Gladiolus Muriel: Description, Landing and Care

Gladiolus Muriel – a vivid example of an attractive decorative plant. This culture is relatively rarely found in domestic gardening. However, it has every chance of success, you only need to get acquainted with the nuances of its cultivation.


Atdider Two-color biologists ranked in the category of single-barrier plants of the Iris family. They are considered part of the kind of skar. Name Gladiolus Muriel Dali in honor of the opening. Some Russian-speaking sources also use other transcription names (Muriel, Muriel, Muriel).

The genus Atcidant professional biologists ceased to allocate enough long ago. But horticultural literature sometimes mentions its existence. In some cases, the name of Atdider Muriel is also found. Natural Railing Area – Africa. Most often, grassy plants for open soil Bicolor are found in:

  • Tanzania;
  • Mozambique;
  • Burundi;
  • Malawi;
  • Ethiopia.

Gladiolus Muriel is tuberukovic plants up to 1 m high, sometimes just above. Each copy has a couple of elongated sword-shaped sheets. The length of each of them is approximately 0.6 m. Flowers diameter ranges from 0.05 to 0.08 m. The usual business for the bicolor is the formation of 8-10 flowers on the bush. Each bud contains 6 petals in the form of a triangle with a sharp vertex. At the base of the petals have a rich raspberry, almost black or dark purple colors. The outside of them is snow-white.

Gladiolus bloom Muriel falls on the last days of summer and at the beginning of the calendar autumn. Characterized attractive sweet fragrance. He is not very strong, but still attracts many insects. Plant enjoys well-deserved abroad.

The frost resistance of culture is small, therefore it falls in the fall to tear the clubnellukovitsy and before the heat of keeping them in dry places.

Landing and care

You can only grow a two-color asidant on a thoroughly drained land. Under this condition, there are no special requirements for its composition. Experts recommend to put such plants on the sunny side. Otherwise, the risk that the plant does not bloom. Especially often it happens if the area is distinguished by a cold climate. Then it is advisable to plant tuberukovitsa in spring. Land warm up (usually in March, under adverse conditions or in the north – in April). In the southern regions of our country, Gladiolus Muriel landing is possible in autumn. And the second option is preferable, especially south of Volgodonsk. Seed landing is made to a depth of 0.1 m; Between the seedlings should be about 0.2 m.

Storage of bulbs before landing is possible only after careful sorting and rejection of bad copies. Selected landing material is disinfected by fungicides. Otherwise, after some time, the landed plant will be hit by root rot. Keep bulbs at 22 degrees at least 14 days. Before the disembarkation itself, the planting material 2-4 hours is treated with growth accelerator, choosing a drug at its discretion.

For fragrant gladiolus Critically important quality drainage. It is very useful to choose a light fertile soil with a neutral or weak acid reaction. Upon other conditions, the plant will also develop, but it will be more difficult to grow, and the result will be worse. Gladiolus cultivation is allowed in half. The depth of sealing the bulbs in the ground is 0.1 cm; Recommended to put a small volume of river sand in the wells.

Just planted gladioluses will have to thoroughly pour. Sometimes the bulbs are germinated. Thanks to this reception:

  • Culture becomes stronger and rustier;
  • Early bloom is ensured;
  • Increases the total duration of flowering;
  • It can be initially sorting instances according to the characteristics.

Germinating landing material usually try in early March. For this use cups from a peat width 0.15 m. Bookmark Depth – 0.03-0.04 m. Most often 1 tablet use 1 bulbs. But if the diameter is 0.15 m, you can immediately put 3-5 bulbs. Tablets are placed in a warm thoroughly illuminated area. In the middle lane, the additional backlight is highly recommended. Grow and care for seeding gladiolus Muriel needed the same as the seedl of other cultures. Young shoots are watered by a systematic drip method.

Fresh air is necessarily needed, but there should be no drafts. Adapt to street conditions The plant must be in the last month before landing. As soon as stable heat comes, you can transfer gladioluses directly to the ground. This must be done without affecting the root system. Let it and not the most tender, but the risk of violating the development is still great. Atader needs abundant, but not too powerful watering. Speaking easier, moisture you need a lot. But at the same time excessive moisturizing is extremely dangerous.

The leading guideline should be the state of the Earth. It is advisable to consider and current weather.

In the arid period sometimes you have to water the gladiolus daily. The drying of the rolling circle provokes the rapid drying of the bulbs. Soon the plant will become weaker. During flowering irrigation reduce. This technique allows you to achieve greater brightness and contrast of flowers. The struggle with weeds should take place as regularly. Because of them, many pests can spread. The land will have to loose necessarily, otherwise even the optimal watering will not allow to avoid soil drying. Mulching is quite justified. Thanks to him, weeds are eliminated and the moisture is saved in the ground, and an attractive designer effect is achieved.

As a mulch, you can use:

  • Rewind or crushed pine cones;
  • Wooden bark;
  • peat;
  • small crushed stone;
  • Crumb Granite.

The demanding of Gladiolus Muriel is not too big to feeding. When landing in fresh vegetable garden or garden soil with good nutritional properties of the need to make something yet. But if the soil is frankly poor, it will have to use fertilizers. Determining the time between feeders is made at their discretion. On a relatively fertile land, the procedure is carried out monthly, and on a scant stony earth it makes 1 time in a decade.

Optimal dosages indicate fertilizer packs. Crossing leads to the enhanced development of the green part of plants to the detriment of colors. Extend flowering time will help cut out empty inflorescences. If the early and raw autumn comes, gladioluses should dig before the usual term. Crop to digging can only be relatively warm regions.


For this procedure, vegetative, bulbous and seed methods are suitable for this procedure. Children are separated into the autumn months. It is necessary to plant them with the onset of spring, using simultaneously with adult copies. It is necessary to close them to the depth, equal to the height of the bulbs. Distance between landings should coincide with the diameter of the bulbs.

Count on the appearance of colors in the first few years it is impossible. Blossom will begin in 3 or 4 seasons. Prematurely emerging single flowers are recommended to delete. Then the plant will accumulate more strength and will develop more successfully.

Seed method of time consuming, but allows you to achieve better qualities in such instances.

Diseases and pests

For gladiolus Muriel is dangerous bulbite tick, wave, trips, slugs. From diseases – Rust, dew pulver and root rot. More often suffered from adverse plant factors. The key method of struggle is to use agrotechnology. It is undesirable to plant flowers next to cultures affected by ordinary pests and infections of gladiolus.

In the next video you are waiting for additional information about the Gladiolus Muriel.

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