How to adjust the benzokos carburetor?

Benzocos or trimmer, despite the relative simplicity (compared to the engine of the car), sooner or later fails. The moment comes when a long-term downtime and restarts of the gasoline unit can not do – it is necessary to service. In the launched cases, repair is required, more precisely, replacing worn items to the same new. Until you encountered the need to replace your items that have worked out, the carburetor service is required – cleaning, washing, reconfiguring mechanisms.

Carburetor device

Benzokosa (motocos) contains the basis – an aluminum body in which the remaining parts are placed, working out as a single integer. In the hull of the carburetor there is a diffuser – a move with internal channels through which air is downloaded.

The greater the dimension of the diffuser, the more active with the air the oxygen is supplied – the oxidizing agent, in which the fuel burns (gasoline-oil mixture).

Channels that are branched from the stroke of the diffuser deliver the fuel with which the injected air is mixed, which carries a pair of gasoline. Outside the main compartment of the carburetor housed:

  • jets;
  • fuel mini pump;
  • Knot regulating fuel mixing with air.

The latter and forms the very rummage mixture flammable in the carburetor combustion chamber.

Principle of operation

The procedure for discharge and filtering fuel In the engine gas station next.

  1. Using the throttle, the amount of air supplied to the diffuser is set. The more air is supplied, the more oxygen you need gasoline for combustion, and the greater the power allocated in the form of heat. The heat of heat is further converted to mechanical.
  2. The membrane pump is charged by the required amount of gasoline.
  3. Next, gasoline passes through the engine fitting.
  4. Fuel passes through the retrach and exhaust valves.
  5. Fuel filtering is performed using a mesh filter.
  6. Through the needle valve it enters the chamber with a membrane.

The staging of the carburetor is the following.

  1. The air enters the pipe with air to. The flap sets the desired air flow intensity.
  2. In the gasoline injection unit, the diffuser is too necessary to give a greater air flow rate.
  3. Fuel passes through the compartment with the float and passes the jib, falls into this narrowing of the tube. The float compartment dispenses gasoline. In this compartment, the pressure is in a state of equilibrium. In a narrowed tube it decreases. Due to the difference between both pressure values, gasoline and passes through the jaw.
  4. The accelerated flow splashes gasoline, transforming it into aerosol pairs. The resulting gasoline-air mixture is ready for the adhesion in the combustion chamber.
  5. Passing through the fuel pipeline, this mixture is in the cylinder of the carburetor.

Conclusion: To set the required power, first of all you adjust the rate of combustion of fuel using an air damper. If the clearance is too small, and the oxygen in such a mixture is less than 10% – the fuel does not burn, therefore, the engine will not start either immediately stalls.

In the case of buying a Chinese trimmer, it is worth considering that it differs little from the European – the same 2- or 4-stroke engine and drive.

However, they save them as details, forcing the consumer more often to change them. Check which compatible parts offer non-hot companies for your device.

Main troubles

Carburetor faults Motocosa or trimmer, despite the relative ease of elimination, sometimes require a long search by the exclusion method. The main reasons are:

  • unsatisfactory quality of gasoline cleaning;
  • airfielder zoom;
  • Columns of sediments and carb in compartments and trades of the carburetor.

Each of the problems has its own reasons.

Failure fuel supercharger

The most repetitive breakdown – wear, gap of the membrane. As a result, its unacceptable. Fuel moves are not sealed at certain stages of the engine cycle. The reasons here are:

  • You work for too long on the motorcycle or trimmer without a break;
  • Poveless fuel is reflected;
  • Exhaust gases fall into a pulse channel.

    The deformed membrane pays several bad consequences:

    • not enough gasoline or oxygen in the combustible mixture created;
    • The start of the motor occurs after 10 or more unsuccessful attempts;
    • The engine is knocking, clashes when working and t. D.;
    • Deformed working piston.

      As a result, the internal space of the fuel pump is contaminated from the pulse channel.

      Mask of the mesh filter

      Causes of the Mesh Filter Changes – Disposable Fuel Cleaning, Hose Damage and / or Purchaent Head.

      The failure of the adjustment lever

      The depreciation of the contact face of the lever – the consequence of not quite purified fuel, into which the grain or clay particles, metal or other inclusions, not soluble in liquid hydrocarbons. There is a problem with the fuel injection, the motor without load functions with interruptions.

      The intake needle is spoiled

      The intake needle breaks due to the presence of metal and stone particles in gasoline. As a result, the intake needle saddle is loosely adjacent to it, the fuel mixture flows. In a combustible mixture, created by a carburetor, too much air, why the motor can “sneeze” in the process of work. Finally, the needle can knock out due to poor-quality gasoline, or the unit has fallen long.

      Climbing adjustment space

      In the adjusting compartment may accumulate deposits. The needle does not cover the hole completely, and a lot of gasoline comes into the fuel cell – the motor transfuses it, it may be poured and the spark plugs. Because of this, the gasoline mixture contains an increased amount of gasoline vapor. The efficiency falls noticeably.

      The membrane adjustment is spoiled

      The membrane is often deformed (sometimes river) due to continuous operation of motocos or trimmer for several hours. If you are abusing such a “shock” mode of operation, damage to the membrane happens more. New breakdowns will be sprinkled as an abundance from the horns:

      • piston breaks;
      • The number of attempts of the unsuccessful start of the engine will increase dramatically;
      • The fuel mixture will contain too little gasoline;
      • Cropper falls useful (thermal) power.

      Inlet regulating lever

      Constitution of the adjustment lever – a consequence of its incorrect installation, random flexion. Contacting face will gain an incorrect position. This will break the additional injection of gasoline.

      The damper was worn out

      The throttle and air intake come into disrepair due to the air flow of dust, metal particles and T. D. Damaged valves are similar to the details undergoes inkjet sand. Due to wear of the flap, the efficiency of the motor is reduced, breakdowns are detected. Wear piston and cylinder.

      The dampers come into disrepair due to incorrect maintenance of the airfielder or his breakdown.

      In some cases, this filter is simply not suitable for your model motocos or trimmer. In the end, the motor shaft will suffer – his pieces fall into the engine channels, which is why the piston will be broken.

      The carburetor is impossible to adjust

      The fact that the adjustment is too rude (it is not possible to accurately set the parameters) the springs on the adjusting screws. Manufacturer of motocos or trimmer can deliver overwhelming and hard springs. You can find others either in workshops where such equipment is reinforced, or to purchase from any dealer or official representative of the company that has released a motor for your trimmer or mechanical braid.

      Prayed primer

      Primer – Handmade mini pump for forced fuel swap in the carburetor. For a successful start of the motor, it may be necessary to pump 20 ml of gasoline manually.

      Elimination methods

      List of upcoming work with the engine It may be as follows:

      • replacement of the fuel pump;
      • disassembly and flushing of the mesh filter;
      • Replacing the adjustment lever;
      • It is also necessary to clean the adjustment space;
      • Replacing the membrane (or the entire block, where this membrane is located);
      • setting inlet, graduation and needle valves;
      • replacement of dampers;
      • cleaning fuel channels and diffuser;
      • replacement of screw springs;
      • Change Prime.

      Not all of these works can be performed. Often it turns out that many of them have no need if a specific malfunction is immediately detected.

      Adjusting the carburetor on the benzokos

      Diagnostics and adjustment of the carburetor can take just a few minutes.

      Before it started, rinse the filters (see. instruction). You can configure the carburetor yourself using three adjusting screws.

      To do everything right, run the motor. Your actions are as follows.

      1. Lay the limit speed at idle. To do this, unscrew the screw l to the right, and then left. Turning step – quarter turn counterclockwise.
      2. Using the screw T, you can customize single engine speed: increasing when turning the screw clockwise, the decrease – on the contrary. The adjusted engine confidently works without load and without heating. Heated – does not overtake.
      3. If you do not configure the motorcycle, but the trimmer, the turns of the screw t set a greater supply by turnover per minute. For devices of both types, stable turns are set when choosing a knife (or fishing line).
      4. The latter turn the screw H. It sets the rate of gasoline with air on close to maximum revolutions, engine power, engine warming temperature and fuel consumption.

      To customize the motor with screw H, do the following.

      1. Open the throttle and exit gas at maximum speed.
      2. Screw the screw H clockwise until the engine turns down.
      3. Twist slowly the same screw counterclockwise until the engine is issued non-permanent turnover.
      4. Tighten the screw back (clockwise) until the motor earns exactly. It is important to catch this face.

      The result of accurate adjustment – full combustion of fuel and white-brownish spark plug color. Purified by gasoline candle is much darker inconspicuous.

      How to adjust the carburetor benzokosy, look next.

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