Grass trimmers carver

Carver trimmers are valued among garden equipment and therefore actively apply to gardeners and summer houses. The equipment is distinguished by reliability, high quality and acceptable cost.


Due to the multifunctionality of the device, it is convenient and easy to use. The unit operates from electricity and engine on gasoline. Motor can be a two-stroke or four-stroke with effective aerochlast. The advantages of the unit lies in good quality equipment and efficiency of the device. Conduct the trimmer service is easy – to smear it or repair it, there is no need to disassemble. Any gasoline trimmer is distinguished by maneuverability due to a properly located center of gravity and comfortable handle, it makes it possible to use equipment on any hard-to-reach surfaces.


Motokos used for periodic cleaning of small territories. Excellent copes with the misement of rooted thickets and cleansing small shrubs. Thanks to great mobility and miniature, the equipment is well suited for areas with difficult relief. The device is easy to use, maintain and repair.

Trimmer does not spend a lot of fuel, despite large loads.

The operation of the tool is carried out on a four-stroke gasoline engine, which can withstand any loads, regardless of weather conditions. Engine cooling is made thanks to the aero filter system. The device kit includes a safe and convenient handle with the switching levers located on it, which makes the device management is much easier. Equipment includes 2 cutting parts: a metal line and a knife. Has a protective casing, the starter required to start the motor.

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The performance is as follows:

  • 1.1 liter motor. with.;
  • Turnover – 7.5 thousand. in Min.;
  • tank volume – 0.95 l;
  • Capture area – 0.43 m;
  • Weight – 7.5 kg.


Is an aggregate with a small motor, good cutting part and high maneuverability. Is a professional garden equipment. Trimmer equipment consists of the following parts:

  • high power rods;
  • Disk made of metal solid alloys, cutting grass;
  • steel shaft with bearing;
  • gearbox, high power;
  • brake systems that makes it possible to stop the tool in time.


  • Two-stroke motor power 2.3 l. with.;
  • Engine volume – 0.43 cubic meters. m;
  • The magnitude of the tank is 0.95 liters;
  • The magnitude of the capture is 0.23 m;
  • Leske – 0.24 cm;
  • Weight – less than 9 kg.

The device is characterized by high mobility, therefore it is used to use in inaccessible places. When maintaining and repairing trimmer does not require special skills.


Professional tool that is widely used in the field of communal services. Features of the package are in the presence of a wide rod, hard shaft, roller bearings and high power gearbox.


  • Engine – 0.52 cubic meters. m;
  • tank volume – 1 l;
  • The width of the capture of the fishing line is 0.4 m;
  • The width of the capture of a knife – 0.23 m;
  • The thickness of the fishing line is 0.24 cm;
  • Weight – 8 kg.

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Is an equipment with a two-stroke motor and chrome-plated cylinder. The handles are the trimmer control buttons. The unit is equipped with two cutting elements: a three-blade knife and a fishing line. To reduce the severity from the hands of a person, there is a shoulder belt.

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  • Power – 1.7 liters. with.;
  • Motor volume – 0.43 m³;
  • Diameter of the fishing line – 0.25 cm;
  • Capture width – 0.25 m;
  • tank capacity – 950 ml;
  • Mass of equipment – 8 kg.

There is a hard drive shaft that is unintended.

Electrical devices

CARVER electrocos is a non-communicable miniature product with a power of 1000-1800 W. Used for grass on the lawns. The frame is made of plastic, which makes a small mass (8-10 kg). The magnitude of the shearing of grass is adjusted to 2-4 positions depending on the equipment brand. No mulching functions. One of the CARVER electric shock models is LME 1032. Its technical characteristics are as follows:

  • Number of rotational speed knives – 3.3 thousand. in Min.;
  • Electric motor power – 1000 W.

This model has gained widespread among consumers.

Model CARVER LME 1437 with a capacity of 1400 W, by user responses, is also a very effective tool for household use.

Rechargeable trimmers

To a small subgroup of lawn mowers CARVER includes trimmers that run from the battery. Here are the most popular products of the LMB-1848 and LMB-1846 brand. They have similar performance characteristics. The only difference lies in the width of the graze capture – 0.48 m and 0.46 m, respectively. For rechargeable lawn mowers, there are several modes of operation:

  • Skos grass with her place in the grass collector;
  • Scope with rear emission;
  • mulching.

Charging the battery is performed for half an hour.

User manual

The main positive feature of the Carver equipment is that in a set with any equipment there is a detailed instruction. It contains the information necessary in the preparation of the working area to process, tips relating to the safety of the trimmer, data on the device and features of activity.

The most suitable temperature for work is the period from +5 to + 30 degrees with.

Before working, it is necessary to check the condition of the aeroofiltra and the availability of oil in the engine. Such oil is recommended class SAE 10W. It must be changed for the first time after the first 7 hours of operation, then change every 120 days. Aero Filter must be cleaned about 120 days. It is subject to replacement annually. Spark plugs must be cleaned once every 120 days, change every six months.

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Major malfunctions Benzokos

Main faults include difficulties when starting the engine. This may be the carburetor, because there are problems with fuel left in it. So that the tool is always in working condition you need to adhere to such principles.

  • Produce periodic inspection of the main parts of the equipment.
  • Pour high-quality fuel to trimmer and change it in a timely manner.
  • After applying the equipment to check whether the oxidation either appears or the nagar in the details of the ignition system.
  • Do not allow large loads on the unit in the process of work.
  • So that the tool is in working condition for a long time, it is necessary to store it correctly in winter. For which the trimmer needs to disassemble and rinse all components.

User reviews for this equipment are mostly positive. Consumers had to make the ease of operation of the device and the long term of use, as well as good assembly, stability in the work.

How to collect and run trimmer, look in the video below.

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