Features of two-wheeled gardens

Today, many subsidiaries need various kinds of auxiliary equipment and adaptations that make it possible to significantly increase the efficiency of various country and other works. One such auxiliary elements is a garden two-wheeled car, which is often used to transport goods, and also has a number of other appointments. In this article we will deal, what are the advantages and disadvantages of such a wheelbarrow, what are the models, we will study the characteristics of each of them and learn how to choose the best solution for the fulfillment of certain goals and objectives.

Features and destination

The main purpose of the garden barbell or, as often, it is called, trolleys, is the transportation of various goods. As a rule, bulk, small and bulk. Differs such adaptation in small sizes. Often he has one or two wheels. The mass is about 9-10 kilograms, although you can find models weighing 13-15 kilograms. If the car is a garden, then it is usually used to perform the following tasks:

  • Transportation of various bulk materials – land, peat and so on;
  • transportation of planting materials;
  • export of various garbage, as well as sawdust, leaves, waste;
  • Transportation of fruits and vegetables from the place of collection to the place of storage;
  • Transportation of not very overall garden tool.

One of its features is the presence of a cube or a trapezium. In the case of a trapezium it is more convenient to unload the contents. Enough to raise the handles of the cart up. If the case is cubic, then place the cargo in the cart will be quite comfortable. The choice of cart material is quite important, as it will be in contact with various chemical extensions – the same fertilizers, subject to the influence of natural factors and so on.

So she quickly did not become rusty, it is better to choose models made either from galvanized steel, or from another material, but which is processed by powder-based paint.

A rather good solution will be cars where the hull is made of high quality and rather strong plastic. But this decision is not suitable if you want to transport too much sand, earth and stones. Yes, and then the wheelbarrow should provide protection against the impact of various natural factors – low temperatures, rain, hail and ultraviolet.

Another feature of the garden bar will be a frame that is used in it. If the model has a carrying capacity of up to 100 kilograms, there may be a welded-bent-bent frame, or solutions from solid tubes. The frame must have strong supports, so that she stood on the ground as stable as much as possible. The last thesis is more relate to one-bed models, but also if the model is on two wheels, it will not be superfluous.

So that the car was stronger, it can also have rigidity ribs that strengthen the walls and the bottom of the body.

Advantages and disadvantages

If we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the garden car on two wheels, It should first call the positive sides:

  • They have excellent stability and they are quite difficult to overturn;
  • There is an axis and frame in the design, which significantly increases the strength of such a decision, while it has the same dimensions as, say, a single cart, but can hold and carry a greater weight.

But there are disadvantages of such a wheelbarrow. First of all, it is about the fact that her maneuverability will be somewhat lower than that of a single analogue. The second aspect will be its low efficiency when the surfaces have different levels. This is not too many advantages and disadvantages due to the fact that the car has a pretty simple purpose and device.

Models and their characteristics

Now consider the most popular models of two-wheeled tack. The first model of which should be said is called Belamos. The price of cars is 1.6 thousand rubles. It is a combination of low prices and quite good quality. Body made of galvanized steel. Load capacity is up to 80 kilograms of cargo, and the capacity is about 85 liters. It is equipped with large pneumocoles. This allows her to go even in the most uneven and rather difficult surfaces. And due to the fact that the distance between the wheels is only 50 centimeters, the wheelbarrow moves perfectly even on small garden tracks.

The following model that deserves attention has the name Tsunami WB 120D. Its cost is just less than 2 thousand rubles. Such a wheelbarrow is universal, because it can be performed not only by the role of garden, but also construction equipment. Its load capacity is about 120 kilograms. Equipped with stable large bearing wheels.

The following model is called “Sibrth”. Its cost – 2.1 thousand rubles. Can be used for building development and in the garden. She has high maneuverability and a small mass. Body material protrudes galvanized steel, it has a good side of the rounded form. The capacity of the model is 65 liters, and loading capacity – 90 kilograms. If we talk about wheels, pneumatic solutions with inflatable internal cameras are installed here. It provides product excellent stability and permeability. Also, the balance is also maximized, which allows it to have stability and when transporting large and heavy cargo.

Another interesting model is called “Green Yes”. Its cost – about 2.5 thousand rubles. This model is intended solely for gardening. She has a galvanized body body, which is fully protected from the impact of natural factors. Load capacity of such a model is about 120 kilograms. It has excellent maneuverability and it is very easy to move on an extremely uneven surface.

Another solution is a garden car called “Garden-2”. It is created exclusively for the work of a garden type. Its advantages are:

  • excellent stability on the uneven surface;
  • galvanized body;
  • Wheels having bearings;
  • Painted powder impact-resistant paint frame.

The latest model that I want to say is called Hammerlin. Its cost is quite large compared to past models and is 9.3 thousand rubles. This model, reinforced by the body of steel, has high characteristics of strength and reliability. By the way, the body is also galvanized, because of which the moisture is not terrible to her.

It is perfect for construction and work on the site. She has large inflatable wheels, which is the key to excellent stability and high passability.

Comparison with other types of wheelbarrow

Now let’s talk about what car will be better. After all, as you know, there are one-, two-, three- and even four-wheeled models. In addition, they may differ from each other by type of pens, wheels and other factors. All this determines the purpose of a particular model. Now let’s try to compare two-wheeled cars with all other categories.

Let’s start with one-bedroom. Such a manual country room has one wheel, which is located in the center of the body, as well as a pair of footage to provide stability during the stop, and a pair of longitudinal handles. Her main plus – maneuverability. She also has good turnover handling. At the same time, during the ride, all the load goes on one wheel, because of what, if the car is used on loose and wet earth, it will just get stuck in it. Two-wheeled models have no such problem.

Yes, and the weight of the cargo here will be felt more serious due to the presence of only one wheel. It turns out that it is required to preserve the equilibrium to make more effort than when using two-wheeled cars.

If we talk about the type of wheelbarrow, then the wheels are located on the sides, which already provides excellent stability. She can also:

  • carry out the transport of heavier loads;
  • have a higher stability and balance;
  • have a big capacity;
  • push it with a larger weight will be easier.

Its disadvantage will be only not very good maneuverability. Yes, and for reversal, she needs more space. It will also be not the best solution for working on small beds. If we talk about three-wheeled solutions, they can rarely meet in stores, for this reason it is a rather specific vehicle. As a rule, such a car has a freely rotating wheel in front, and two of those that are rear, firmly fixed. To control such a wheelbarrow, there are two handles that are located on the width of the shoulders.

There are also four-wheeled models. They will be more popular than three-wheeled solutions. These trolleys are intended for use in large areas, where there is a need to transport heavy and fairly bulky goods. Such a wheelbarrow is conveniently operated even on a soft earth.

The disadvantage will be that it has not very good maneuverability. At the same time, for transportation of even very heavy loads, effort will have to attach the minimum number. In such models, pneumatic wheels have a smaller diameter than those mentioned above. Rear wheels can be swivel, which significantly increases maneuverability and improve management.

In general, as you can make sure each type of garden bar has its own advantages and cons. Yes, and they are still intended for the carriage of different in the dimensions and weight of goods, so choose some one option, probably will not work.

How to choose?

First Criterion when choosing a wheelbarrow – Load capacity. It, no doubt, can be called the most important. Usually this indicator varies in the range from 60 to 150 kilograms. If this figure is higher, then such a car is already more suitable for some construction work. Also, the more lifting capacity will be, the maneuverability will be below. But handling will be more.

Own weight car should not exceed 25 kilograms, so that she can simply manage. Another important indicator – capacity. It is indicated in liters and varies from 60 to 120 liters. If the car is construction, then it will be a range of 120-140 liters.

Next Aspect – Wheels. What they are more, the better there will be permeability. Perfect disk option – 30-45 centimeters. Recently, the models with pneumocoles are extremely popular. They allow you to significantly increase the passability of cars.

Another important point – handles. Better if there will be two of them and they will be installed in parallel. Such a solution will be convenient. It will be not bad if the capture of the handrail has a bend: it will enable the convenience and prevent hand turning.

If we talk about the frame, then it should be the most reliable. Best if it is made of solid steel pipes. Gnuto-welded solutions will also be a good option.

Body can be either square or trapezoid. There will be no big value.

The material also affects the selection of cars. The best solution will be a product made of galvanized steel. It is best to take a solution with a thick wall from 0.8 to 1.5 millimeters. You can also buy an option with a plastic or wooden body. Despite a number of advantages, they will not be so durable, due to which it may be for long.

In general, how can you see, pick up a good two-wheeled wheelbarrow will not be difficult if you focus on the criteria described above and understand, to fulfill what purpose you want to buy a two-wheeled “assistant”.

In the next video, you will find a review of the garden two-wheeled car “Hardwork” WB 6211.

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