Gaikhera hybrid: description, varieties, recommendations for cultivation

The real miracle of nature is grassy plants for open soil that can change the color of the leaves several times per season. One of them is Geichera. Designers have long used it to create decorative landscapes, ornaments of flower, lawns.


Geikhera is a representative of the camneur, refers to perennials. Compact bushes, grow from 20 to 50 cm depending on the variety. Decorative value represents spectacular leaves having different forms: wavy, rounded, carved.

In the natural heikhraist environment dwells on rocky mountainous areas, sometimes found off the coast of rivers. In America there are 32 types of geihans, and in Mexico – 5 species. All of them are combined in the name of Geichera hybrid.

Some types of plants are found even in extreme areas for growing areas, for example, on the rocky shores of the Norman Islands and in warm dry canyons of Arizona.

Best varieties

Among the many varieties can be noted somewhat particularly popular. They have a rich color and especially appreciated gardeners.

  • “Electra”. Resistant to first frosts, unpretentious in care. In one place, it grows well 3-5 years. Flowers with small white flowers in the inflorescence. Leaves During the season, gradually change the bright yellow painting with green residences on the yellow-green.

  • “Marvelies Marble Silver” Received in 2009 by Syngenta. Height bush up to 60 cm. The leaves at the beginning of the season have a velvety-purple color, in the summer – green, and by the beginning of the autumn, rich dark green color with silver spraying and reddish-purple streaks are acquired. Flowers fine pale cream shade. Compared with other varieties bloom a little earlier.

Total height with flowers can reach 90 cm. The variety is notable for suitable for cutting bouquets, and leaves can stand in a vase with water up to 2 years. The main thing is to pour fresh water in Vase once a week.

  • Grape Soda grade. This hybrid is led in 2014. Buckets are low, compact, reach a height of 25 cm, and in width – up to 50 cm. The leaves at the beginning of spring are painted in a dark pink color, and by autumn they acquire purple with silver tint color. Flowering time from May to August, light-pink flowers with a purple tint collected in a panicle of 45 cm. “Soda grape” refers to fast-growing hybrids. In a short time, with the help of these plants you can form dense borders.

In landscape design, use in flower beds, rockers and chapets. Beautifully combined with iris, bells, primoses and low decorative cereals.

  • “Cherry Cola”. Coloring of leaf bright red, flowering period from the end of May to August. For the winter, the plants are not discharged by foliage, so decorate the garden to late autumn. Flowers with small red flowers in the inflorescence.

  • Fire Alarm (Fair Alarm). Among all heikher is the brightest hybrid. Led in 2014. Coloring of leaves at the beginning of the summer Red-brown, bright red autumn. Grade resistant to heat and frost. Flowering period from July to October. Transfer Winter Cold to -34 °.

  • “Mars”. Small compact bushes up to 20 cm high with velvet wavy leaves of light green shade. By the summer, they acquire light crimson painting with silver spraying, and closer to autumn get brown. Flowers Mars White Small Flowers, Flowering Period 2 months. The hybrid is distinguished by a good winter hardiness.

  • “Caramel”. Height of the bush 45-50 cm, distinctive feature of the variety – Large yellow leaves. Flowers Cream Cream Cream.

  • Rio. Plants are low, just up to 20 cm, in the width of the bustice grows up to 40 cm. The leaves of the spring pink color, in the summer – burgundy, and by autumn they become yellow. Inflorescence Maker, white flowers.

  • “Mylting fire”. Carved wavy leaves of purple. Buckets are dense, low, compact. The variety looks good not only in group contrasting landings, but also in solitary. Used to decorate borders, flower.

  • Gayer Zipper with large carved leaves of golden shade and cream color flowers.

  • Apple Crisp with green leaves and white flowers. He will bloom from June to September.

  • Sort “Georgia Plam” Differs in round leaves of a pink shade, which over the season goes into violet. Small flowers of pink-purple color.

  • “Cutting Fire”. This hybrid has beautiful red-black with a purple leaf leaves. Thanks to such an unusual color, a hybrid is able to decorate any garden.

  • Cajun Fire. Plants up to 25 cm high with bright red leaves. During the season, they become black and red, and then burgundy. Pink-white flowers.

  • “Tiramisu”. The leaves of this hybrid change the color during the vegetation radically. Spring they are yellow with a pink middle, summer smoky-silver, and in the fall of red.

  • “Forever Perf” Differs in purple coloring leaves, which is replaced by eggplant. Pink-pink flowers.

Recommendations for growing

There are some rules.

  • Selection of site. Plants prefer loose lungs, well-drained soils with pH closer to neutral. Therefore, preparing a plot, enter the sand and gravel in the soil. It is better to choose outdoor solar sections or in the shade of small trees.
  • Landing. Saplings planted in May 20 cm from each other.
  • Watering. It is best to water the root plants. In hot weather you need to water 2-3 times a week. The soil under the bushes is preferably meditated.
  • Care. During the flowering season, you need to remove dried leaves and flashing flowers. For the winter bushes plunge, leaves do not cut off. From above fall asleep the flower of dry foliage, you can hide a spruce noodle. Spring shelter shoot, old leaves cut off.

About the peculiarities of the care and types of geihans, see the following video.

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