Garden figures for giving and country house

Country plot and territory near the house require arrangement. Now every designer himself and decorates his space as much as fantasies and money. It’s nice to sit in a cozy courtyard with a cup of tea on a veranda, a grape vines, or relax from an artificial pond, in which water is overflowing with different colors in the light of night lamps. But the final stroke of any plot will be garden figures for giving and country houses that will give a special highlight of your recreation area.

Features: For what you need?

Acquiring or even making your hands funny and beautiful figures, we must represent what they are intended, and where we install them.

Maybe we decorate them a staircase or a veranda. And then it should fit into the shared style of the house.

Often a variety of figukes and figures are reviving flower beds and the garden, and some even a garden where the beds are located with vegetables.

There are special products in which you can place flowers: all sorts of stands, cachepot – outdoor and suspended.

With the help of a separate type of figures, it is possible to illuminate individual sections, Where, for example, arbor for leisure, swing, shops. There are also those that will help beautifully and originally arrange an artificial reservoir.

Attracts the look and raise the mood of the figures, placed throughout the country house, they will also be very by the way on the playground and, of course, will delight kids.


The arrangement and design of our country house or cottage is not only very exciting, but also responsible. Need to consider each element, the smallest detail. This also applies to garden figures. After all, species are so much that you need to represent what style of design we will use.

If we want to create an atmosphere of a warm and cozy village house, we can accommodate animal figures on the cottage. Imagine the porch there is a dog. On a small meadow grazing a cow.

Romantic style will help add such garden figures as an angel, girl, birds.

An artificial pond or mini fountain will be good to look swan.

Favorite characters will help us in a fairy tale: Baba Yaga, Tsarevna Frog, Wolf, Hare, Funny Cute Dwarfs. The jewelry of the lawn will be ass or deer.

You can and create original features for the garden and come up with your own style. The decorative component of your garden depends only on your imagination and desire to embody the conceived.

At night, your garden will transform glowing elements, lanterns, sculptures on solar panels.

The highlight of your garden can be topical figures. But if you are not so experienced gardener, start with simple figures in the form of balls, for example. If you are ready for creating animals or some characters – dare!


For the production of garden figures use various materials.

Often they are made of wood, and not only from treated wood, but also using natural material: logs, branches, squigs. Such creatures look in the garden very harmonious. Especially if you chose the right character. For example, some kind of domain, forestry, owl, Pinocchio.

Create figures from traditional plaster and one of the new materials – polystone. It includes acrylic resin, aluminum hydroxide. Representing a stone, it is durable and not deformed. What you can not say about gypsum. From it you can create anything, but with such sculptures you need to be extremely careful – they are quite fragile.

Natural stone is great for the garden decoration. It can be skillfully painted, and he will come to life under your brush.

Stone fountains, shops, columns, bowls and balls transform your garden. These sculptures also make concrete.

It is originally watching sculptures from metal. Copper is very practical. Neither rain nor sun rays are scary to her. Such a sculpture you will stand forever. Do it yourself you, of course, do not do it. Specialists will come to the rescue in this case.

But in your experiments it is quite capable of helping cement. The solution is poured into the finished shape or cover it frameworks that can be made from ordinary wire.

Ceramics enjoy great popularity. These figures can be purchased in specialized stores, with any shapes and sizes.

Many attract plastic animals and fabulous creatures. They have their advantages: the cost of them is low, and due to the low weight, they can be moved on the site as you like and change the exposition.

You can focus on a specific zone and establish a sculpture or a whole composition of artificial grass. Watch these figures are great and able to decorate any landscape.


The choice of shades that will be used, you define yourself and depend on it will be from what buildings are located on your site, what trees grow, shrubs and flowers grow.

Definitely should not be placed all over the plot of bright and catchy figures. It will not decorate your recreation area.

Create compositions, including compatible colors so that they are harmonized with each other.

Tell in one place a bright fairytale corner for children. Somewhere near the artificial pond will be appropriate one stork or swan.

On the path near the tree you can meet a hedgehog or a chipmunk, naturally natural shades.

Near the bright flower beds with flowers, the shapes of white and gray shades will look good. On a stone track or wooden bridge, you can put something bright, attracting attention.

Or maybe you want to withstand the whole design in one color scheme. It’s already to solve you.


The most important thing is that you should consider – the area of ​​your site. It is impossible to overstat it with figures. Enough to choose one or two or make accents.

A huge number of figures on a small plot, and even different sizes and colors creates a feeling of disorder than beauty. It is impossible to make an immense. Remember this when making your garden.

For example, among high bushes, big figures will look in the grass, small just get lost.

On lawns you can accommodate miniature figurines. They will not be noticed.

If you have a very large garden, you can use figures of different sizes and create some interesting corners. If small, do not overload space, fill it out, everything is thinking about everything.

How to choose?

Before making your choice and purchase a decor, you need to decide – how do you want to see your garden that you are closer. It’s not worth mixing styles. It will not be called a variety, but a mantleless.

Any garden itself is beautiful, beautiful trees grow there, fragrant flowers, green grass grass. In this harmony you need to make only a few items so that it transforms and played by new paints.

Once you have decided on the color gamut, dimensions, style, places where the figures will be placed, go to the store and choose. Or buy all the necessary materials and proceed to the manufacture of “future tenants” of your garden.

You can “settle” in the country area or territory of the countryside of animals with a motion sensor. Then, the arrival of guests will notify the dodder or owl with counters, which will not leave anyone indifferent. The same figures will delight children better than any toys.

Style and Design

The design of the garden depends on what emotions you want to get, who you want to feel in it. If the French king is not less, you will have to try very much for this. But first to explore Classic regular style.

It is characterized by large statues and vases, sculptures from concrete and stone in a classic style. It is quite appropriate to the top art. You can arrange all alleys from living sculptures or geometric shapes.

It is worth noting that the creation of such a design is a difficult thing. But when you finish work, you will have your own royal garden.

If you are adherent English landscape, Arrange a lawn on which any figures will look good: Dwarfs, Animals, Birds. Some of them can be placed in the flower beds. If the place allows, arrange a reservoir. With him will be combined with the statue, seized by flowers.

Minimalism and harmony distinguishes the garden Eastern style. In this case, it is necessary to use natural materials – stone and wood. No metal and bright ceramics here should not be.

Stone – Favorite and in the Mediterranean style. Therefore, the garden can be decorated with panels and sculptures from this material. To emphasize the freedom of space will help small reservoirs.

If you are closer Romantic Start, make floral arches, fountains. Angels, lovers, pigeons, swans are suitable as figures.

The most suitable style for those who want to show their creative abilities, folklore. There are no restrictions here, you can make figures yourself from various materials and paint. The simplest thing is the animals from plywood, degraded with bright colors. You can also buy ceramic garden figures and place on flowerbeds, tracks, lawns.

Your garden can turn into a fairy tale – and what depends on you. Set the figures of your favorite heroes, make them together with children.

Whatever style you choose, you are quite capable of creating the design of the site with your own hands. Well, if not, you can always seek help from specialists.


If you are new to the design of garden sites, start with the simplest. There are plenty of girlish material from which you can make figures.

Even hay and straw will fit. You can make a funny domain, attaching his eyes and a cheerful hat. Very simply from the same materials do hedgehog. Barrels, basins, plastic cups and bottles – all this can be consolidated for your experiments. The easiest way to make trees and palm trees.

If you use the mounting foam, the restrictions are even less. You can make birds, animals, gnomes. First form the base of the subject, the so-called skeleton, and already apply the mounting foam on it, and it should be done in several stages and wait when the previous layer dries.

Then you can control irregularities with a knife. Next you decide – how to paint your figure. For this, oil and acrylic paints are suitable, the final stage can be lacquered.

Gypsum – more complex material for beginners. But if you really want to master this fascinating process of creating figures with your own hands, start with the elementary. For example, with ladybug or bugs. To do this, it is enough to find a round shape, pour plaster there. Head and legs can be glued after drying the main part.

You can leave to dry naturally, but for many Masters, the dryer is just a fan heater. After that, it will only remain paint the product and find it a good place on your site.

Some gardeners use conventional items to create beautiful things.

Old wooden or metal wheelbarrow can become flower flower flower. From ordinary boards easy to make a decorative well. Rake and sticks will be useful for the manufacture of a small house, which can be placed on branches or land.

Funny little men are easy to do even from simple logs, colorful figures refresh your plot.

And if you know how to draw, then the stones will come to your hands, turning into different animals. It looks very original and stylish.


Almost all consumers note that without figures and all sorts of decorations, their gardens would look different. Some fell in love of the gnomes with lanterns, which in the evenings turn the garden into the fairy forest in the evenings. Others please the frogs, ladybugs, cute universities and claritions, which look great at the local area.

Those who have children will gladly turn their cottage in a fabulous town and choose the brightest paints.

But at the same time, some of the gardeners using these products noted that some figures need care, the paints burn out from the excessive sun and become faded, it is impossible to leave them in winter in the cold, as they can crack.

But all these are little things compared to how much positive emotions are bringing garden figures and children, and adults. And many love to improve their garden, buy new specimens, update old or marshy do it yourself.

Successful examples and options

  • Topic compositions will be the best decoration of parks. Their creation requires skill, in addition, they need proper care, but it looks fascinating beautiful.
  • Several unusual design, but capable of attracting attention – the creation of a composition using a bear’s hinged head or another animal. Such a decoration can be located right at the entrance near the gate, doors, in the depths of the garden among the trees.

  • Optional to buy superdrawery ornaments or invite masters. We can make your own hands from the girlfriend, very simple figures that our garden will be unique.
  • Imagine that from four plywood sheets you can construct a funny burenk. Leists fasten with each other, install on the legs from the tobabere. Heads also make from plywood, decorate satin ribbons and paint the whole design. And all, the original flower beds is ready.
  • Funny wooden men from hemp and skulls, closed in bright clothes, fit well in your garden and will raise you mood. In the summer, surround them with flowers. And this glade will be the most favorite holiday destination.
  • Gypsum boomes can be perfectly located near and naturally join the environmental environment.

Any figures created by your hands will absorb your mood, energy, and it turns out alive and unique.

  • Cute cat with a smile to ears and funny mouses will merry you all summer. And make them very simple. It is enough to cut out of the plywood figures, decorate and cover with varnish.
  • Build on your site a little beacon. Three ceramic pots of different magnitudes put on each other, pinning. Cover white paint drawing windows. And the last important barcode. Strengthen on top of a small garden lantern. All your magic beacon will light you the way at night when you suddenly decide to breathe fresh air or admire the starry sky.

  • You can create a stylish sculpture of a large leaf leaf or rhubarb. The sheet is placed on the sand, and on top is poured with cement mortar. After drying in front of us a stone sheet. Such sculptures will harmoniously look at the Garden Walks. You can paint the sheet or add the decor to your discretion.
  • Another unusual product from cement – flowerbed in the form of hands. For this, rubber gloves fill with cement mortar and put in colors in pots to give the necessary form. Follows we distribute so that later the earth for flowers fit into this container. When our design is driving, cutting gloves – and sculptures in the form of a hand ready. You can plant flowers and decorate the garden. Again, we choose the shade yourself.

These are just a few original ideas. You may have your own in the process of working on the garden design. And how will it be great if you can embody them, and then share experiences with others.

In modern gardens you can find anyone: forest men, pets, funny dwarfs, fabulous heroes, see the most unusual flowerbeds and figurines. And your garden can become special, magical, where the most original design solutions will be used – yours.

About how to make a garden gnome himself, look in the following video.

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