How many thuza grow and how fast?

Gardeners and land owners often land in their territories. This tree is evergreen and looks very representative. With it, you can equip a recreation corner, decorate the territory or form a neat live elevation. Thuja is considered a royal plant, since in ancient times she grew in royal gardens and was used to create beautiful and original figures.

The average growth rate of different types and varieties

Different types and varieties of the Tui have a different annual increase. Consider the fastest growing of them. First of all, you need to say about the grade Brabant, as an undoubted leader among all species. Its height is up to 20 m, and the diameter of the crown at the bottom point – up to 4 m. Per year she grows up to 40 centimeters to swell and up to 15 centimeters. Tree has a major emerald chew. Plant a plant better at sunny areas, however, a light shadow is also allowed. This variety is frost-resistant. Golden Brabant is distinguished by the presence of yellow in needles.

Column variety also refers to fast-growing. Annual increase is approximately the same as Brabant. The height of the tree can reach 10 m, and the diameter of the crown is 1.5 m. The plant relates to winter hardy, can grow on the basis of any kind.

Color over time does not change.

Fastigiat can grow up to 15 m and up to 3 m styling. Its sizes it can increase each year by 30 centimeters in height and 5 centimeters wide. The needles are pretty soft and very pleasant smells. The tree can live for about 200 years, is unpretentious and frost-resistant.

The grade of the Giant Tui is also called folded. The maximum height of the plant is about 15 m, it can add up to 30 centimeters annually, width – up to 5 m. Dark green needles are distinguished by the presence of light spots. The fragrance is very strong and persistent. The plant is frost-resistant, however, heat, on the contrary, transfers very bad.

There are types of Tui, which look no less beautiful, but at the same time they grow long enough, adding only 5-10 centimeters per year. But if the annual maximum increase is not a decisive factor, they are also worthy of attention. Smaragd reaches 5 meters high and very similar to cypress. Emerald needle does not change the shade throughout the year. Tree tolerates the change of climatic conditions very well, so enjoys wide popularity in our country.

Hozery variety can be attributed to shrubs. It has a spherical shape. The needle changes its color during the year, in the summer it is green, in the winter there is also bronze. The height is usually equal to the width and can reach 80 centimeters. Unpretentious to planting conditions, well feels like in the sun and in the shade. Golden Gloss grade is a dwarf view. Crown in the shape of a ball reaches 1 m in height and slightly more in width. Needle has a green color, brighter on the tips. In winter, Thuja acquires a copper shade.

Ringold variety is characterized in that it originally has a ball shape, But over time it becomes conesoid. The scaly of the needles acquires a golden chill in the sun in the warm season, it becomes a bronze. Very reverently refers to the placement, will not be able to fully develop in the shadow.

And finally, the thuja variety of the globe is a big ball size up to 2 m. The color changes throughout the year, in the winter it is brown, in the spring period, salad, and in the summer green.

It tolerates frost well, however, a branch’s garter is required for the winter, otherwise there is a risk of their tearing under the weight of snow cover.

How to grow a big big?

The gardeners often arise the question of what to do if you want to speed up the growth of the car on the plot. There are several ways for this. You can use activators and growth stimulants, but the best accelerator is competent care and timely feeding. In the middle lane of our country, the tree rarely grows higher than 4-6 meters. However, in the warm regions, this indicator increases to 20 meters.

Thuja is an unpretentious plant, it can feel comfortable on various types of soil, Practically not afraid of pests and calmly transfers the impact of low temperatures. She loves light, but can grow in the shade, however, it must be borne in mind that the absence of the Sun will lead to the asymmetric formation of the crown and decrease its density.

Specialists recommend purchasing seedlings in specialized points. They can be from 30 cm to 5 m high. The landing is carried out mainly in the spring, so that the thuja fastened and gained strength over the summer. For better growth and rooting, the plant needs to be plentifully. Faster than thuja grows on fertile soil. It is important to ensure good drainage, especially in cases with clay and damp ground. If this is not done, the tree will change the color, and its crown will be more rare.

Neighborhood with large trees – not the best idea. This will lead to a shortage of nutrients obtained from the soil, and will also affect the growth. Thuja moisture, therefore, the mulch procedure should not be refused. Grow this beautiful tree can be made of twigs, cuttings and seeds. As for seeds, this is a very time-consuming and long procedure, which can take from 2 to 6 years, so for a faster appearance of this majestic plant on its site it is recommended to use other methods.

How to stop height growth?

So that the plant grow well and develops, it is necessary to carry out the trim. It’s not too complicated procedure, the main thing is to perform it correctly and carefully. It is possible to carry out it almost with all types of Tui. It is pruning that will help, if necessary, slow down the growth of the tree in height. You just need to trim the top. In this case, the plant will develop in girth.

Gardeners should not be forgotten that after the procedure it will require its regular adjustment. And it is necessary to conduct it on time, because at very large intervals of the branches will grow strongly and will be incurred by their weight, respectively, the general form will be broken. In addition, when cutting, a situation may occur when gaps in the crown of wood appear due to the discrepancy. The procedure should be carried out annually. In its course, not only the appearance of the tree is formed, but dry and damaged parts are removed.

However, it is necessary to take into account that trimming branches more than one-third is invalid, the thua will look bad and grow incorrectly.

How quickly grow tui, look in the following video.

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