Features of the pions “Bakai Bell”

Peonies belong to the Peon family and to the genus of grassy perennials (tree shapes – to leaf falling shrubs). It is believed that the name of this beautiful flower happened on behalf of the ancient Greek mythological character Pean, who skillfully camehel the gods. In the natural field, peonies are found in Eurasian and North American subtropics, as well as in moderate climates.

As decorative garden plants, peonies began to be grown in China over 2 thousand years ago. Nowadays, there is a “festival of peonies” every year, collecting a huge number of tourists from around the world.


Peony has a large developed rhizome with strong roots, and its stems grow in a height of up to 1 meter. Dark green unpaired peristo-separate leaves are located. Single flowers, have a cup of 5 cups and a whisk. Petals with uneven edge can be white, cream, pink, red, yellow color. Peony Seeds Large, Rounded Shape, Shiny, Black or Black and Brown Color.


Color varieties derived in 1956 and carrying the name “Bakai Bell” (Buckeye Belle) has very beautiful semi-world flowers of deep dark red with black shade, up to 16 centimeters in diameter. Rounded brilliant petals are located in 5-6 rows, in the center there are large yellow stamens, perfectly contrasting with flowers. Stems durable and straight, reddish color, reach 80 centimeters in height.

Neat, compact sizes of a bush with dark green trees blooming blooms in May-June.

Peonies “Bakai Bell” look good and as a separate plant, and in the group among the lawn, also these flowers are long in the cut.

American Peony Society (American Society of Peonies), the status “Peony of the Year 2011”, the prize “for landscape merit” in 2009.

Features of cultivation

This hybrid is considered uncomplicated in care, but in order to grow a healthy, abundant flowering plant, before buying these peonies, you should carefully read the recommendations of the experienced flower flowers.


Peonies love solar, warm, ventilated areas and loose, fertile, fertilous soil. Put these flowers most often in the fall, using this method of reproduction as a division of a bush. For this purpose, it is necessary to dig up an adult bush of plants, trim the stems and divide the rhizome on the part so that there are 4-5 kidneys on each separated club. Then the seedlings should be burned to a depth of about 5 centimeters, making a small hill to protect against winter frosts.

The distance between the planted peonies should be about a meter.


When watering it is impossible to allow water stagnation at the roots of the plant. The ground around the peony is desirable to mulch with sawdust, leaves, sand. During the bootonization and flowering, peonies need feeding with organic and mineral fertilizers, in addition, In the spring they need nitrogen fertilizers, and in autumn – phosphoric. In one place, these flowers are recommended to grow no more than 10 years. If the peony stops blooming, divide it to rhizome and transfer to another place.

Never leave the leaves for the winter so that they do not provoke diseases.

Fighting fungal diseases

Gray rot is similar to a brownish ring with black dots on the bottom side of the sheet, at the first signs should be treated with a bush Bordeaux liquid. Clapporiosis is manifested by brown spots over the entire surface of the leaves, the Bordeaux liquid also helps from this disease.

If you have noticed brown spots that rise from the bottom on the plant, then this is septoriasis, It is not necessary to do without special funds: “Cinb” and “Toxin-M”. Root rot hit not only the roots, but also the above-ground part of the plant, as a result of which it dies. With a small hearth disease, try to remove the affected areas.

Very severe disease is a verticillaty fading, in which the bush swept and dies, after that the peony should be burned, and the soil is treated with chlorine lime.

Peonies “Bakai Bell” – very spectacular flowers capable of decorating with both your garden and homemade bouquets. Plants do not require complex care, can several years without problems grow in one place. In addition, it is believed that peonies are attracting love, honor and financial well-being. Be sure to try to grow in your garden these delightful flowers.

On the peonies “Bakai Bell”, see the video below.

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