How many years Lipa lives?

To Lipam, our ancestors always treated with a special trepidation. Ancient Slavs considered their sainted trees, in Germany, under the canopy, the branches were arranged to justice, and in the old Europe, the lime trees were planted on the territory of the castles. Now these honeycomb are also popular among gardeners. But not many of them know how much such a tree can live.

average life expectancy

To date, more than 40 different types of Lip are growing all over the world. The most popular of them are three.

  1. Summer (large). In height, it grows up to 30 meters. Middle age of such a tree – 120 years.
  2. Felt. Such trees grow mainly in the southwestern part of Russia or in the east of Europe.
  3. Meltsolet (heartset).

They look very much like and bloom around at the same time. Blooms such a tree at the end of June. As a rule, it happens after the tree has reached the age of 20-35 years. Bloom lasts about two weeks.

If we talk about how many years Lipa lives, it is worth noting that the average duration of its existence is 400 years. But sometimes trees reach age in 1000-1200 years. But these are quite rare cases that are officially fixed.

The durability of these trees is a big plus, because, disembarking the linden on his site once, you can collect honey from them for several years. Mature linden can also be used to collect inflorescences and bark. They are widely used in medicine as a remedy for abdominal pain, rheumatism, cough or bronchitis.

When Lipa reaches the age of 90, it can be used for wood harvesting. At this point, the thickness of the trunk reaches 3-5 meters. Therefore, it can be used to create decorative products or musical instruments. Lipa aged 90-95 years is ideal for making high-quality guitars.

How many linden is growing in Russia?

There are quite a few interesting species of Lipov in Russia:

  • Siberian;
  • six-cubic;
  • Amur;
  • Manchurskaya.

All of them grow on average from 60 to 120 years. In natural conditions, linden is adapted to vegetative reproduction. But most often, or seeds or seedlings are used to grow linden. Planting a lipa in any way better than the early autumn.

For normal growth of linden on the territory of Russia, it is necessary to take into account that it is necessary for it.

  1. Tree really need sunlight. Therefore, you should not land it in the shade. Otherwise, the tree will resemble a small bush.
  2. The tree does not need fertile soil and grows well even on sandstone. That is why lindas are so common even in the Far East.
  3. If the seedlings are planted independently, they are best to have at a short distance from each other and from other plants.
  4. Tree must be regularly cut, so that his crown looked essentially and did not interfere with other plants.

If the linden grows in good conditions, it will not prevent her anything until the age of 100-120.

But as a rule, they are spilled much earlier, because the linden wood is valued very high. It is used for many buildings that do not require high strength. Previously, a liko was made from this pliable material, which went to the urine, mats, lapties and t. D. Because of this, a huge number of trees were destroyed at a young age.

In addition, lip duration may be reduced due to diseases or pest attacks. So, linden can be amazed by infectious diseases. To avoid this, you need to check the tools that are used for having a tree. In addition, it is necessary to constantly monitor the state of foliage. If there are signs of illness, you need to get rid of damaged areas and sprinkle with special means.

If you provide a good care to your tree, then a young seedling will be able to see several generations of one family, and perhaps, and get into the Guinness Book of Records.

Older Tree Representatives

But despite the fact that this wood has always been pretty in demand, luxury linden, which are already several hundred years old, you can still meet in different parts of the world.

  • In Bashkortostan there are 500-year-old Lipa, which has now been announced by the National Monument of Nature. Surprisingly, on her trunk even preserved traces of life bees.
  • Another famous old Lipa is growing in a small French city Maas. It is noteworthy the tree by the fact that Jeanne d’Ark was driving past him in 1429, going to a meeting with Karl VII.
  • One of the main historical trees of Ukraine was called 800-year-old Lipa Bogdan Khmelnitsky, which grows in the Lviv region.
  • Make a similar long-liver can and in Svetlogorsk. This tree is now about 450 years old. There is a legend that if you go to the lake, which she grows, hug a lip, to face her face and count to seven, and after saying the desire, it will come true. For greater confidence, it is better to do the procedure away from prying eyes.
  • In Glostenshire, In the dendropark, which is called WestonBirt, you can not meet the old Lipa itself, but the stump that remained from the tree. Despite their age, it is well preserved. Some sources indicate that he has been in more than 4,000 years.

Summing up, we can say that In general, Lipa is a long-liver tree. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are so many luxurious old honey trees.

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