Forza Snowflowers: Models and Operation Rules

Modern Forza Snowflowers can be full-fledged household assistants. But so that they bring benefits, you should carefully choose a specific model. Let’s try to figure out what the characteristics of individual versions and how to apply them correctly.

Main versions

Snow cleaning using the Forza AC-F-7/0 machine allows you to save time and strength to save. 7 l motor motor. with., Launched by a manual starter, ensures the movement of the device with 4 forward and 2 speeds back. The device rides on wheels with a diameter of 13 inches. The dry mass of the snow blower is 64 kg, and the capacity of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters. The strip of the retainable snow is 56 cm in width and 42 cm in height.

Forza products are invariably equipped with high-quality transmission. Snow removal is made on a two-stage scheme. First, a special auger with its gear part cuts a dense mass. Then spinning on high speed fan throws it out. Compared with snow removal consoles for motor blocks, mini-tractors and other equipment This device works much better.

Part of the models, such as Forza CO-651 QE, Forza CO-651 Q, Forza F 6/5 EV, is at the moment no longer produced. Instead, it is quite possible to purchase Forza AC-F-9.0 E. This modification is equipped with a motor power of 9 liters. with. Launch occurs using a manual or electric starter. The device can drive with 6 speeds ahead and 2 speeds back.

The dry mass of the snowpressure is 100 kg. It puts the fuel tank with a capacity of 6.5 liters. When working, you can remove the snow band with a width of 61 cm and a height of 51 cm. The overall design scheme does not differ from Forza AC-F-7/0.

Among the gasoline apparatuses, the attention of Forza AC-F-5.five. Motor launched by manual starter gets fuel from tank with a capacity of 3.6 liters. Relatively small power (5.5 liters. with.) is largely justified by a decrease in mass to 62 kg. The machine develops 5 speeds ahead and 2 back. At the same time, it removes the strip of a width of 57 cm and a height of 40 cm. The hourly fuel consumption will be only 0.8 liters, that is, the total time of work is 4.5 hours.

The described models allow you to restore order:

  • in private subsidiary farm;
  • around the house;
  • on the access roads of enterprises and organizations;
  • in gardens.

Forza snow plows can be attached to any motor-blocks of Russian and foreign production. The only mandatory requirement is the presence of a front bracket with a diameter of 3 cm. Snow removal console attached to such a bracket can discard the snow mass by 10 and even 15 meters. To transfer efforts from a power removal shaft to drive pulley, a clinorem mechanism is provided, but the pulley with a screw is connected by a special chain.

What are good rotary models?

Rotary type snow blowers All more confidently crowded classic apparatuses with screws. There are also in the line of manufacturer forza. Strictly speaking, they have a screw too. However, its role is reduced exclusively to grinding and fragmentation of snow mass. But for resetting it outwards the special impeller.

The faster the rotor rotates (and leading it in motion the engine), the further the snow is discarded. Therefore, in other other indicators, the amount of effort is necessary to pay maximum attention. In addition, the increased power of the motor helps instead of a screw to put a mill – and it clearly cleans the snow. It is the milling and rotary options for self-propelled snowplows turn out to be the only way to remove a strongly iced snowdrift. Rotary structures, moreover, more mobility.

Tips for choosing and operating

Forza supplies high-quality standalone snow blowers of various performance. However, between them there is a significant difference. The most powerful machines are used to clean major areas. But if you just need to clear the courtyard in front of the house and the approaches to the garage, you can do and the AC-F-5 model.five. To less often buy parts and contact service centers, it is necessary to conduct competent maintenance.

It implies:

  • assessing the state of the auger and the rotor (at the beginning of each winter and after the end of seasonal work);
  • shift oil in gearbox;
  • setting up valves (on average after 4 thousand hours of operation);
  • compression adjustment;
  • ignition candles change;
  • shift filters for fuel and air;
  • Replacement of lubricant oil.

His nuances have everyday management of forza snow blowers. Instructing work with them only adults, but ideally, we understand the technique of people. It is impractical to work with poor visibility. It is also required to remember that the vehicles removing the snow are not intended to work in the room, another closed space. Maximum caution should be observed when the car rides back.

More about Forza snow blowers, see the video below.

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