Features of the sliding gate on the screw piles

Entry to any territory, whether it is a private house or storage facilities, always happens through the gate. They can be in different designs – swing, retractable or sliding. Now the retractable is increasingly popular. Such a demand is easily explained by the simplicity of the installation and exploitation of the gate. These designs save the workspace on the territory and will require less special skills for installation. Retractable gates can be mounted in different ways. They are installed on rail guides or screw piles.

Features of the sliding gate on the screw piles

Any construction begins with the foundation. Installing a rollback gate – no exception. But the soil is not always homogeneous in the construction site. If the gate is long, for example, from 6 m, then sites with swampy soil can come across. During operation, the foundation may fail in some places. This will lead to a breakdown and output of the gate.

To prevent the foundation shift, use the installation method on piles.

It has a number of significant advantages over rail retractable designs:

  • During operation, the rails do not need to be cleaned from the accumulated dirt and another garbage.
  • Installation of the gate on the piles reliably fixes the design – the gate does not pull even on the swampy and clay soil.
  • Retractable gates on screw piles are mounted without top guide, and this will allow you to enter the territory of trucks with high sides or refrigerators.

Screw piles, as an element of installation, have an indisputable advantage over conventional concrete pillars. When changing seasons, a freezing or thawing ground does not affect them. They are durable, durable and increase the life of the structure.

In addition, if the gate is installed in the territory, where the construction is already standing, install the retractable design on rail guides does not always allow space. Screw piles do not create such a problem.

Choosing a place to install

When choosing a place to install a rollback gate on piles, the features of installation should be taken into account. If under the soil layer there is a rocky surface, then it will take significantly more time and technicians to install piles.

Such gates should be installed on the ground, which will allow to deepen 2-3 meters. Piles can be compared with large self-draws that are screwed into the ground. If the ground is with the impurities of the stone, it will be difficult to do. The distances between the screw pile depends on the length of the canvas, but is usually 2.5-3 m.

Mounting itself occurs in several stages:

  • First, the installation location is determined. It is necessary to take into account not only the condition of the soil, but also the availability of free space for roller mechanisms.
  • Calculations are made on the basis of which mark.
  • Using conventional garden drills, small recesses are made. Then the piles are screwed into them.
  • Piles are leveled at the top level of the Earth, the empty space of piles and the cavity around them is poured concrete.
  • The guide channel is welded, roller mechanisms are attached.

Steel frame structures are cut into further at the ground level and are not allocated from the overall design.

To properly select the diameter of the piles, the size of the canvas is taken into account. They must withstand a significant burden of wind and the weight of the structure itself. Accordingly, the larger the size of the gate, the thicker should be piles.

After installing the piles and the assembly of the canvas, additional elements are installed on the design – roller guides and catchers from above and below. Calledors are mounted on the receiving post and reliably fix the gate in the closed position. The length of piles and the diameter is directly dependent on the composition of the soil.

Materials gates and components

Piles are made of anti-corrosion materials with additional protective coating. Such requirements are presented to all piles, regardless of what type of soil they will be installed. When choosing them, you need to pay attention to the availability of a quality certificate.

Piles go standard sizes – from 57 to 89 mm. The pitch of the blades for them will be varied from 2000 to 4000 mm. Depending on the size, they can be installed manually or special equipment. For the manufacture of the gate frame uses profile pipes. They differ in the diameter of the section and can be from 50×50 to 60×40 mm. From the same pipes, but smaller cross-section, and ribs of stiffness structures are made.

For lining of the gate, professional flooring (profiled sheets). It can be both one- and double-sided, have a different shape and depth of the wave. These parameters are carried only by the design load and do not affect the quality of the gate. Professional flooring you can sow a gate with both one and two sides.

Additionally, the design is equipped with accessories necessary for their operation:

  • Rail from anti-corrosion material for movement.
  • Console beams of different weights.
  • Carriages (roller supports).
  • Folding fees for the top and bottom.
  • Plug and rolling roller.

Retractable gates are required to complete the automatic opening system. It is an electric motor with a toothed rail. When installing an electric motor with it, additional accessories are usually mounted – battery for uninterrupted operation, photocells and signaling lamps, manual control panels.

Features of operating gates on piles

Electromotors are installed on the design of the gate. They open the cloth only in one direction, so such flaps can be installed on corner sections of the fence. When installing a frame, from two sides of which the fence will be present, you need to consider the additional space in the project. For a normal discovery in such places of installation, it is necessary to highlight additionally to 1.5m widths from the inside of the fence. This is caused by the design features of the gate – besides the canvas itself, they have a console part, which remains on the foundation itself with supports and drives.

Rake with teeth welded to the lower edge of the door. It is thanks to her the opening and closure of the gate. It requires smaller care than rail guides in other types of design. But cleaning from garbage still need to be carried out regularly.

In addition, the installation of a chapeller at the bottom of the piles can be done not tough, but adjustable. This will allow the height of the lower edge of the gate. This embodiment will be an excellent choice if you plan to lay asphalt or concrete slabs.

Price on materials and installation

Standard price for installing a rollback gate does not exist. It is individual in each case and is formed from several factors. First, this is the total value of the materials themselves used in the manufacture of the design – frame frame, the size of the canvas, accessories and additional equipment. Also on this component affects the brands of the materials used and their quality.

Secondly, this is the cost of preparatory work. Piles are of different lengths and diameter, which directly affects the price of their installation. The cost of installing the gate also affects the rental of special equipment – its delivery to the place of installation and the price of work. If the soil is soft and sizes are small, then the installation can be performed manually, without the use of special equipment.

Installation installation work includes the cost of services of workers teams. The ultimate cost depends on the price of delivery of materials to the construction site. If electricity is not connected on the territory, you will have to pay for the rental of electric generators. Night work will require the use of additional equipment – lighting devices (mast or light steps).

General recommendations when choosing types of retractable gates for land owners:

  • When choosing a certain type of construction, it is worth conducting a professional study of the soil of its plot, familiarize yourself with the reviews by type of structures. It is also necessary to take into account the time of year – only summer days will be suitable for the fill.
  • Retractable gates on a monolithic foundation with columnar supports can be installed in places where the soil is homogeneous by structure and unscrewing shifts or sections.
  • If the features of the site do not allow you to install such a gate, it is worth stopping the choice on retractable versions with screw pile.

In detail about the installation of the rollback gate on the screw piles, you can learn from the following video.

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