Goldfinger’s lappache: description, landing, care and reproduction

Goldfinger’s lappger (Goldfinger) – a shrub plant with high ecstatic qualities. Flower is often used in landscape design, as well as in the form of a living hedge. The plant is remarkably suitable for gardening, park, square and other similar location. The article will devote to this representative of the Flora, consider the features of the species and agrotechnical.


The main distinguishing feature of the flower are large and lush saturated yellow buds. This feature attracts both experienced gardeners and beginners who want to decorate their plot. It is worth noting the following characteristics of the plant.

  • The maximum height of shrubs comes to 1.5 meters. They grow very slowly.
  • Colorful yellow flowers abundantly cover “Goldfinger” during flowering.
  • Crown lush and wide. Neat leaves of green color possess special decorative qualities.
  • Root system developed bad. It must be considered when landing and not deepening shrubs too much.
  • Plant blooms from May to the beginning of autumn.

Benefits and disadvantages of the form

Flowers celebrate The following positive sides of the variety.

  • The first thing should be denoted – high decorative qualities. Lush foliage and large flowers will noticeably stand out on the territory of a large garden and in a neat flowerbed.
  • Bright paints attract butterflies that become an additional decoration.
  • The plant has high frost resistance and temperature changes.
  • Due to unpretentiousness in care, the variety is suitable for growing novice gardeners.
  • Strong immunity protects the plant from diseases and attacks by bacteria and harmful insects.
  • Modify the variety in several ways.
  • The cultivation process does not require great effort.

Describing the advantages of the above species, it is necessary to specify disadvantaged.

  • Pepper grows slowly. Flowers will have to be patient when growing. As practice shows, to a height of 30 centimeters, a shrub can grow a few years, which is half of its life cycle.
  • When cultivating the flower in the hot regions, it is often necessary to moisten the soil. The plant does not like drought, it can be destructive for him.
  • For full development and abundant flowering, it is necessary to make fertilizers.
  • Watch that the water is not stood in the soil. This can cause rotting stem and root system. Be sure to place a mulch layer that will help to cope with the problem.

Using a variety in landscape design

Charming appearance, bright paints, thick greens, large flowers – all this played an important role in the popularity of the plant. It is actively used in the design of the reception areas, the creation of “living” compositions and an elevation, as well as for refining the territory.

Shrubs often planted close to each other, creating a line. Many gardeners believe that in this form, the beauty of plants is revealed as much as possible. However, single plants also have high attractiveness and charm.

Experts are often planted with Goldfinger’s laptop along with other shrubs. Yellow buds are remarkably harmonized with bright flowers of various kinds, creating a juicy variety of paints.

The fact that the plant does not require special care, also affected the widespread use of a variety when making land plots. The main thing is to choose the right landing site for cultivation and observe a simple agrotechnical.

Selection of site

Experts note that the flower can be planted almost on any plot, but the right choice of location will play an important role in the attractiveness of the plant. It is recommended to refuse landing shrubs on darkened locations. Lack of solar lighting can slow down the already slow growth process. Over time, Goldfinger will get used to such conditions and will feel wonderful, but the bushes will remain small.

To maximize the growth of shrub, you need to choose a carefully lit plot.

remember, that The plant does not tolerate dry weather. In this case, it is necessary to carry out regular watering and follow the status of the leaves and flower buds. Due to the fact that the plants do without problems tolerate the cold, they are cultivated in the conditions of open soil, without the use of greenhouses and shelters.

Preparation of place landing

No matter what section you select, preliminary training should be done. First of all, you need to clean the earth from weeds, herbs and other extra vegetation.

Flower will be better feeling in loose soil, for this, the soil should be carefully.

Also, the land is periodically loosened during flower growth. This ensures the supply of oxygen by the root system, which has a positive effect on the state of the plant. It is advisable to make feeding. Nutrients will help the flower to adapt faster in a new place (when planting seedlings) and give strength to bookmark buds.


During work It is recommended to follow the following rules.

  • Put the landing of this variety is best in the first spring month.
  • The depth of the pit for planting must be from 50 to 60 centimeters.
  • At the bottom it should be issued a drain layer. Use pieces of broken bricks or crushed stone.
  • During work, be extremely careful, sprinkle the root system of the plant of the earth gently so as not to damage it.
  • If necessary, humid or mineral compositions can be used as feeding.
  • When watering, use clean and warm water. Young plant should be watered more often than adults, especially at the first time.
  • With increased acidity of the soil, it should be stabilized.

Watering and making fertilizers

Due to the stagnation of the liquid, the plant may die, so watering should be moderate and periodic. In the hot season, the flower especially needs water. On one shrub, 10 liters of liquid are used. Irrigation spend 3-5 times throughout the season.

Do not use crude water – the purified or accurate.

As feeding, it is recommended to choose organic formulations or mineral additives. Experienced gardeners recommend the first time to make fertilizers during the landing, the second time the soil feed in a month. You can also help the plant during flowering, saturating the soil with useful trace elements.


One of the components of the plant care is pruning. It helps maintain an attractive appearance of a flower, and also needed for the full development of the plant and its comfort. The procedure is carried out as they grow.

Specialists advise to cut a bush in winter when the period of strong frosts will completely retreat. If you need to adjust the appearance of the shrub, work performed at the beginning of autumn or in April.

Gardeners shorten extra shoots, engraving the appearance of the flower and making it more attractive and neat. Soots can be cut a maximum of 10 centimeters.


As already mentioned above, Goldfinger’s Padchant is considered unpretentious plants, remarkably tolerates the cold season and does not need difficult care. At the same time, it is necessary to adhere to the minimum agricultural engineering when growing a variety.

Since the flower has natural resistance to temperature fluctuations, cover plants for the winter is not necessary. You can also leave the plant at the site of landing without digging and transferring shrubs to a greenhouse or insulated place. With the onset of winter, shrubs leave open-air without any changes. In such a state, they are waiting for the arrival of spring.

Premunition options

Plant can be propagated at home. Gardeners choose one of several available ways:

  • The process of dividing the bush is suitable for regions with a warm climate. Work is performed in autumn or spring. The plant is divided into 2 parts, and after rooting.

  • Reproduction with cuttings has many subtleties. It is necessary to carefully separate the weed escape and put it in the ground. It should have a minimum of 3 sheets.

  • When using seeds, seeds are distributed by tanks. After the young seedlings are transplanted into open ground. As a rule, this happens in April.

  • Another way is to propagate the plant by the plants. On fresh shoots, cuts are made, the branches pressed against the ground and sprinkle soil. Approximately after a half weeks the roots are formed.

Problems for growing

According to many experienced gardeners, Goldfinger’s lapping. Also, the plant is not afraid of most pests due to strong immunity. However, it is recommended to periodically examine the plant for the appearance of symptoms of diseases.

Certain weather conditions may cause the ailment of plants. The condition of the flower can worsen due to a wet and cold climate. It provokes the appearance and development of fungus. You can protect Goldfinger with fungicides. Insecticides are actively using harmful insects.

Use in folk medicine

The plant has found its use in alternative medicine. Leaves of this variety are rich in ascorbic acid. At the concentration of this element, the laptop can be compared even with the fruits of black currant. Locals living in Siberia, long brew tea from dried or fresh leaf of shrub.

Anyone can prepare such a drink. It is brewed as well as ordinary tea. This drink has a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular system. Also, besides a pleasant taste and gentle aroma, it contributes to performance and gives a feeling of vigor.

About how to breed this shrub, care for him and use, detailed in detail in the next video.

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