Gasoline lawn mowers for uneven plots: features and model range

Lawn requires regular care. Only in this case it will look well-groomed and can be used for its intended purpose. Lawn mowers were invented for lawn mowers. Their range is striking, but at the same time it makes it difficult to search and choose the desired model, especially when the aggregate for a lawn with an uneven surface and high vegetation is required.


Lawn mowers for uneven plots and combating high grass differ from conventional units that are purchased to maintain the beauty of a small lawn. Devices that became “heroes” of our conversation, work in difficult conditions and experience serious workloads. Because they are subject to special requirements:

  • high motor power;
  • Special device of the wheelbase;
  • wide sharp knives;
  • device for collecting or recycled herbal grass;
  • rear drive;
  • maneuverability that persists on complex areas of lawn.

Device and principle of operation

Mower that is intended for an uneven surface, Consists of several main details:

  • deck;
  • knife;
  • wheels for simple movement in a complex area;
  • Herbatrier (present not in all models, some units drop the grass or recycle on mulch);
  • Bearings on wheels;
  • rubberized handles with folding function;
  • Startup system.

The main merit of such devices is their ability without much difficulties to overcome obstacles in the form of bumps and elevations. Secret hides in a special device of the wheel system. It is represented by a pair of wheels that differ in diameter. Motor makes moving rear (larger) wheels, which is a great effort. The front wheels are smaller in size, so climbing the bumps them easier. The type of wheelbase fastening is important. In lawn miles for uneven plots, a piano fastening is used.

Such a feature allows the wheels to rotate 360 ​​degrees. Therefore, even dimensional and heavy devices are obtained by maneuverable and easy to work.


Gasoline lawn mowers are divided into several varieties. The classification is based on different parameters that we have to familiarize themselves.

Depending on the type of motor, three main varieties of mowers are distinguished:

  • Household models are suitable for processing no more than 8 acres, the motor is not more than 500 hours, the engine power is equal to 5 horsepower;
  • Semi-professional allow you to process a section of up to 18 acres, the motor is 700 motorcycles, and the power is within 7 horses;
  • Professional aggregates do not have restrictions in the area of ​​the processed area, their motor expansion is 1000 hours, and the power exceeds the mark of 7 horses.

The width of the mowing is an important indicator that also underlies the classification:

  • Width ranging from 28 to 42 cm makes a mower convenient for processing a plot to 8 acres;
  • Widget width from 51 to 53 cm make it possible to easily process areas up to 18 acres.

Depending on the type of grass collector used, gasoline lawn mowers for uneven plots are divided into the following subspecies:

  • Fissure grass collector is installed in aggregates with high power, it is well filled with an attached material, but poorly cleared;
  • The plastic grass compartment is poorly filled with grass, but it is easy to care;
  • The combined option is created from plastic and tissue, is the best of all described due to the quality of filling and ease of care.

According to the functional features, the following separation of lawn mowers is distinguished:

  • The direction of grass in the grass collector;
  • Mulching of the soil due to grinding of bevelled grass on deck and laying it with a thin layer on the surface of the lawn;
  • The emission of bevelled material to the side is more suitable for processing large areas;
  • Combined models with all these functions are expensive, therefore do not enjoy great popularity.

The mowing height adjustment function shares the lawn mowers for the following varieties:

  • Individual regulation involves changing the parameter on each of the four wheels;
  • Central adjustment assumes the presence of a lever that allows you to change the overall height of the mowing;
  • The screw mechanism is the most convenient and widespread option, its essence lies in the movement of the axis of the wheel up or down.

The type of movement underlies the following classification:

  • self-propelled is equipped with a drive, due to which the unit independently moves along the processed area;
  • Manual is driven by the user.

Depending on the type of drive, two varieties are distinguished:

  • The front-driven aggregates are more maneuverable, but can only be used in areas with a smooth surface;
  • Rear-wheel drive lawn mowers should be chosen to work on areas with an uneven surface, as they show stability when the rear wheels are loaded.

Rating the best models

The choice of lawn mowers is huge, therefore the inexperienced user will be difficult to figure it out and allocate from such a number of models the desired instance. We have made an overview of the aggregates that are ideal for processing uneven areas and working with high grass.


Available are devices from Al-Ko. Despite the simple design, these lawn mowers demonstrate high efficiency even in difficult conditions. High weeds and uneven terrain them. Among all models of this brand, some copies are allocated:

  • BM 870 III and his fellow BM 875 III They operate on gasoline, are self-propelled units for which high power is characterized, very maneuverable, the crystal height rate is at 1-3 cm;
  • Model Comfort 46.4 E From the same feature the possibility of regulating the grass cutting in 7 positions, and this can be done on each wheel.

MTD BM 87-35

MTD has created a truly cool BM 87-35 unit, which is popular with both ordinary users and professionals. The lawn mower is able to work effectively on huge areas, because its power is quite large.

This model is actively used for billet hay, fighting shrubs and large weeds.

SOLO 531

Self-propelled model SOLO 531 works on gasoline. With it, you can easily process large areas, remove not only the grass, but also powerful weeds and even small bushes. The features of the device are the low center of gravity, anti-vibration system and a high degree of ergonomics, which can be traced in every part.


The unit “Loplos” copes well with the grass to a meter of height. Such mowers are chosen to handle overgrown lawns that were in running for several years. The list of advantages are compact sizes and, accordingly, a small weight, which makes the process of operation as simple as possible. Knives are located vertically and equipped with cutters. Their features are the difference in size and the possibility of rotation in different directions.

Such a principle of work allows you to carry out the soil explosion and the removal of weeds together with the roots.

Bosch AHM 38C

Bosch manufactures an excellent AHM 38C unit. This is a manual mechanical model that effectively copes with thick vegetation. But it is designed to maintain clean and manner of small areas. This model is characterized by a small weight at the level of 7.5 kg and accessibility. The height of the mesh is in the range of 1.5-4.3 cm. Due to smooth regulation and 5 spindle knives, the process of mowing grass occurs smoothly, smoothly and neatly.

Husqvarna DB 51 5048544-01

Husqvarna DB 51 5048544-01 aggregate 51 5048544-01 perfectly copes with thick vegetation. The model is ideal for working on areas with an uneven surface. This mower is reliable and powerful, which allows it to easily withstand daily loads. With it, you can remove not only the grass, but also bushes and trees with a barrel diameter of no more than 2.5 cm.

Caiman Xplorer 60s 4000360901

Model Caiman Xplorer 60s 4000360901 is also a powerful unit with which it can be cleared of vegetation. It is actively used on the slopes of lakes, roads and rivers. The design is equipped with a 4-stroke engine that works on gasoline. The height of the cut is in the range from 5.5 to 12 cm. Knives effectively cope not only with thick weeds, but also with young trees and bushes.

The unit has an impressive weight (50 kg), but a special three-point wheeled base makes it a maneuverable and easy to use.

How to choose?

Selection of lawn mowers with a gasoline engine for high grass and rough terrain processing should be based on several factors. If each of them take into account then the choice will fully comply with the requirements and wishes of the user.

  • The width of the cat must correspond to the area of ​​lawn. We disassembled this parameter above.
  • Haircut mode can be with side / rear emission, also the grass can be assembled into a container or to be mulched. This parameter is selected in accordance with the type of lawn and the frequency of the mowing. For big and thick grass more fits the emission on the side or rear. The lawn mower with the mulch function is selected for the introduction of natural fertilizer. Harvesting in the container allows you to contain a lawn clean and eliminates the need to harvest manually.
  • Each mower can be equipped with a motor of different power. But the power of the unit depends not only on this indicator. Not the most recent significance of the motor. If the engine is downstairs, the maximum power of the unit will be an order of magnitude lower than in the case of the upper motor location. This secret is known not to every user. But you are aware, because the choice of gasoline lawn mowers for an uneven plot will be carried out in all the rules.
  • The height adjustment is present in most of the modern models. The central lever and the screw mechanism are the most convenient options.
  • The power of the lawn mowing must comply with the presumptive volumes of work. For a small well-keeled lawn, it makes no sense to choose too powerful aggregate.
  • The case material must be durable and reliable, withstand workloads and storage conditions.
  • Large wheels increase mower maneuverability. Because attention should be paid to models with a large wheel diameter, especially the rear. Thin elements will urge the lawn and leave unavailable traces.
  • The aluminum deck reduces the weight of the mower, is not corrosion and exhibits high resistance to mechanical stress.
  • Folding rubberized handles are the best option. In this case, the vibration will be less transmitted to the hands, and transportation and storage will be much more convenient.
  • The knife should be wide and sharp. A lawn haircut will be better with such a lawn mower.
  • Wheels on bearings, and not with plastic sleeves – a more reliable option that will serve for a long time and will not require repair.

If all these subtleties are taken into account, the selected model will accurately comply with the requirements.

The correctly selected unit is able to serve for a long time and become a real garden assistant, and not the source of problems and cash investments.

In the next video, you will find an overview of the Caiman Athena 60s self-propelled gasoline mower.

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