Features of Motoblocks “Oka MB-1D1M10”

Motoblock “Oka MB-1D1M10” – Universal equipment for the economy. The appointment of the machine is extensive, associated with agrotechnical works on Earth.


Russian production technique is characterized by great opportunities. Because of this, it is not so easy to make a choice, as it may seem. “Oka MB-1D1M10” will help in the mechanization of such labor as the cleaning of lawns, garden tracks, gardens.

Motoblock is characterized by advantages:

  • adjustable steering height;
  • smoothness due to clinorem transmission;
  • Ergonomic appearance;
  • Cutter protection system;
  • high performance;
  • reduced noise;
  • Built-in decompressor;
  • the presence of the reverse;
  • Increased lifting capacity against the background of a small weight of the machine itself (up to 500 kg, with a mass of equipment in 90 kg).

Motoroblocks weighing up to 100 kg belong to the middle class. This technique can be used in sections in size in 1 hectare. The model involves the use of various attachments.

The technique is a mini-tractor that you can perform a lot of work. Experience and excessive efforts are not required to control the tractor. Examine the device, as well as the possibilities of attachments can be independently.

“Oka MB-1D1M10” from “Cavier” is produced in the city of Kaluga. For the first time, the product appeared in the 80s. This technique is popular, despite the diversity of modern motoblocks. Thanks to the unpretentiousness of operation, the motoblocks won the leading position in the market. Brand models cope with any soil types, are successfully used in areas of various sizes.

Some users note that the motoblock must independently refine so that it can be successfully operated on it. For example, commissioning works are implied not only the inspection of the oil, but also the state of fasteners. In addition, it is recommended to modify the motor shaft, which is equipped with brackets with protrusions. They need to twist or bend, otherwise they will become the main reason for breaking belts on the gearbox. By the way, the manufacturer puts additional belts to the base kit.

Users noted the quality of cutters. They are wrought, heavy, not stamped, and cast. 4 products turn on the standard kit. Reducer is distinguished by good quality. The spare part is performed qualitatively, in the best traditions of the Soviet past. Reducer issues a passport power.

Sometimes users marke the oil leaks, which is why the car smokes, it is uncomfortable to work with it. The equipment setting is better to be made according to the instructions for use. It involves the use of various attachments of various modifications.


The main modification of the motoblock is equipped with a Lifan power unit, which works on gasoline AI-92 and has power 6.5 L. with. The engine is equipped with forced air cooled with manual starting installation. Starter is equipped with a convenient inertial handle. Gearbox mechanical, with two speeds ahead and one reverse speed. The machine is equipped with a built-in automatic decompressor, and therefore it can be launched even in 50-degrees.

Hinged equipment can be used due to the power take-off shaft, pulley. The weight of the device is 90 kg, which is considered the middle class, so we need to use weightlifiers to work with heavy soils. Small dimensions and weight of the machine allow it to be transported on any kind of transport.

The steering of this technique can be adjusted for the growth of attendants. The noise level from the engine is reduced due to the silencer.

    In addition to this popular model, the market has “MB Oka D2M16”, which differs from the pioneer with dimensions and a more powerful engine, as well as a six-speed gearbox. Power of the Power Unit of the “Oka” 16-series – 9 liters. with. Large dimensions increase the bandwidth available for processing. This contributes to a reduction in the processing time. The device is able to develop and high speed – up to 12 km / h (predecessor it is 9 km / h). Product specifications:

    • Dimensions: 111 * 60.5 * 90 cm;
    • Weight – 90 kg;
    • Strip width – 72 cm;
    • Treatment depth – 30 cm;
    • Engine – 9 l. with.

      The market presents the modifications of other firms that possess both positive and negative qualities:

      • “Neva”;
      • “UGR”;
      • “Salute”;
      • “Patriot”;
      • “Ural”.

      All versions of Russian production are characterized by high-quality assembly, as well as durable mechanical details. Products of our enterprises are inexpensive, refer to the average price segment. The people of the car are considered durable and mobile. The technical characteristics of Russian motoblocks make it possible to use them on heavy soils under various weather conditions.


      The device of a motoblock with Lifan engine is simple, so many owners adapt it for a variety of operations. For example, reconfigure it as a vehicle by setting on a tracked platform. Native low-power engine replace more substantial devices. But the native power unit is distinguished by modern air quality cooling. It does not allow the device overheating, eliminates the premature loss of working capacity. Engine capacity – about 0.3 liters. Fuel capacity – 4.6 liters. It is identical in all variations.

      Attachments and trailed parts are often creating at the expense of their own skills. For example, from the motoblock there are excellent woodcuts. This becomes possible due to the chain reducer, belt clutch, power take-off shaft.

      More from the devices of the motoblock are notable:

      • reinforced frame;
      • convenient control;
      • Pneumatic wheels.

      Steering height adjustment – a prerequisite for proper soil processing. Motion of the motoblock must be parallel land. The tilt of the device to itself or from ourselves.

      Hinged equipment

      A set of motoblock on sale includes wheels, enlarged up to 50 cm, axial extension cords, soils and differential mechanisms. The technique is compiled with the following attachments:

      • plow;
      • hiller;
      • seeder;
      • potatoes;
      • trailer;
      • cart;
      • snow blower;
      • grass mower;
      • asphalt brush;
      • water pump.

      Hinged devices have a diverse purpose, so the motor-block can be used not only in summer, but in winter. In the cold Motoblock “Oka” is actively used with a snow blower, which greatly simplifies the cleaning of snow cover on a private site.

        As practice shows, functional devices to the motoblock can be selected various. For example, with the “Okoy” perfectly combined the nozzles:

        • PC “RUSICH”;
        • LLC “Mobile K”;
        • Vsevolzhsky RMZ.

        Fastening of various sheds is possible thanks to a universal coupling. In this case, the operator will not need any special tools. All work can be made by our own. Bolts needed for attachment of hollows are supplied as standard with a fiberboard. Further setting of hinged systems is carried out individually, according to the scheme of devices, types of processed land, the power characteristics of the engine.

        For example, a plow is adjustable to the desired blowing plug. According to the rules, it is equal to the bayonet shovel. If the value is smaller, the field will remain unsucked, and weeds will quickly warm on the garden. If the depth is greater, then you can raise a non-fermentation layer of the Earth. This will adversely affect the nutrition of the soil. Bulletination with plowing is regulated by bolts that play the role of the coupling. They can be moved to the appropriate value.

          Upgraded technique will be well approached by the owner’s own needs. For example, a popular homemade rotary model of the lawn mower is performed from the disks of the grain seeder, chains and gearboxes. Knives on discs are made of strong metal. There will be holes for their attachment. The cutting tool is installed on the axis that will ensure their movement.

          Operating recommendations

          The manufacturer of both modifications recommends the service training that devices must pass before they are planned to be used.

          For example, in the instructions it is recommended to make sure there are parts that are designated in a technical accompanying document. The user also reminds that both in the gearbox and in the engine already refilled oil. It is desirable to spend it on a run-in, which Motoblock must pass before starting operation. Engine must be started at idle for 5 hours. If during this time problems did not occur, the engine can be stopped, oil – replace. Only after that the device can be checked in the case.

          For the engine, the manufacturer recommends the following oils:

          • M-53 / 10G1;
          • M-63 / 12G1.

          Transmission to be updated every 100 hours of operation. There is a separate instruction for changing the oil, according to which:

          • The fuel must first drain from the power unit – for this, under the fiberboard, you need to choose a suitable container;
          • Then it is recommended to drain the oil from the gearbox (to simplify the task, the unit can be tilted);
          • Motinal turn back to its original position and pour oil first into the gearbox;
          • You can then fill the engine;
          • only after that it is recommended to fill the fuel tank.

          In the first launch process, it is recommended to correctly set the ignition system.

          For transmissions need oil:

          • TAD-17I;
          • TAP 15B;
          • GL3.

          The manufacturer recommends replacing the engine oil every 30 hours of operation.

          If you have an excellent rumor, set the ignition for the sound. Will you get a motor-block engine, loosen the rubber slightly.

          Broastor housing slowly twist for 2 sides. Mechanical parts strengthen the maximum power and a large number of revolutions. After that, it remains to listen: there must be clicks. Next, simply screw the back nut traver.

          The following tips are also important:

          • In accordance with the requirements of the Instructions, faces are allowed to be serviced by the technique;
          • On the chassis, the conditions of the main roads will affect;
          • The brand of gasoline and oil is important to choose in accordance with the requirements;
          • If the fuel level in devices is low, the operation of the motoblock is prohibited;
          • It is not recommended to post full power for the equipment, which is in the process of running.

          Oka MB-1 D1M10 Motoblock Review View in the following video.

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