Features of growing crocuses in a pot

Who at least once raised crocuses, no longer exchanges him to another option, so they attract their tenderness and unusual appearance. Consider Read more Features of growing crocuses in a pot.

Plant Description

Crocuses refer to the genus Saffron of the Iris family. From the Greek language the name of the plant is translated as a thread, they really have excessively thin leaves, and individual varieties have filamentous stilts from which the famous spice saffron. Crocus flowers are similar to tulips, boxers or ancient cup. They are considered a symbol of youth and love. The shorty perennial grows not more than 20-25 centimeters. It multiplies with small scaly bulbs rounded and slightly flap.

Crocus does not form shoots, but during the flowering period, it can release a bunch of narrow plates.

The flower consists of six petals, which differ in shape depending on the variety: narrow, linear, derived from. Buds can be monophonic or two-color, spotted or with a stroke pattern. Loose flower in diameter has no more than 5 centimeters. There are about 300 crocus varieties of crocuses in the world, some of them are specially grown to obtain confectionery seasoning – saffron.

Suitable homework

Dutch varieties recommend as pot plants. These include the following:

  • Prins Claus makes a pleasant and persistent fragrance; When creating the appropriate conditions, it may bloom in winter;
  • Jeanne d’Arc Reminds snowdrops, only with larger colors, the core of golden color buds;
  • Flower Record with a small stem, but the bulk inflorescences of a saturated-purple color;
  • Blue Pearl Translated means a pearl of blue; variety with azure bootons, yellow at the base.

As a rule, flower products do not stop only in one embodiment, they create whole kaleidoscopes from different crocuses on windowsill. The only condition is not to land unequal varieties together in one container, otherwise you can get sprouts of different sizes and non-modern flowering. The following varieties are suitable as indoor flowers:

  • Cream Beauty (gentle cream shade);
  • GOLDEN YELLOW (hybrid);
  • Remembrance (saturated color);
  • Crocus Oxonian (with dark blue buds and golden orange core).

Separate attention deserves GIPSY GIRL grade with tender-yellow colors and a “tiger” drawing.

Conditions of detention

Before growing crocus, it is necessary to determine the most favorable place to increase the potted flower. Crocuses – Lovers of light, so on the south side of the south side, they will be comfortable. But it is necessary to take into account the temperature regime. The perfect place for breeding these plants can be a balcony. Moderate coolness in this apartment zone in the spring will create favorable conditions for development and flowering. By the time of the appearance of buttes, the temperature will already be within + 18- + 20 degrees.

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Saffron do not belong to whimsical cultures. If you comply with a number of rules, the plant will grow and without much attention. We need to provide only the following conditions:

  • Lighting in due measure;
  • Temperature regime (no higher than +20 degrees);
  • regularly moisturize the soil and make drainage.

Consider these moments Read more.


At different stages of development, crocus needs more or less lighting. For example, just landed bulbs are kept in a dark, cool place. When the sprouts reached the level of 5 centimeters, they gained strength, they need good lighting, so the pots are exhibiting closer to the sunshine. Again rearrange them into the shadow zone during flowering so that the buds remain longer uncovered.

Temperature and humidity

Flowering plant needs coolness, air temperature should not be more than 16 degrees of heat. Higher temperature is already destructive for colors, after a few hours, the petals will begin to fall.

Ideal conditions – basement, because there is fresh, little light, as well as suitable humidity.

Pot and soil

From the size of the pot will depend on the number of bulbs lined with it. Since each head has up to 3 cm in diameter, 5-10 bulbs are placed in the container. It is important that they develop freely, without interfering with each other, without touching the inside of the vessel. For this pot must be low and wide. The outlets contains the choice of special containers for bulbous.

Soil should be light (loose). You can use the finished floral substrate, but the desired composition can be easily done independently: stirred in equal proportions of the turf and leafy mixes together with sand, preferably large. It is necessary to fall asleep the bottom of the thick layer of sand, and from above add soil. This option is suitable if then crocus must be multiplied. When creating a drainage layer, brick, tile, gravel.

Under the pot necessarily put the dishes for the collection of extra liquid after watering.

Material for landing

The planting material depends on how the plant will receive as a result. If you choose it correctly, then there is a guarantee that crocus is growing gorgeous. For growing crocuses in pots at home you will need special Dutch varieties for closed rooms. They have large inflorescences that look spectacularly in pots, which cannot be said about natural crocuses, minor and fine-flowering. Hybrids are also not suitable for potted breeding, since such varieties require special care, without which there is a high probability that they will not bloom, their buds simply disappear, and without breaking.

Important! The size of the bulbs affects the quality of the flower. In the perfect version it should be no more than 5 centimeters.

Correct care

At each stage of development, crocus care is carried out in different ways. So that he blooms, you need to pick up the bulbs, save them and put it right, and then strictly observe the agrotechnical activities in the field of care for these species.

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Saffron is not a lover of moisture, so it is watered no more than 1-2 times a week, as the dry crust is formed on top. In rare cases, watering let’s say in 2 days. The pallet is freely released from excess water, which glass after moisturizing the soil in the pot

During vegetation and flowering, watering technology changes: water is poured on top, and below in the pallet, which is under the pot. For half an hour of plants, the plenty of “drinks”, and after the residue of the liquid also remove. Frequent and abundant irrigation can lead to the rotting of bulbs.

If you moisturized the soil before boarding, this will be enough, it’s not worth the bulbs more. In the future, irrigation should be carried out in small portions of water and try not to touch the petals during the procedure.

Crocus watered more intensively during the appearance of sprouts and before the decay of flowers, then this event is less likely.


.Immediately after entering the ground, the saffron does not require feeding, and later for fertilizer use phosphates and potash composition. Such feeders contribute to strong growth, create the basis for the harmonious formation of buds. They are brought consistently in the following cases:

  • How the first sprouts appeared (potassium and phosphorus in proportion 2: 1);
  • at the time of the formation of buds (ratio of potassium and phosphorus 1: 1);
  • After filing colors (the same type 1: 1).

The crocus feeder is useful only when the plant is in the active phase of its development. During this period, it is necessary to finish plants with minerals three times. It is worth noting that phosphorus increases the time of flowering, and Potassium “fit” the bulbs, which helps them to fall.

Important! Calculation of plants from faded flowers and leaves. But it is not recommended to do this ahead of time, since such actions will weaken the root basis – a bulk. For “hibernation” crocus are fought darkened corner with low air temperature.

Throwing subtlety

Crocus blossoms easy to plan if to stimulate this process. To roighten the saffron, they give “to sit down” in a cool environment of 3 months, so it is possible to obtain fresh buds by simple calculations, for example, to New Year’s Day. In this case, it is necessary to engage on the bulbs since the end of the summer or from the beginning of autumn. To have live flowers in spring, respectively, they are kept longer. The surveillance will be able to follow the following rules:

  • Only one variety is planted in one pot, otherwise the plants will differ in height, and the period of distillation from everyone;
  • It is necessary to plant the same bulbs, since large blooms earlier;
  • To preserve bloom, for overnight Crocus is rearranged into a cool place where the air temperature is no more than 3 degrees of heat.

When performing these requirements, it will be possible to admire the crocus to 20-25 days. This period is easy to extend another half months by compliance with the temperature regime. During the launch of the bud, the air indoors should not warm up above +16 degrees.

Possible difficulties

Consider in more detail the following possible difficulties in the cultivation of crocuses in the pot:

  • A common error of flowerflowers during crocus is growing – incorrectly selected variety; It is necessary to know that preferably to take the spring varieties to take, work with them begin in the first month of autumn;
  • If the plant is overly water, the leaves will start yellowing, the bulbs may become infected with the rot.
  • Buying planting material (bulbs), you need to find out the period of their flowering; Spring types of saffron are planted in September, and autumn – in summer;
  • If you do not provide crocuses for proper care and protection against adverse factors, they will begin the yellowing of the leaves, which can lead to a chlorosis disease.

Important! High-quality seed material, good drainage and timely feeding to get rid of flowerflowers from problems in the cultivation of this beautiful flower.

        Often the question arises how to protect crocus so that it is not freezing on the balcony. Consider options with an open and closed balcony.

        • In open unprotected conditions, the pots with crocuses create a special shelter. To do this, use boxes or boxes, in which containers with plants are placed, pre-shopping the bottom of the cooked container with foam or powder. Free space inside fill with sawdust, paper or other dry filler. For this business is well suited. On such a shelter from above stretch the burlap or bubble film, you can take any non-woven material.
        • If the plants are in a glazed room, you need to watch the land in the pots did not save. Flowers need regular watering. In this case, they will not need such a specific defense, as in the first version, but the crocuses will not prevent. In winter, the pots are not left on the floor, they put them on special benches or stands, you can wind up with their old knitted things, burlap or other technicians.
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        About how to plant crocuses, look next.

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