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Petunia – a universal plant that can decorate not only the garden plot, but also become the main balcony star, terraces, windowsill. True beauty connoisseurs do not consider petunia by a mediocre plant, as you know with a huge variety of species, varieties, colors of this amazing flower. Especially look like a large-flowered variety. This includes, for example, Petunia “Triumph”.


Petunia “Triumph” on dignity can be assigned the title of champion in the size of the flower. Among the varieties can be found terry specimens, but usually these are the usual flowers of the huge size – up to 16 cm in diameter. Fits and samples with a diameter of up to 20 cm.

The color gamut varieties “Triumph” is very diverse, mostly flowers with petals, whose shade varies from pale pink to juicy-burgundy.

Petals are distinguished by fringe edges, they are observed wreaths. The view is characterized by late bloom (since July), so it is recommended to plant it in early terms. But the flowering is long – to the most frosts.

Varieties are distinguished by weak branching, nonetheless bushes are quite powerful and can reach a length of 50 cm. Sometimes even requires a support for colors. In the composition, “Triumph” grade is better combined with thick green cultures, since its branches seem naked.

Sometimes you can see the stretching of the plant, it may mean that the flower is a little proposed volume of land.


Special attention deserves the following varieties.

  • “Black Triumph”. Another name is “excellent”. Hybrids of this type of tetraploid, which highlights the plant as perfect in shape and color. These are high weaving shrubs with gigantic flowers of unusual color and dark core. In essence, this is the classic “triumph”.

  • “Triumph Alba”. This annual reaches a height of 60 cm, and its flowers can be in diameter up to 16 cm. The subspecies differ in white-pink color, a slightly smoky shade, with contrasting purple veins. These flowers can be attributed to the brightest group.

Seeds can be offered as a mixture of colors. Perhaps this is the most attractive crop planning option. Special attention is also worthy of monochrome varieties “Triumph Pink”, which are characterized by a gentle-pink color, “Dark purple triumph” with light flowers, “Burgundy triumph” – the darkest variety of the Triarph family.


For sowing to seedlings Petunia “Triumph” Follow these steps.

  1. Put the soil into the container, compact and moisturize it from the sprayer.

  2. Top of scattering seeds, cover with glass or transparent film.

  3. After a couple of weeks at temperatures from +22 to +24 degrees, the first shoots will be processed. Spray them regularly, and when two real sheets appear two, dive shoots.

  4. Continue growing at temperatures from +16 to +18 degrees.

  5. After frosts, you can land sprouts in open ground.


For planting a flower in an outdoor soil, pick up well drained, light fertile soils on a sunny and wind-protected area. Something at least at a distance of 15-30 cm from each other. It is recommended to land along the edges of the flower beds to make a composition of higher plants in the center.

Regularly loose the soil and step, make feeding and water the culture.

If the flower is grown on the balcony, then more complex conditions of detention will be required. First of all, the soil must be very nutritious, because in the pot, its volume is much smaller than in the country. Suitable mixture of peat, humus and garden land. All summer, the plant needs feeding with liquid fertilizers every two weeks.

Water the culture moderately and do not be afraid of a small dough of soil – overflows for this species is much more terrible.

During the rain, it is recommended to hide pots under the roof, as the flower petals are very fragile and may interfere with raindrops. If the Vazon failed to hide, then you can cut off all the buddes of the buds, and a few days later to expect new healthy flowers in their place.

Overview of Petunia “Triumph” Look in the following video.

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