a day to 500 hectares and more fields. Reliability and versatility of this car repeatedly verified in practice.

    In the next video you will be waiting for a test drive of the self-propelled sprayer-spreader “Fog-2”.

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