Features of Mini Tractors “Mitrax”

Means of small agricultural machinery, especially such as motor-cultivators and mini-tractors greatly facilitate not only garden, but also garden work. A striking example of this is the Mitrax unit model T10. It is its features and specifications and will be considered below.


This type of agricultural equipment professionals today refer to garden mini tractors. Despite the small size, such an unit is very convenient and multifunctional in operation. The manufacturer of the Mini Tractor “Mitrax” is a domestic plant located in St. Petersburg. Today, such an aggregate is particularly popular thanks to such peculiarities.

  • Absolutely not susceptible to harsh temperatures. It makes it possible to operate it both in hot and cold season.
  • Despite the small size, the mini-tractor copes perfectly with any types of work both on small country sites and on large plantations.
  • Efficiency and performance of the equipment of this type are several times higher than that of similar devices called motor-cultivators or motor-blocks. At the same time, the price of them is often identical.
  • The mini-tractor is suitable for performing a wide range of work due to special diverse attachments. It is set pretty easily and quickly due to the special power take-off shaft.

In order to understand whether such a technique is needed in the subsidiary farm, it is necessary to carefully read it with its technical description and the functions performed.


The mini-tractor model of the T10 model is equipped with a special gearbox made of cast iron and from above reliably closed with a special protective block. Power of such a garden aggregate 10 l. with., And the maximum speed of 10 km / h. Mitrax is equipped with an electrical ignition type, its mass is 270 kg, which means that on the soil itself, transport does not press much and does not break its structure. The unit is equipped with 3 speeds of gears and powerful neon headlights that allow you to operate technique even in the dark.

The external angle of turning 155 cm, the width of the wheel base is 100 cm, and the angle of the internal reversal 115 cm. The low weight and compact area of ​​the reversal allow you to perform the necessary maneuvers on the land-limited area easily and quickly. As an additional configuration, you can purchase a variety of attached equipment. At the same time, the T10 model assumes both the joint selling with it and the possibility of purchasing only the necessary items. For maximum comfort of a person, a mini tractor is equipped with a wide, soft and comfortable seat. If necessary, it is possible to install a small trailer to the rear headacope.

Hinged equipment and its functions

If necessary, the Russian mini tractor “Mitrax T10” can be operated using the following additional nozzles.

  • Trailers. All species have a classic black color and a signature on the side. Can be used to transport cargo of any kind, whose weight does not exceed 0.5 t.
  • Harrow – Developed by unique technology. Thanks to it, the implementation of plowing with such equipment allows you to perform work not only faster, but also better.
  • If you need to plow a one-piece and previously recent piece of land, then instead of the harrow, the manufacturer recommends using Special plow. It will develop a cinema quickly, easy and correct.
  • Special shovel-dump allow you to easily get rid of excess snow, dirt and leaves in the garden, in the garden or on any other plot of land.
  • Lawn mower – Allows not only to get rid of excess vegetation on the household plot, but also the stock of the Hyd.

And the use of special grass collector will make it easier and will speed up this process.

  • Cultivator Just like the harrow and plow used for plowing the earth. At the same time, it can be operated both for the processing of virgin, and for plowing simply heavy plots of land.
  • Special spreader Designed immediately to perform two types of activities: seed squeezing and sprinkle in the cold season with sand or special reagents.
  • Snow removal Specially designed for use in the cold season. Such attachments can be used both independently and with a special brush. Their use will allow you to quickly and easily clean the section from snow, leaves and dirt.
  • Special rear grader Used to equalize land. With it, even the most hilly area can be done actually perfectly smooth.

It is not necessary to purchase all kinds of such removable equipment at once. To begin with, it is necessary to determine the list of works that will be performed on Mitrax T10 mini tractor, and only then decide on the list of vessels necessary for this type of work.

Features of operation

In order for the new technique to serve it properly for many years and was convenient in operation, The following rules must be followed:

  • Before starting work, to check the level of oil and fuel, the reliability of fastening of all couplings and their connections;
  • At the first signs of troubleshooting, the work performed must stop and inspect the mini-tractor for malfunctions;
  • Before first use, it is necessary to run the mini-tractor “Mitrax T 10” in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer set forth in the instructions.

No less attention must be paid to the storage conditions for the technique itself. The room must be closed, preferably ventilated and dry, without excessive dampness and without rodents. Otherwise, there is a risk that during conservation they will be in disrepair of posting mini tractor.

Before removing the device for wintering, it must be cleaned of extra dirt, remove all attachments and drain fuel from the tank.


The manufacturer itself positions its mini-tractor as the best equipment for private plates and country. But much more visually about its effectiveness and demands of the reviews of the owners of this technique. Almost all owners of such a mini tractor leave only positive reviews about it. The main advantages at the same time they call multifunctionality, light handling, low price and ease of use and maintenance.

With the proper operation and compliance with all the recommendations of the manufacturer of substantial minuses, this technique was found not to be found. As the only drawback, only the insufficient weight of the aggregate itself can be distinguished when performing some works. But such a problem occurs extremely rarely. Mini tractor of the domestic production “Mitrax T 10” is a truly modern and necessary small agricultural machinery, intended for use in private households and in garden sites.

Mitrax T 10 Minitractor Review, see the following video.

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