How Maple breeds?

In the family of maples, you can meet not only trees, but also shrubs. In total, it is represented by species in the amount of 150 pieces. The reproduction of this plant can be made in various ways, consider each of them in more detail.

Reproduction of cuttings

This method is recommended to use in the autumn period. His essence is, To cut the cuttings in an adult tree and with their use to reproduce. The length of each of the cuttings should be about 25 centimeters. 2 leaves should be present at all, each should be shortened by half.

Before landing cuttings, they must be placed in a solution that will help stimulate the growth of the roots. The depth of planting should be 5 centimeters. The hole should be fried away, the drainage system is prepared, and mineral fertilizers are added. It is necessary that the soil is light and moderately wet.

Best of all, if there will be river sand among the components, mixed with peat and leaf ground in proportions 1: 2: 3.

With the onset of spring seedlings are placed in a new substrate. You need to add fertilizers with potassium, superphosphate and urea. For young plants, regular and rather abundant irrigated. One tree will require about 30 liters of water.

Watering should be carried out every 2 weeks, especially at the first time. Later will be enough 15 liters on the tree once a month. It will also be necessary to take care of landings, loosen the earth and hide them from direct sunlight.

Closer to winter, seedlings are recommended to cover from frost and climb peat and palm leaves.

How to propagate seeds?

Reproduction seeds will require a large amount of time and forces from gardener, as this process is very laborious. To begin with, you should decide what kind of maple do you prefer to see in your site. It should be noted that Get any kind of seed will not work – There is a certain list. A number of decorative forms can be obtained only with the help of vaccination or shilling. For example, if Maple Flamingo breeding both from seeds and from cuttings, then such species like Tatar, Zelensky or “Ginnala”, It is worth growing from the seed.

As for breeding in nature, the seeds fall into the ground due to the strong gusts of the wind, tearing them from the trees. Building allows to spread through the nearby territory. After the seed landed, it is covered with fallen leaves, and after that and snow. For this reason, during the cold weather, the process of stratification is automatically undergoing, and those seeds that turn out to be stronger, they are already punctured with the onset of heat when snow comes.

However, in the case when it comes to reproduction at home, these processes will have to be carried out independently.

We will analyze step by step, how to grow maple from seeds. First of all, the sowing material is going and dried slightly, and then for 16-20 weeks it is cleaned into the room, the temperature in which is not more than 5 degrees of heat. This is usually a basement, but in the case when there is no possibility, you can use the bottom compartment of the refrigerator used for storing vegetables.

Seeds are stacked on a pre-moist fabric and covered with her. Need to ensure that the material does not dry, periodically splashing it with water. Stratification can pass and naturally if the seeds are sown in the autumn period, however, it is impossible for the quality of crops. In this case, a hole in a quiet and sunny place is digging for the future treet, the depth of which should be about 70, and the width is about 50 centimeters. A sandy-peat mixture is added to the ground, all this is mixed, and then stacked back into the hole, the seeds are folded up with wings up and put on the ground for about 4 centimeters.

After the specified storage time, seeds must be obtained from the fabric and put a solution to a stimulating growth for a couple of days. Before this, experts are recommended to carry out disinfection, for example, processing with a weak solution of manganese.

After the material is prepared, it can be planted in advance prepared containers with substrate. Having waited when the seeds are sprouting, they should be placed in open ground. If the weather is good, it can be immediately a garden. Specialists say that the maple sprouts well, about 85 percent of sowing are good.

In the first year of life, plants reach a height of 80 centimeters. Need to take care of him all this time. Place of landing should not be located in the open sun, as it can override the young trees. Best if there is a small shadow. You should also take care of the timely abundant watering, making fertilizers and soil looser.

Transfer to a permanent place is possible only after 3 years.

Features grafting

The third popular method of breeding maples is vaccination. Its most often used when working with decorative plants. You can select 2 varieties: eyework and copulating. In the first case, I mean the advent of the kidney, in the second – grafting with a cutlets.

Inhibition should be made on maples related to one type. It is best to carry out procedures in the spring.

Looking at the same time can be carried out not only in spring, but in autumn time. The minimum recommended distance between the landings should be 4 meters. If you plan to arrange a live elevation, this figure decreases to 1.5 meters.

Using vaccination, you can breed decorative hybrids. The procedure is carried out in several stages.

First of all, the material is prepared. If we are talking about spring, there are cuttings in the course, in the summer it is recommended to use the kidneys. An incision is applied to the young branch at an angle, as well as vaccinations, which is neatly located in the prepared hole. A dense bandage is superimposed on top, you can use a special film or tape.

When cutting a kidney need to capture part of the branch. The resulting item is applied to the place where the kidney has a wildwer. The film or tape is also superimposed on top.

The result is considered achieved in the case when shoots begin to form on the graft branch or kidney. The fixing ribbon is better to leave on the spot until next year, then it will be exactly known, was the vaccination successfully passed. With positive dynamics on the plant will appear kidneys and leaves.

To increase the possibility of obtaining a good result, it makes sense to make several different vaccinations on the same plant.

About how to properly multiply ostolized males, you can learn from the video below.

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