Features of disk occupants for the motoblock and the subtleties of their creation

Disk occupier for the motoblock is characterized by individual features. Design is simple for self-making. Gardeners show interest in homemade, as they are able to simplify heavy agricultural labor associated with the treatment of some cultures.


Today, small mechanization funds were widespread. For agricultural work, a disk occupier for a motoblock is used more often. Externally, it looks like a frame on two wheels with discs fixed on it. The device allows you to cultivate the soil both before sowing and after harvesting.

During the growth period, seedlings with this device are treated with plants. Disc occupants are suitable for garden equipment with two front transmissions. The unit is compiled both with a motoblock and with a cultivator. There are still manual options for this garden inventory.

The complexity with the disk occupier lies in the need to install the gap of the desired size. Between the lower base of the discs, it is equal to the width of the rod. In this case, the width of the track of the wheels of motorcycles must correspond to the same distance. To create furrows, discs are installed with a slope in relation to the vertical. Disk ruffle copble with:

  • elimination of weed vegetation;
  • The arrangement of the ridge from the Earth, which protects the tubers from sunlight (it is known that due to the close location of the vegetable to the surface its development is slowed);
  • Improving soil air exchange, which excludes moisture evaporation.


The main components of the device are:

  • T-shaped axis;
  • Screw connections adjusting the angle of inclination of the discs;
  • racks in the number of two pieces;
  • disks in the number of two pieces.

Paired discs should be in the ground at a given depth of virtually no resistance. In the ground they are spinning, excluding the effort from man. Thanks to the adjusted corner of the tilt and the corner of the runway, the part creates a comb. Disks are customized by the value corresponding to the width of the rod. Course discs must be the same diameter and mass. Only so you can achieve flatness of the ridge and smoothness of the device. The necessary profile is equalized by the control system of the corners.

Hinged occupier is not included in the standard package with motoblocks and cultivators. Products are sold separately or manufactured independently. To independently making people pushing the high cost of the ranks. When buying it is worth paying attention to the correspondence of the occupier with the capacity of the main unit. The cost of the occupier is associated with the type of materials used in its manufacture.

Runner can be installed on a motoblock with a two-speed engine with a reverse and mandatory presence of a selective power shaft. It is understood that the two speeds of the gearbox adjust the movement forward. Asking sellers of their presence, be sure to consider this factor.


On the market you can meet two types of disk occupiers. Products with a variable width bandwidth. The device is convenient not only for treating potatoes, but also other crops, such as strawberries or beans. Thanks to the sliding design, the distance between the disks changes under the required width of the furrow. Such equipment is often used in a hitch with heavy motoblocks.

Simple aggregates are distinguished by a constant width of the grip, which is standardly equal to 20-30 cm. The ruble device consists of fasteners with discs located on them. Thanks to the simplification, the design is cheaper at cost. They are more easier, and therefore they can be hung on light motoblocks and cultivators.

The device can be improved to process several rows at the same time. A set of equipment will be called multi-row and is hardly suitable for small areas. Devices are successful in gilders having planted fields in hectares and more.

In addition to mounted devices, there are manual disk rugs. They are also effective in work, but at the cost of inexpensive. Hand tools is distinguished by strength and reliability, compact size, ease of management. The tool can be used both on small gardens and in the fields. If a device and steering wheel are provided on the device, the control will be available to one operator. Standard manual design involves servicing two people, one of which pushes an instrument of labor, and the other pulls.

How to make it yourself?

Any equipment is easier to make, if there is an appropriate drawing with specified sizes. The instrument manufacturing algorithm is required at first:

  • draw drawings on paper;
  • Make a template in full, according to which steel parts will be cut down;
  • to bring off the discs in the level until parallel radius lines are reached;
  • organize welding, apparatus with appropriate power for metal used;
  • Welding edges Clearing essay;
  • racks and tally whale bolts;
  • Design elements cook;
  • The location of the discs adjust.

Required steel thickness for disks – 2-3 mm. The distance between the elements may vary from 35 to 70 cm. Racks and brackets are performed from conventional water pipes with a diameter of up to 20 mm, the thickness of steel is about 2 mm.

Necessary materials and tools

It is allowed to use conventional covers from the kitchen dishes with a diameter of 40 to 60 cm. These parameters are selected experimentally and are associated with the power traction of the motoblock. Too heavy device unit may just not pull. Connectors elements will replace the hollow pipe with a diameter of at least inches, with a meter value.

The purpose of the traction force will perform a hollow tube with a 3/4-inch cross section. For a leash you need to choose steel products T-shaped. Adjustable adapters will be used for the clutch of disk elements. The role of fasteners will play bolts. Elements are fastened with welds, turbogib bodies or gas lamp. If the design is manufactured for a motoblock, a bracket should be provided. Manual tool need comfortable handles.


Make a skipper for popular Motoblocks “Ugra”, “Belarus 09H-02”, “Motor Sich” can be on the same principle. The main axes on which the discs are hung are seen under the parameters of the motoblock. Details are connected by welding. The main condition for disks is a symmetric location. Both elements are mounted at an angle, and the best connection option will be adjustable with an adapter. The elements of the holders are bended with the help of turbochab, and then join the axis welding. Reliability of fasteners need to be checked, and the edges of welding cleaned.

Elements join the axis of the letter t. The assembled design is installed to the motoblock using the bracket. The stopper can be inserted inside the profile pipe and grind tight. The refinement is made before planting potatoes. This is allowed to allow the shortcomings in a timely manner and do not spoil the harvest.

Trial works are desirable to spend on an empty plot. So more convenient to check the profile of the received ridges, evaluate the width of the capture, the blocking parameters of the mechanisms.

During the work, you can set the optimal speed that will correspond to the power of your motoblock. The mechanisms made by their own hands allow not only to save on the hinged equipment for the motoblock, but also relieve manual work. Even if the unit with a power device is not in the farm. The homemade hand-made disk occupier will be a good assistant, besides will save funds to buy equipment.


The main elements of the hand disk occupier remain the same. The assembly of the product is simpler, as the two disks of the gods are connected to a conventional sleeve or welding through a pipe that will play the role of jumper. Manual models do not assume control of the corner of the connection, so work with them is possible on beaters with a standard distance. The hubs will contribute to the free rotation of the disks around the axis. Due to the rotation, the tool will easily enter even in heavy tight soil.

Elements with discs are connected to the beam, to connect which the welding machine is useful. You can select anchor bolts as connectors. Such fasteners make it easy to disassemble the garden tool.

Handle comes with the device. Which one can choose a steering wheel from an old bike or other similar inventory. It is fixed on the beam and leveled for the growth of the person who will control the rank.

By the way, you can adjust the wheels from the old bike. If they attach them to the frame ahead, it will significantly reduce the load on the operator. Some craftsmen are used in the assembly and cycling frame, installing the disks of the occupier instead of pedals. The design remains the steering wheel and one wheel.

Operating recommendations

The order of work, enshrined in the technical passport of the factory device, implies a mandatory check of the compounds of spinning elements and fixing the axes. There should be no foreign objects on the territory. When maneuvering with an aggregate, it is important to be careful. To avoid injuries that you can get about sharp corners, it is important to keep safe distance. Special gloves will help to protect hands from random cuts.

The occupus setting is made depending on the properties of the soil. If it is dry, the amount between the disks is recommended to zoom. If the soil is moistened, the distance decreases. With incorrectly set parameters, there is a risk of damage to the tops and tubers.

Gipping it is recommended to carry out in the morning or evening. Wearing grass that disks cut off, as a rule, leave in the aisle. It will protect the soil from drying in the heat, will retain the optimal microclimate.

To use attachments in combination with a motoblock too, some skills will also need. For example, to install a homemade rug, to the device you need to use a clip bracket, but without a commission. Hand-made homemade device can be too heavy for the motoblock, so the wheels in the process of enhancement must be spilled, otherwise the unit will be stopped. For better efficiency tool, a potato landing is needed by correct rows, with equal distances.

About how to make a disk groove for a motor-block with your own hands, see the following video.

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