Features of Lifan Engines for Motoblock

Lifan is the largest and well-known worldwide Chinese manufacturer of high quality and reliable products. Releases Corporation Many different products: from small motorcycles to buses. In addition, Lifan is a major supplier of reliable and durable engines for other firms producing equipment for agriculture.

Today we will get closer with engines for motoblocks from Lifan and find out what their distinctive features are.


Products of Lifan Corporation are known worldwide and insanely popular. This is due to its highest quality. Like the lion’s share of other Chinese manufacturers, this company does not relieve its own development, but is engaged in successful copying of other good samples, in most cases – Japanese.

High-quality engines from this famous Chinese manufacturer have different specifications based on which a certain model of the motoblock is selected. The main feature of this product is that it corresponds to its installation dimensional parameters. It will be just wonderful if it turns out to find the engine that is ideal for the existing fasteners.

The appropriate model is quite possible to choose yourself. Of course, you can contact both the nearest store where the necessary motors are sold and seeking help for consultants.

It should be borne in mind that in case of inconsistency of fixings, they will have to refine their own.

One of the most important characteristics of the Lifan engine for a motoblock is its power level. As a rule, this parameter is measured in horsepower. The most common and frequently encountered are universal type engines, the power of which is 6.5 liters. with. In most situations, this power is enough for modern modes of motoblocks.

Various options for engines are similar in matches of fixation, care and application.

The engines from Lifan should be chosen based on the tasks that will be assigned to it later. If you need to just once a year, it is not a modest country area, then there is no sense to spend large sums – it will be enough to buy a simple and inexpensive model of the budget class.

It is worth noting that most of the engines of this manufacturer are from 9 thousand. All equipment from Lifan is considered to be enough cheap, especially if you compare it with competing brands.

The lineup

Lifan is famous not only for good quality products, but also its widest assortment. The choice of consumers is a variety of reliable and qualitatively collected models of different power. Pick up the perfect option will work for any motoblock with any fasteners.

We will get acquainted with some popular engines using the greatest demand among modern owners of said agricultural machinery.

Lifan 170F D19

This popular and high-quality engine is an improved modification of a 160 motor known to the whole world. The main distinguishing characteristic of this product is a small enlarged power. Built this engine in accordance with the standard scheme. Valve location – top.

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As for the remaining parameters of this model, such values ​​occur here:

  • The volume of the cylinder is 2012 cube. cm;
  • Power reaches 7 l. with;
  • The engine is four-stroke;
  • ignition in it is electronic;
  • Start – manual;
  • decompression system and easy start;
  • Cylinder sleeve of cast iron;
  • Engine type – semi-professional;
  • The knee shaft is located horizontally.

This engine model is very popular. It is chosen by many buyers. This engine is cheap – the average cost is 6800-7000 rubles (depending on the trading point).

Lifan 168F-2

Lifan 168F-2 is another gasoline in demand engine from Lifan. It works both on Russian and foreign motoblocks from different manufacturers. This model has been developed for low household motorcycles.

    Perfect not only for motoblocks, but also for various cultivators.

    This popular model combines the following qualities:

    • long service life;
    • Democratic value;
    • Easy operation and installation.

    Let us dwell on the main technical characteristics of this practical and reliable model:

    • This engine is four-stroke;
    • Its power is 6.5 liters. with;
    • There is a compulsory air type cooling;
    • Run – manual;
    • The fuel tank capacity is 3.6 liters;
    • For fuel, it is recommended to use non-ethyded gasoline (octane number – not lower than 92);
    • There is no transistor ignition;
    • The knee shaft moves counterclockwise;
    • Engine oil volume – 0.6 l.

    These models are distinguished by the fact that the oil level sensors are complemented, as well as a decompressor operating in automatic mode. This engine has several analogues, for example, Honda GX-200 or CHAMPION 200K / G200F.

    Lifan 177F D25

    If you are looking for a larger and most powerful engine from the specified Chinese company, then you should look at the high-quality model Lifan 177F D25. This copy will be highly efficient, even if it comes to professional and productive motorcycles. The Lifan 177F D25 engine adds both in domestic and in industrial environments – in both cases the unit defectively copes with its main functions and objectives.

    The main distinguishing features of the Lifan 177F D25 brand aggregate are:

    • very high productivity and performance of work;
    • long service life;
    • thoughtful to small design with relatively low weight and moderate dimensional parameters;
    • moderate price against high power and performance;
    • trouble-free compatibility with many models of motoblocks (both Chinese and Russian production).

    Now we will understand in the immediate specifications of this kind and powerful motor for modern motoblocks:

    • The power of this model is 9 liters. with;
    • refers to the category of professional equipment;
    • The knee shaft is located horizontally;
    • The volume of the fuel tank is 6.5 liters;
    • There is a manual start;
    • ignition in these models electronic;
    • Lifan 177F D25 engine is four-stroke;
    • There is a system of light launch, as well as a decompression system;
    • valves are on top;
    • The cylinder sleeve is made of cast iron;
    • There is a thoughtful double filter component;
    • The crankshaft is located in a horizontal plane.

    This is a fairly powerful and reliable engine can be used to equip motor-pump, motoblocks, as well as various gasoline generators. It is single-cylinder four-stroke.

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    Consumes this unit fuel AI-92. It starts thanks to a special starting cable, with which even a teenager will easily cope. This technique is coping with substantial loads. The weight of this model is 25 kg.

    It is recommended to operate only if your motor-block has an appropriate weight. This also applies to other equipment that is planned to equip Lifan 177F D25 model from Lifan.


    In the widest assortment of a large and famous Chinese manufacturer, you can simply get lost. If you went for buying a suitable aggregate, You should keep in mind the following important features that will not allow to purchase an incorrect model.

    • The main thing that you will need to pay your attention is the power of the selected engine. As mentioned above, for a small area where you will not use the fiberboard too often, the expensive option to buy pointless. This is quite suitable cheap instance of low power. If we are talking about a large area of ​​processing and sufficiently frequent operation, it is desirable to select more powerful and heavy aggregates – only they can cope with serious loads.
    • Look at the fasteners of the motor. They must be approaching the attachments available from your motoblock. Of course, they can vary and then you will have to “customize” them on our own, what to do is undesirable. If you have any difficulties in this matter, it is better to seek help from the seller-consultant.

    • The engine for its weight and sizes must match the motoblock that is available in your arsenal.
    • This technique must be performed qualitatively. Engine assembly must be perfect. Carefully inspect it before purchasing, pay attention to all the little things.
    • Buy the engine for the motoblock (or other suitable motorcycles) from Lifan in a proven specialized store, where goods like this category are implemented. Do not purchase such aggregates in the markets or in small trading modules. So you risk stumble upon a fake or used low quality goods.

    Installation and running

    In most cases, Chinese engines from Lifan are installed when the “native” motor has failed or has ceased to cope with its main task. Of course, in such a situation, the new unit will be quite by the way.

    After purchase, such a technique will be for a long time to please your owner with easy launch and trouble-free operation. But you need to correctly install the engine so that it works efficiently.

    As mentioned above, this technique must match the size and parameters of the motoblock. It follows that the complexity of the installation of the Lifan unit depends on the frame option to which it is fixed.

    Chinese production engines are quite simple. Even a person who has never been engaged in dealing with this procedure.

    Consider how to correctly fix the engine Lifan with your own hands.

    • First remove the previous apparatus. Do it with the use of special horn keys or heads. It must be removed all, unscrewing the gas cables before this, if they are in the design. Before the immediate removal of the old unit, you will need to throw a belt working with the gearbox (transmitting torque).
    • Now you can install a new engine. This is done using the same fasteners, if any coincide. But if not, they will need to remake them, drill holes or attaching welding auxiliary plates from a metal or putting a transition slab.
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    As for the run-in just a purchased engine – here the opinions of different people are diverged. Some argue that the engine is required immediately, and then – work on half of its declared power. Others advise to allow the engine to work a little at idle to warm up. In reality, the routine of Lifan technology should occur as described in the manual.

    Going beyond the instructions are not recommended, because they make up its people with appropriate qualifications and experience. It is better to follow their recommendations not to spoil a new technique.

    In most cases, running a new engine (internal combustion engine) Lifan requires a lot of time. If you do everything, relying on the instruction, then there will be no shortcomings and problems in the technique. If, with the right actions, some problems with the new engine still appeared (for example, there was a reverse return), then you should not forget that it is sold with a guarantee.

    Faulty techniques must be replaced with a new one or produce quality repairs.

    Tips for use

    Do not forget to change oil in Lifan engines. Pouring recommended high quality and all-season oil from a bona fide manufacturer. First drain the former composition, and then – pour new. Conduct such a procedure on a heated and muted engine.

    In winter, it is advisable to use low-viscosity oil for such Chinese equipment. It is ideal for the cold season. There are alphabetics on such compositions – W.

    You can refer to options with such marking:

    • SAE 0W;
    • 5W;
    • 10w;
    • 15w;
    • 20w;
    • 25w.

    If there are some problems in the work of the engine, you may save the following work:

    • replacement of candles;
    • Change of oil;
    • Check the integrity of all connections.

    After some time, after buying a motor motor, you will need to hold one important procedure – adjust the unit. If you neglect this process, the engine can work with failures or work incorrectly. Problems with similar technique can also occur if the valves incorrectly adjust.

    According to the rules to do it

    • first removes the valve cover;
    • The gap is left from 0.02 to 0.12 mm, therefore it is desirable to take the probe or the adaptation of high-precision exhibition;
    • Then the valves are adjusted using screwdriver and probe measurement (the latter must fit under the valve);
    • unscrew the adjustment screw using screwdriver;
    • Having completed all the work, put the covers in place.

    Act the most accurately and carefully. Do not make sharp movements to not harm important design details.

    In the next video, you will find a review of the engine Lifan LF188F-2R 13 L. with. With gearbox (2 to 1) and centrifugal clutch.

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