Features of tracked mini tractors

Owners of agricultural land – big and not very – probably heard about such a miracle of technical progress, as a mini tractor on caterpillars. This car has been widely used in arable and cleaning work (including snow cleaning). In our article we will look at the features of mini tractors, read the terms of their operation and carry out a mini-overview of the market for this technique.


Small caterpillar tractors became favorites of farms owners due to their maneuverability and excellent passability. In addition, such machines produce a minimum pressure on soil soil, which is also their advantage. And also tracked mini tractors have a number of following features:

  • Their design is universal, so if you wish, instead of caterpillars, you can put the wheels;
  • Extensive area of ​​application: agricultural work, construction, communal and furnished farming;
  • the possibility of selection of hinged accessories;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Excellent traction;
  • efficiency in fuel consumption;
  • easy and affordable repairs with a wide range of spare parts selection;
  • Technique is convenient and easy to use.

Of course, nothing is perfect. This axiom concerns and tracked mini tractors. Among the minuses of such machines – the impossibility of movement on asphalt roads, increased noise and low speed. However, the pros in this case overlaps the minuses.

Device and principle of operation

The small tractor on the caterpillars may seem like a difficult device. But it is not. Its design includes the following – rather complicated – mechanisms.

  • Frame – what the main load lies on. Has 2 spars and 2 traverses (front and rear).
  • Power Unit (Engine). Very important detail, since the work of the tractor depends on it. Diesel engines with four cylinders, water-cooled and power in 40 “horses” are considered the best for this technique.
  • Bridge. In mini tractors produced by specialized firms, this part of the car is quite reliable and high-quality. With independent manufacture of the unit, you can take a bridge from any car of Russian production. But best – with a truck.
  • Caterpiles. The tractor on the tracked chassis has 2 varieties: with steel caterpillars and rubber. Steel caterpillars – a more familiar option, but rubber often have rollers – wheels from which the caterpillar can be removed and riding them. That is, it appears the opportunity to move a little faster and on asphalt.
  • Clutch, gearbox. Necessary to bring a mini tractor in motion.

As for the algorithm of the work of such a car, it is impossible not to mention that, in fact, it does not differ from the order of actions of an ordinary caterpillar tractor. The difference here is only in the sizes of the device and in a simpler reversal system.

  • The engine during starting transmits torque on the checkpoint, after which the one entering the differential system is distributed across the axes.
  • The wheels begin to move, passing it on the tracked ribbon mechanism, and the machine moves in a given direction.
  • Turns the mini-tractor so: one of the axes slows down, after which the torque goes to another axis. Due to the stop of the caterpillar, the second begins to move, no matter how coming down – and the tractor turns turn.

Models and characteristics

On the modern Russian market there are many domestic and foreign companies offering for the sale of tracked mini tractor. Leaders are manufacturers from Russia, China, Japan and the USA. Let’s spend a brief overview of firms and models.

  • Technique is China attracts user relatively low cost. But the quality of these cars sometimes wishes better. From the most purchased it is worth noting the HYSOON HY-380 model, the power of which is 23 horsepower, as well as YTO-C602, which is stronger than the previous one almost 3 times (60 l. with.). Both varieties are considered universal and carry out an extensive list of agricultural workers, as well as there is a good selection of mounted equipment.

  • Japan Always famous for the unsurpassed reliability and durability of manufactured cars. And small caterpillar tractors are no exception. Among the presented models can be noted inexpensive, but not too powerful ISEKI PTK (15 liters. with.) suitable for work in small areas. Also distinguished and strong tractor-universal Yanmar Morooka MK-50 (50 l. with.).

  • Russia Releases mini tractor adapted to climate and landscaped features of many regions of the country. The best are the models of “Uralets” (T-0.2.03, Um-400) and “Countryman”. “Uralets” stands on chassis hybrid: wheels + caterpillars. The mind-400 and “countryman” are equipped with a belt tracked mechanism of rubber and metal. Power of these machines from 6 to 15 horsepower.

The listed tractors were loved by the Russian consumer for their fitness to climate, ease of maintenance and repair. An important factor – the presence of a large selection of spare parts in the market.

  • American machinery also comes on sale and in demand. We are talking about one of the world agricultural leaders in Caterpillar. She has its own representative offices in more than 50 countries around the world. In Russia, the varieties of CAT 239D and CAT 279D with radial lifting, as well as CAT 249D, CAT 259D and CAT 289D – with vertical. All of these mini tractors are universal, perform a wide range of agricultural development, and also have high permeability and stability.

Subtleties of choice

When buying a mini tractor on a caterpillar goof on the following design nuances.

  • There is or not there is a power take-off shaft – exit from the power unit to connect the attached equipment (cultivator, mowers, chopper, and so on).
  • Availability / absence of a three-dimensional attachment that is useful for a hitch with additional devices from other manufacturers. If it is completed with a cassette mechanism, it will facilitate and speed up the process of removal / installation of equipment.
  • Transmission functionality. The hydrostatic box is easier to control (most often only one pedal is present), but the “mechanics” works perfectly on a bulging and a bugrid landscape with a rocky surface or other obstacles.

  • If possible, choose a machine with mechanical transmission of torque in a set with hydraulic drive. This tractor is more functional, it is possible even its transformation into the front loader or excavator.
  • Best Fuel for Crawler Mini Tractor – Divine. In addition, it is desirable for water cooling.
  • Availability / lack of full drive. Choose a better four-wheel drive (subjective recommendation).
  • Fastening attachments in three directions: behind the machine, bottom (between the wheels) and in front.
  • The possibility of maneuvering. If you are the owner of a small area, and even with an uneven relief, choose more compact models of mini-tractors, the mass of which does not exceed 750 kg, and power – up to 25 liters. with.

Operating tips

Mini tractor on caterpillars – a great help for a dachane in the processing of farmland of any area. It makes it possible to reduce labor costs at times, while performing work at a higher level, rather than this would have done a person using manual labor. But in order for this technical means to serve you faith and true for many years, it is necessary to serve it correctly. Remember a few simple recommendations.

  • Watch for fuel quality and engine oil. Periodically check the level of lubrication fluid, change it in a timely manner.
  • Watch the behavior of your tractor. If you heard suspicious noise, rattling, creak, try to detect the source in a timely manner and repair or replacing the worn item. Otherwise, the car may fail and repair and restoration work will be more expensive.
  • If you wish to try your hand and mounted a caterpillar mini tractor yourself, then do it. In principle, there is nothing difficult in creating such a car. However, it is worth remembering that the installation and assembly of any such mechanism is made on clearly defined algorithms, in which there is no fantasy place.

Find suitable drawings on the Internet, acquire composite parts of the future mini tractor and mounted it. Pay attention to the recommendations of the experienced masters about the interchangeability of parts.

  • Think whether you will exploit your tractor in winter, for example, for snow cleaning. If not, prepare it for winter storage: Wash it, drain the oil to avoid it thicken, rinse the engine. You can lubricate moving parts so that the subsequent spring launch passes easily. Then put the technique in the garage or other suitable room, cover with tarpaulos.
  • By purchasing a crawler mini tractor, do not forget about the feasibility of this purchase. Relate your desires and your capabilities. Do not buy a powerful and heavy machine for processing a plot of 6 acres. And it also makes no sense in purchasing a small budget option for plowing virgin.

About how to choose a crawler mini tractor, look in the following video.

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