Features pergol with swings

    Each dacket dreams comfortably to furnish the courtyard of a country house, where it will be possible to relax with warm summer evenings. Pragles of different types are very popular, which in addition to decorative functions are carried and practical. In the article we will consider the pros and cons pergola with swings, tell about the variety of models and give advice on self-assembly of the product.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Pergola with swings is a large canopy consisting of several sections that are connected by beams. The design can be attached to the terrace of the house or stand separately in the middle of the courtyard. Often walls and roof Pergol decorate plants that not only adorn the landscape, but also protect against the sun. Most models have an open roof, respectively, an item is needed that can be protected at least from the Sun. Flowers in this case will become the best option.

    Pergolas with swings look organically and will serve as a great holiday destination for the whole family.

    With competent arrangement, they can be used as an element zoning of the courtyard space.

    Despite the complex design, the product has many advantages. First of all, spacious swings in the form of a bench will become an ideal place of recreation for the whole family. If you equip pergola with a canopy, it is permissible to ride even in rainy weather. You can make an awning even more functional, if you equip it with a single bench, but two faces to each other. It turns out the perfect place for picnic or gatherings with friends. An excellent idea will be the table in the middle.

    Swing under a canopy will suit people of any age.

    Children will receive entertainment in the country, teenagers – a comfortable place to talk on the phone, adults – a cozy vacation.

    Of the minuses, pergolas with swings should be allocated primarily the complexity of the design itself. Alone with the construction of such a product can not cope. The construction of the arbors with swings requires a large number of materials, accurate drawings and joinery skills. Quality materials and the construction itself are very expensive.

    If you plan to install a wooden structure, you need to care carefully for it so that the wood does not deteriorate over time. Another minus pergolas with swings is the lack of mobility.

    You will not be able to change its location, so this item needs to come up with the mind.

    Variety of models

    The modern building market offers a wide range of garden gazeboats with swings. It can be a classic wooden design with an arch in the form of a decorative element or a model of steel or durable wear-resistant plastic in a modern style. In this case, it all depends on the personal preferences of the owners and landscape design.

    The following types of pergola are the most popular.


    Big gazebos, the foundation of which is well fixed. You can choose one of two fastening methods: Pouring concrete or installation in the ground. Designs made of wood can be mounted in floor terraces.

    Similar pergolas are very good, have high quality and will serve for many years.


    This design consists of two parts – frame and suspended swings. Very convenient option for those who are not going to use pergola all year round. Special attachments and threads allow multiple times to collect and disassemble the arbor, swing, while the quality does not suffer.

    In summer, the corner of rest is broken in a convenient place, and closer to winter the design is disassembled and folded in the garage.

    Collapsible models often equip not only swings, but also a hammock that serves as an additional place of recreation.


    This type can be purchased without a frame, and as an addition to the already existing pergole. This is a simple rope swing with a seat in the form of a board or comfortable chair. They are attached to the roof of the design with hooks.

    Pergolas with swings are also classified by permissible weight. There are both adults and children’s models. Especially happy to entertain children, because having their own swings – the dream of every child. Bench itself can be a single, two- or three-bed.

    It all depends on the composition of the family or the number of guests taken.

    How to do?

    For making pergolas with swings with their own hands, you must first of all need a detailed drawing. Swing should be durable and stable, do not save on the framework of the frame, because the load may be greater than expected initially.

    Before installing, calculate the size of the canopy, based on the selected location. Remember that a big gazebo can completely take the landscape and tan up a beautiful landscape.

    Think out every detail, it is important to choose the right seat size and the back of the back, so that everything is convenient to relax on soft pillows.

    First of all it is necessary to assemble the bench. To do this, you will need boards:

    • For the main part of the frame – 7 pcs.;
    • For backrest support – 5 pcs.;
    • For the side of the base – 5 pcs.;
    • For Rail Support – 2 pcs.;
    • For railing – 2 pcs.;
    • For back – 2 pcs.

    To begin with, the frame elements should be tightly. For greater reliability, use metal corners. Then lock the supports for the back and rail. Install the railing between the extreme supports so that they are located parallel to the frame. Secure on the back of the board, one over the railings, the second under them. Mount the seat with five boards at the same distance. The seat is ready, you just need to find a strong cable or ropes that will be able to withstand a big weight.

    Go to the installation of pergola. First you need to dug holes for poles in the soil. The diameter of the holes should be at least 30 cm, depth – 1.1 m. On the bottom you need to pour about 15 cm rubble for greater frame stability. Lower the pillars into the holes and align with the help of the backups. Prepare a concrete solution and pour them well.

    Wait for the full pour before proceeding to the next step – the harness of the supporting structure for the roof.

    Prepare the necessary details:

    • transverse boards for the base of the backups – in;
    • Top Boes – C;
    • Spa – d;
    • Long beams for the roof – e;
    • Rigels – F.

    Attach the scroll to the pole on both sides, install the bins from above, connect all the backups. Focus on the drawing below. Install the roof and show the bench on the beams using chains or ropes.

    To pergola with swings served longer, lubricate it with an antiseptic or waterfrost mixture. Seat can be treated with furniture varnish or water-based paint, so it will look more attractive. As a final stroke, you can decorate the roof and columns with flowers or paint color paint design.

    To ensure greater comfort, equip the bench with a soft mattress and back, spread the pillows.

    Examples in landscape design

    Classic pergola from wood installed on a stone stand for better fixation. Good canopy is able to withstand a larger load. The design has a Japanese style notes that are expressed in arcuate pan and stone slabs at the base. Around the trees, flowers – the beauty that can admire infinitely. Bench for relaxing is thought out to the little things. Deep seat with durable railing can accommodate about four people. Soft pillows are combined with color and give the comfort coziness.

    Wonderful example of pergolas for a large company. Wooden canopy has large dimensions and can accommodate even more people if you install folding chairs on the free side. Three triple swings are suspended on the chains and are located face to each other. Vacationers will be able to lead a common conversation or engaged each with their affairs – the distance between the benches for this is sufficient. Concrete base provides maximum stability. In the middle installed a mangon for a picnic. A metallic stork and compositions of stones are used as decorative elements.

    Miniature Pergola is an embodiment of the classics. Marble White Columns Remind Antique Style. Wooden roof is also painted in white. Swing on chains are represented as a braided sofa of a mint shade. Soft mattress and pillows are decorated with flowers.

    Another pergola for a big company. Wooden frame set on the terrace and adjoins the fence. The roof is covered with a thin floor, which will protect from the sun, wind and light summer rain. Swing are suspended on thick rods and decorated with a soft mattress with pillows. In addition to the benches, there is a suspension table, just holding on the ropes. The hosts took care of the presence of lighting and installed a terrestrial flashlight, which will dispel darkness in the evening. The fence is decorated with plants, they give the colorfulness to this place.

    Copyright overview with swings you can see below.

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