Hand-made snow blowers: features and types

Snow cleaning from a regular shovel track only at first glance seems active and useful pastime. In reality, after 20 minutes, the back begins to break, the hands are tired, and the monotone of the occupation brings to the longing. Special technique will also save power and time – manual snow blower.


Manual snow removal equipment serves for snow cleaning from the local area. Equipment is a bucket that includes a snowman with a control knob. Mini Snowplow is able to cope with snow cleaner on an area of ​​up to 400 square meters. Cleaning quality, as well as time spent on clearing, is determined by the bucket size. Than he is higher, the higher the huge snowdrift will be able to clear. The wider, the faster the operator will cope with its task.

The principle of operation is pretty simple: the technique moves under the guidance of the operator in the right direction, captures the snow and discards it aside.

Before working, it is necessary to adjust the direction of the gutter for the removal of the purified mass, and then push the unit in front of him, “stroking” the territory.

Unlike electrical or gasoline self-propelled models, manual technique gives full freedom to the operator. It is rather lightweight tool to remove snow in hard-to-reach places. Compact dimensions provide clearing terraces, curb, steps.

In addition, such parameters are very convenient when transporting a snow blower. Convenience when transporting or storage provides a telescopic folding handle.

Pros and cons

In comparison with self-propelled models, the distance for the manual snowpressure is not limited. The owner of the technique itself determines which site you need to process. I.e Manual snow removal machine more maneuveran. Of course, this is a more economical option that can not but rejoice. The pluses should include small dimensions of technology that provide simple transportation in a small space, for example, in the trunk, as well as the possibility of self-assembly in the presence of the most simple materials.

Manual snow blowers practically do not require maintenance. Especially this concerns electrical models. This is an environmentally friendly version, in contrast to the instance with a two-stroke motor of internal combustion, however, this species has its advantages, namely: efficiency and rationality.

Of the minuses of the manual snow blower, it should be noted an additional load that the operator needs to be used. If the self-propelled machine itself goes, and it is only enough to direct in the desired side, then Manual technique need to push forward, due to which the owner of the unit is faster.

In addition, with too serious tasks, manual equipment will not cope, it is suitable for mild cleaning of loose snow.


Hand-made snow blowers can be classified by the type of snowplow.

The stores offer two options:

  • single-stage;
  • Two-stage.

The first option also has the name of the auger. In its device the snow is discarded using a special pipe. During the rotation of the screw, the snow masses occurs and their room in the pipe, where the snow is leaving towards. Two-stage type – a more complex unit. In this case, the swelling of the snow occurs at the expense of the screw, and its discarding to the pipe is carried out due to the rotor.

In addition, manual snow blowers can be divided by the type of screw. This often becomes the main criterion when choosing equipment. The mechanism works like a kitchen combine.

Two varieties are distinguished.

  • Auger with a flat surface. Such a car is designed to clean the track from fresh snow. Typically, this technique serves to quickly cleaning the surface layer, under the power of her light soft snow mound.
  • Towned screw. Works with more complex snow masses. Equipment with gear screw cope with rigid wet snow or high snowdrifts. The number and size of the teeth are determined by the height of snow embankments and the parameters of the site to be cleaned from snow.

The augers may vary not only by the features of the device, but also material. This element in manual snow blowers can be made of steel, rubber or plastic. Each type has its pros and cons, but in any case, when managing manual technicians, it is worth avoided by the auger of stones, woods and other obstacles.

Even the most stable steel screw quickly fails when a collision with such an obstacle. This is especially true of single-stage units, where the speed of rotation of the screws should be maximum.

And also hand cleaning machines for snow cleaning:

  • mechanical;
  • Drive.

The mechanical device may be a mechanical design with a blade, shovel and other mechanisms. Drive, in turn, can be divided into electrical and gasoline varieties.

Mechanical device is suitable for eliminating a small embankment from the porch, narrow path or a small platform. More large-scale tasks are recommended to provide drive hand devices.

By the way, many owners of private houses independently make mechanical cars for cleaning snow. However, their working quality are still not so strong, like drive options.

    Uniform models Without problems, loose fresh snow will be cleared, but only until the moment when the height of snow emissions on the sides of the tracks will not be higher than the permissible. Next, the tool will no longer be able to discove the snow to the side.

    For drive copies such obstacles are not scary. In this case, it is possible to discard snow to the distance to 5 meters away, and therefore the operator can not take care of the height of the snow mound on the parties. However, I This unit is able to remove only a loose snow layer with a thickness of no more than 30 cm.

    How to choose?

    Manual snow blowers are designed to work in everyday life. Communal services use self-propelled equipment. However, home applying machines must meet the basic requirements. For example, an important criterion is the impeller material.

    It is recommended to choose models with a metal impeller, as they are more resistant to serious loads, and also have a greater operational period, but they are more expensive than plastic options.

    Motor selection is important. Electrical models have a light weight, smaller vibration, they are easy to control, but are suitable only for the territory having a source of power supply. In addition, the capacity of such an aggregate is quite limited.

    Gasoline instances can cope with larger intensity, the area of ​​their work does not matter, but they are more complex in maintenance. For example, Periodically, they must be lubricated and refueling. In addition, it is heavier in weight the unit, which causes difficulties in.

    Most mechanical models have special wheels that are significantly helped in the process of snow cleaning. The operator does not have to spend extra forces on the push tool. As for manufacturers, then Forte, Huter, Stiga, Husqvarna, Sibrtach models use the greatest demand.

    pay attention to Popular unit “Dream of Janitor”. This is a light maneuverable gun that easily cleans even the ringed snow. This model is acquired not only as a tool used in everyday life, but also for use in urban services.

    The equipment easily penetrates those sites where the work of the special equipment is impossible. The rubber handles of the handle are not allowed to frozen palms, the bucket itself is produced from a 2.5 mm metal, which provides stability to high shock loads. The width of the bucket is quite suitable for large-scale work – 80 cm. Price is pretty democratic.

    About the subtleties of the choice of manual snow blower tells the following video.

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