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In the summer plot, it is very often not enough of its water branch, in which you can refresh yourself on a hot day or dive after the bath. Small children will appreciate the presence of a frame pool in the yard and will carry the warm months not at the computer, and in the fresh air, walking in swimming. However, in order for such a design to serve as one summer, did not rush and did not break, it needs a good playground for her. What are the foundations for the frame pool, their features and types will be considered in this article.


Frame pools need a good platform due to a large mass of water. The more the weight of the whole design, the more denser there must be the basis. Framework structures have self-sustaining stops, but this condition works only with a uniform distribution of water along the area of ​​the pool bowl area. For this reason, the base must be as even as possible and have a height drop of no more than 5 mm per 1 meter.

Otherwise, the likelihood of skewing the carrying design and deformation of the walls of the pool, in the future it can lead to the destruction of the entire product as a whole.

The base should have sufficient strength to keep the swimming pool weight. The thickness and material for filling the base is selected based on the size of the future bowl. First you need to choose a place for the future pool. The area under the frame pool should not only be convenient in terms of location on the site, but also meet several specifications.

These requirements are a bit, but they need to be considered when choosing a place.

  • It is desirable that the selected place is horizontally as smooth. Than more than a plot, the less financially and physically costs will be the preparation of the site.
  • Electricity should be approached to the pool, which will be necessary throughout the swimming season, and water to fill, add, if necessary.
  • On the selected area there should be no old roots and residues of trees, and if any, they must be completely removed.
  • The pool should not stand close to buildings and fences. Otherwise, these buildings will be constantly wet, which can lead to mold and fungus on them.


When a place is found, you need to decide on the basis of the base. Based on the size and weight of the pool, you need to choose the cushion optimal for this bowl and the locality:

  • sandy mound;

  • Sand and gravel;

  • concrete base;

  • Wooden podium;

  • Foundation from paving slabs.

    Consider each base.

    Sandy mound

    This is the easiest and cheapest view of the base under the frame pool. It is performed by sampling the turf and chernozema on the selected area, then it is desirable to lay geotextiles to the soil – it will prevent the mixing of soils. Further A bed of sand layer of at least 10 cm with layer-by-layer grabbing material is poured onto a packaged geotextile.

    The final alignment can be performed by an aluminum profile or any smooth board.

    Before installing the pool, preferably to lay geotextiles or any reinforcing material. It is allowed to use polyethylene film or old linoleum.

    Sand and gravel

    This type of foundation is required for large-volume pools – from 30 tons. To install this pillow, it is necessary to prepare the platform by selecting the black soil and the turf. Next, it is necessary to put a layer of geotextile and pour a gravel layer at least 10 cm with layer-by-layer traam. The next layer will be sand, the thickness of its layer should not be less than 10 cm. After tamping and aligning the upper layer it is necessary to lay a reservoir layer. As in the case of a sandy pillow, the same materials are allowed.

    Concrete base

    The most durable foundation that is selected for large and high pools. Such a basis will avoid many problems associated with bulk soils. For example, the power frame due to the vibration and other factors can start a little bundle in the sand, and if the stewing ladder is used in the frame pool, its legs may fall into the ground, thereby damaging the bottom of the pool. In the case of a concrete pillow, such a problem will not be. On concrete, weeds are not growing, it is easily suitable from garbage.

    Wooden podium

    This base is a cheap analogue of the concrete slab, but it has many shortcomings and features of construction, the non-compliance with which will lead to rapid destruction of the tree. Before the construction of such a design, it is necessary to know that with a wooden structure will have to be tinted not only during the work itself, but also during leaving.

    In order for the podium to power the weight of the pool, it is necessary to choose the right section of the bar.

    Next you need to make carrier poles, the number of which will depend on the size of the podium. Mandatory condition for building construction from wood is good ventilation of its lower part. After the final assembly, the front side of the floorboard must be styled to avoid irregularities and. Sometimes the pallets are used as a podium “on the ambulance hand”. This option also takes place, but only if the pool is small, and the pallets are new, and the whole design has a single level horizontal surface.

    Foundation from paving slabs

    This base is stronger than bulk soil, but weaker a monolithic concrete slab. Its undoubted plus in front of the rest of the foundations is aesthetic appearance. The described reason can not withstand the weight of large pools for itself, since the high pressure of the power part on the tile can break it, and this will entail the deformation of the entire design.

    How to make it yourself?

    Making a pillow under the frame pool is not so difficult, with this you can fully cope on your own.

    As an example, a pillow of paving slabs will be used. To begin with, you will need to prepare the contour of the future foundation.

    It is necessary that the base is 30-40 cm wide of the pool itself. Next you need:

    • throughout the perimeter of the foundation, remove the soil along with the turf and other unnecessary crops;
    • It is necessary to dug the ground to a depth of at least 10 cm for the subsequent manufacturer of the pillow;
    • To avoid germination of roots that are deeper than the level of sampling of the soil, it is necessary to process the soil with special compositions or lay geotextiles;
    • Align the first layer of rubble with a thickness of 5-10 cm, tamping around the entire perimeter and controlling the level of the base;
    • Next, it is necessary to pour a layer of sand with a thickness of 5-10 cm, to dissolve, tump, controlling the level and, if necessary, remove excess;
    • The pavement tile is stacked on the aligned surface;
    • Before installing the pool, it is necessary to prepare the basis, washed away from the resulting site all small pebbles, excess sand and other construction trash;
    • On the laid tile, the film is steeked for the base of the pool, which is coming with it, and then the pool assembly begins.

      On any reason for the bottom of the pool, you can lay a layer of polystyrene foam. This material will not allow cooling water when contacting the Earth, will save water in the pool warm much longer.


      Frame pool based on colored paving slabs against a green lawn looks very aesthetic. This pillow has elevation over the soil of about 5 cm and is equipped with a border to preserve the shape, as well as the absence of the possibility of germination of the lawn in the sand of the base.

      In addition, the border adds amenities in the process of a lawn haircut.

      The skeleton reservoir of the dark color, located on a sandy pillow, decorated with light decorative stones, stands out on their background, and decorations from plants make the entire composition not just a pool, and a thoughtful part of the landscape design.

      Wooden base under the frame pool can rely on metal poles, swallowed in the ground. Brous corners must be mandatory to lie in the middle of these pillars. The cross section of the bar and the thickness of the boards is selected based on the size of the pool. What it is more – the thicker needs the boards.

      How to make a rustic flooring under the frame pool, look next.

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