How and when it blooms ash?

From a long time, the ash was considered a tree of the world. In Russia, amulets and magic runes were made from his bark, which were used for fortune. In Scandinavia believed that the ash grows through the worlds and binds them. Now from magical beliefs there is no trace.

But this tree is still very valuable and often used in landscape design.

How and when it blooms ash?

Features and flowering time

Ash is a beautiful thermal-loving plant. There are about 70 varieties of this tree in the world. But most of these species are like each other. They have powerful and branched roots, the bark of the tree is painted in a gray-ash color. The top of the trunk is smooth, and the bottom is completely littered with small cracks. The height of the tree is within 15-40 meters, but some species of ash may grow up to 60 meters.

Dark green leaves have an oval shape. But his flowers look especially beautiful. You can see them in the warm season. Ash usually blooms in spring. Depending on how the variety belongs to the tree, the first color appears from the beginning of March and to the middle of April.

Initially, women’s inflorescences are dissolved; Male appear much later. In addition, they bloom not so long as women’s.

Colors on the tree usually quite a lot, like pollen. So it is an excellent honey.

How and when it blooms ash?

How and when it blooms ash?

How does this happen?

The term and features of the flowering of wood largely depend on what kind it belongs to.

  1. Clean ordinary. The height of this tree is on average up to 25-30 m. Openwork Crown consists of winding outlines with light green leaf of lanceal form. Forming flowers occurs on last year’s shoots. They are bundles consisting of small hay flowers. Each of them has a two-year-old pestle and two stamens.

  2. Floral ash. Many know this species like white. This type differs from its “relatives” low crown consisting of branched shoots. They are covered with gray-green leaves. The height of the tree is in the range of 18-20 m. White ash blooms especially beautiful, because the tree during this period is completely covered with white inflorescences. They consist of numerous small flowers. Their length is 11-13 cm. Each single flower is a green cup, which is divided into four equity parts. Inside it is a whine with delicate white petals. It is worth noting that they are much longer than the cup. Long threads end with anthers. Flowers can appear before the dissolution of the leaves, and after.

  3. American ash. High, up to 40 m, the tree is characterized by an ovid crown. Green-brown branches are originally covered with a fly. At the end of April, flowering of this type of wood begins. It is covered by inflorescences consisting of small and thick flowers, the length of which comes to 10 cm.

  4. Green ash. Many this kind of ash is familiar with the name Lancing. Tree has a powerful and wide crown. At shortened shoots there are inflorescences in the form of blizzard or small beams. Flowers ash in April.

  5. Nickname ash – This is a tree with an oval, branched crown, whose height comes to 25 m. Flowers appear on shoots grown last year, and resemble brushes consisting of many small flowers.

  6. Fluffy ash (Pennsylvanian). The height of the tree is 20 m. This ash has an empty crown of the wrong form. Flat colors have yellow-green color and rounded shape. Blossom occurs in the first spring month.

  7. Manchur ash Prefers fertile land. Its average age is 350 years. In early April, all the tree is covered with female and male flowers. In some cases, inflorescences may be routine.

How and when it blooms ash?

Beautiful examples

Since ash looks attractive at any time of the year, it is often used in landscape design.

Most often for this choose low varieties of trees that look beautiful in garden-park compositions.

How and when it blooms ash?

For single landings most often choose ash American. A huge tree with a beautiful egg-shaped crown will become a real decoration of any suitor. Near it you can install a gazebo in which you can relax after a hard working day. Ash in bloom looks very beautiful.

How and when it blooms ash?

Summing up, we can say that the ash is valuable not only as a source of high-quality building material. It can be used in landscape design, counting on the fact that the tree will serve its real decoration at any time of the year.

How and when it blooms ash?

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