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Flowering plants are decorated not only of household plots, but also residential premises. Other hostesses are bred in their apartments or houses both traditional indoor flowers and garden specimens. For example, for many years, one of the main residents of Klumba is considered to be. But this beautiful and fragrant plant can be planted not only in open ground, but also in landing containers.

Before purchasing a landing material in order to decorate the apartment, you should pay attention to special low-grade sorts of peonies, which are specifically derived for growing in flower pots.

Experts recommend simply to abide by all the rules of cultivation and care for these varieties of colors – in this case there will be no problems with their development, flowering and reproduction.


Peonies – Some of the most beautiful colors grown for the garden, flower complex and as potted cultures. For landing in open ground, gardeners choose high and powerful plants whose height can exceed 100 centimeters. Breeders do not recommend landing high varieties in small landing containers. For home cultivation, you should choose low and miniature plants, the maximum height of which will not exceed 45 centimeters. The low-spirited varieties of peonies differ not only by the size of the bush, but also sizes of colors.

Color range of home pions is in the range from white to purple.

Flowers of potted varieties have a rich and resistant fragrance, which is no different from the smell of garden species. And their root system, of course, is of the same small size, feels comfortable even in small landing containers.


When choosing the required variety for home Florists Recommend to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • flowering period;
  • appearance of inflorescence;
  • Color gamma variety;
  • Maximum height of the plant;
  • smell of flowers.

The appearance of flowers, and the surface of their petals plays great importance. Depending on the variety, buds are:

  • ordinary (simple);
  • semi-world;
  • anemovoid;
  • terry;
  • Bamboo.

Breeders recommend to make a choice of the following varieties.

  1. “Roma” – a variety that has pink inflorescences, blooming in the middle of summer.
  2. “Moscow” – Peony, which refers to medium-grained varieties and forms velvet red flowers.
  3. Oslo – Early grade on which raspberry flowers of simple type appear.
  4. London – bright and early grade having burgundy velvety buds.

Rules landing

The most favorable time for planting plants – the beginning of spring. To plant home peonies, you need to choose flower pots, the volume of which is at least 5 liters, and the diameter – from 25 centimeters. The optimal height of the planting container should be 45 centimeters.

You can plant peonies not only in classic floral containers or pots. It is quite suitable for this and wooden boxes, the inner surface of which is closed with a dense nonwoven material.

With independent manufacture of soil mixture, it is necessary to mix river sand, humid, peat and garden ground. To this composition you need to add a small amount of bone flour, ash and superphosphate.

Mandatory condition for landing – the presence of a drainage layer at the bottom of the pot. The main function of the drainage is to prevent the stagnation zone for moisture and reinforce the root system.

For landing it is necessary to choose the processes from the root system of those plants whose age does not exceed 3 years. Lookage landing material only after the first kidneys. Up to this point, the processes must be stored in the refrigerator.

List of key events that will help to put a decorative peony correctly:

  • choice of flower container;
  • the formation of a drainage layer, which may consist of small-phrase pebbles, broken bricks and perlite (layer 3-5 centimeters);
  • Shelter pebbles with a large fraction (but not river!);
  • filling the seating capacity up to the middle of the nutrient soil;
  • Accommodation on the soil of selected roots whose kidneys should be directed up;
  • filling of all empty nutritional mixture;
  • forming a surface peat layer;
  • Abundant soil moisturizing.

The main condition for germination of new processes – the height of the upper layer of the Earth should be no more than 3 centimeters.

This flower negatively refers to frequent transfers. Experts recommend not to use very small landing containers for landing.

Under all the landing rules, the plant will be able to form buds within a few months.


In order for the plant to grow healthy and strong, it is necessary to create for him the most comfortable conditions for growth and development.

Light-loving flower needs a lot of sunlight. Peony must be placed on window sills with southern and eastern side, where it is very light for 12 hours. In places with low light levels it is necessary to install additional sources of artificial light. Fluorescent lamps should be placed above the plant at least 20 centimeters and work around 14 hours a day. Experienced flowers recommend connecting special timers to artificial light sources for automatic light in the morning and turning off the device in the evening.

Peony negatively refers to strong wind streams and located near heating devices. In the summer, experienced gardeners are recommended to carry out floral pots only on glazed sites and balconies.

Plant needs regular and moderate watering. To prevent the roaming of soil, watering must be carried out only after drying the upper soil layer on 2 centimeters depth.

At the beginning of autumn, it is necessary to significantly reduce the amount of irrigation, the level of illumination and reduce the temperature regime for a comfortable adaptation of the flower to the rest period. Peony does not need spraying and high humidity level.

For the formation of bright, large and beautiful colors, peony is needed in large quantities.

  • In the spring period, homemade favorite needs mineral fertilizers that contain a large amount of nitrogen and potassium. These mineral elements will allow the flower to form strong and powerful shoots.
  • During the bookmark of the buds, you need to feed the plant by potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen, and 2 weeks after the start of flowering it is necessary to enter phosphorus and potassium into the ground.

Such a system of feeding pets of pets should be held annually.

Late in the fall should be completely cropped all the above-ground part of the flower and remove the pot into a dark and cool place for the entire winter. Only at the beginning of the spring the landing containers can be reached from the basements, place in the solaries and abundantly moisten the soil

In case of non-compliance with the rules of departure, the plant will have a sluggish and unhealthy form, as a result, will not be able to form fragrant and beautiful flowers.

        The most common problems in the cultivation of home peonies:

        • sluggish sheet plates and lack of buds – low levels of illumination;
        • Slow formation of new shoots – insufficient application of nitrogen fertilizers;
        • Rapid formation of green mass and lack of buds – the implementation of deep planting of the root.

        In case of water, fungal diseases and the appearance of dangerous pests can occur.

        How to put peonies in a pot, look in the video below.

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