Features of Cultivators Champion

Equipment of the American company Champion occupies one of the leading positions in the garden of gardening and garden equipment. Special popularity among farmers use motor-cultivators that help efficiently handle land plots, saving strength and time.


A recognized brand produces affordable agricultural equipment for both amateur gardeners and professional farmers. In order to reduce the cost of production, the developer resorts to the following actions:

  • applies the latest composite materials, recent developments in science and technology;
  • Installs engineer engines;
  • uses an efficient transmission in the design;
  • The production site of the company is located in China, which causes cheap labor.

The range of the company is quite wide: from the simplest apparatus with a two-stroke engine suitable for handling small areas, to a large professional cultivator. Motorized equipment has simple control, so no additional training is required. The configuration of the new device always includes detailed instructions.

Brand Champion produces low-cost motor-cultivators working on gasoline. On motorized technique Install the champion engines or Honda. The average power of such power units varies from 1.7 to 6.5 horsepower. The developer produces motor-cultivators with two types of clutch: using a belt or coupling. Depending on this, the design includes a worm or chain reducer.

The choice is carried out depending on the functional load of a particular model. Powerful devices are equipped with a chain. With their help, you can cultivate the ground to a depth of up to 30 cm. Belt transmission inherent in worm gearboxes, such devices are carried up to 22 cm. Simple light motoblocks have no reverse, while heavy cars are equipped with them. A pleasant bonus is that manufacturers have provided removable handles that simplify the transportation and storage of the apparatus. The company has an extensive dealer network in Russia, which makes it possible to quickly get advice, repair or make maintenance.

In general, CHAMPion cultivators are quite reliable, relatively inexpensive, functional, unpretentious to use and can be repaired. Users sometimes note some disadvantages, explained by the quality of assembly. Therefore, when selecting all the assemblies of the unit should be carefully checked.


CHAMPION Motor Cultivators Device. All devices have a classic design. Consider the main elements.

  • The housing or carrier frame on which all technological nodes are recorded.
  • Transmission that includes a belt or chain reducer and clutch system. Oil pressure reducer, requires regular maintenance in the form of fluid replacement. Users noted that stretch tension rollers, the drive gear and pulley are made of composite material similar to plastics.
  • Heavy models are equipped with a reversing system. In this case, the reverse handle is provided.
  • Engine on some models additionally equip the air cooling system.
  • Steering handles. They can be removed if necessary.
  • Control unit involving revolve control and ignition switch.

  • Benzobac.
  • Wings that protect the owner from flying from under the cultivator.
  • Side Protection in the form of special plates preventing damage to plants. Actually when dippeding.
  • Cutters. Them can be from 4 to 6. Cutters and spare parts for them are made of high quality steel.
  • Support wheel. It simplifies the movement of equipment on the site.
  • Adapter for canopy.
  • Additional attachments. For example, they include harrow, plow, soils, mower, ridiculous or fixture for planting potatoes.

Characteristics of models

Given the reviews of the owners, you can makeA certain rating of American brand cultivators with a description of some popular models.

  • The manufacturer produces only one cultivator having a two-stroke gasoline engine with one cylinder – Champion GC243. He is the most compact and maneuverable among all those who have come down from the conveyor, cars. MotorPararat has only one speed and works on a mixture of gasoline 92 brands and special oil.

Also, the power unit has the following technical characteristics:

  1. Power 1.7 L. with;
  2. Pahotote depth of about 22 cm;
  3. The width of the plowed band is about 24 cm;
  4. Weigh the device 18.2 kilograms, which suggests its manual transportation.

With the help of a motor-cultivator of a similar model, you can harrow, dip and loose small land plots. It is easy to maintain, easily repaired.

  • Another representative from the series of light cultivators – Model Champion GC252. Unlike its fellow described above, it is easier (15.85 kg), more powerful (1.9 liters. with.), deeper digging (up to 300 mm). Therefore, it is with the same advantages as at the first, you can use on more dense soils.

Among the modifications that differ in compactness and low weight, the cultivators of the EU series should be highlighted. The letter “E” in the abbreviation indicates “electric”. The models are equipped with an electric motor, due to which harmful gasoline pairs do not distinguish, are small and easy to maintain. The lack of them is one – dependence on the presence of a power grid. The electric line is represented by two modifications.

  • Champion EC750. Motor cultivator is considered manual because it has a weight of 7 kg. Power – 750 W. With it, it is easily processed by the soil inside the greenhouse or on the flower bed. Transmission is based on worm gear. The drive lever for cutters is conveniently located on the steering handle.

  • Champion EC1400. Despite its small dimensions (the mass of only 11 kg), the device is able to plow any kind of soils, except for virgin. They can handle areas up to 10 acres, while the mini-space is also subject to him, for example, small beds or flower beds. The depth of plowing can reach 40 cm. Unlike the first modification, the model is equipped with a folding steering handle, which simplifies its transportation and storage.

All other models have four-stroke engines equipped with air cooling system.

  • CHAMPION BC4311 and CHAMPION BC4401 – The most low-power in the line. Their power – 3.5 and 4 l. with. respectively. Motor company HONDA is calculated on 1 speed. The depth of the arable layer is about 43 centimeters. The mass of these modifications is not yet critical, but is already quite significant – from 30 to 31.5 kg, so an additional reference wheel is attached to them. Chain Transmission Transmission. The collapsible body allows you to get to the mechanism, which facilitates repair and maintenance of the cultivator. Unfortunately, the models are not provided for heavy soils – it does not withstand the gearbox. As a rule, suitable for the removal of weeds and loosening. This disadvantage is compensated by a rich configuration. Since there is no reverse gear, then when dried, the device is revealed manually.

  • Champion BC5512 – Domestic motorcultivator with a capacity of 5.5 liters. with. Starting with this modification, the models are already equipped with a reversing mechanism, which improves their maneuverability. Starting the engine is performed manually by starter. Manufacturers have provided an additional resource in the form of re-equipment of the manual starting mechanism on the start-up electrical. Improved transmission with a chain transmission makes it possible not only to work in hard-to-reach places, but also use various attachments, such as a single-door plow or seeder. Steering handles are adjustable in height or removed if necessary. Anticorrosion coating of the main parts allows the use of a motor-cultivator in any climate, even very wet. The device is economical in terms of service and repair, as well as fuel consumption, because it requires its relatively little.

  • CHAMPION BC5602BS. The model is equipped with a BRIGGS & Stratton American Brand Engine with an improved cooling system. Motor based on chain transmission, clutch – belt. Unlike previous modifications, the gearbox fully consists of metal parts, excluding composite materials. DVS starts using the built-in electric starter. Unlike manual option, it runs more smasher and softer, without wear items. The cultivator is characterized by a balanced design, which causes good stability when moved over rough terrain. Assembly quality and high anti-corrosion stability determine the high operational period and increase the working resource. The developer recommends using the specified model in areas of small and medium square. Among the modifications improvements, protective wings should be allocated, which prevent the risk of coming the earth, flying from under the cultivator, on the operator. Also, the model is equipped with removable handles, supporting wheels, weight – 44 kg. Pahothe depth – up to 55 cm. Possible work on heavy soils. Plow, harrow, potatoes and other canopies are recommended as an additional configuration.

  • Champion Sun5712. Against the background of the models described earlier, this modification is highlighted in high speed and adaptability to any climate. It is characterized by economical consumption of fuel at high loads. The motor is equipped with an electric launch, resistant to low temperatures and has a significant margin of torque. In addition to protective wings, the manufacturer added side plates that do not allow mills to damage plants when extracting or weeding. As a pleasant bonus, you can note the possibility of using any available, mounted mechanisms. The functionality of the unit allows it to be used to prepare the soil to sow, since it is able to simultaneously plow and mix the earth with fertilizers, as well as for harvesting.

  • Champion Sun6712. The model is endowed with universal capabilities, since it is used not only on agricultural sites, but also in utilities. The technique is characterized by a large number of options that easily coped with the tasks. Motor-cultivator copes perfectly with arable laundry, aback, dip and even cleaning snow. At the same time, it is also easy to maintain and maintain. Users mark the frequent replacement of air filters (approximately every 2 months). Especially relevant remark when processing dry land. Standard equipment modest, includes only cultivator and cutters. Buying additional attachments is welcome.

  • Champion BC7712. The latest version of the CHAMPION Motor Cultivator deserves a separate conversation. Its confidence can be attributed to the category of professional small agricultural equipment. It is subject to plowing and harrowing, landing and coppe on the squares of up to 10 acres on the soils of any severity, including – virgin. Owners celebrate high wear resistance of the main work units. Excellent controllability is due to the presence of different adjustments, setting any mechanism occurs quickly and accurately, which affects the efficiency of work. The transmission has a chain gearbox and reversible, allowing the motor-cultivator to move forward using two speeds and back – with one. The presence of such a clutch system helps to work in any operating conditions. The steering handle can be adjusted in two planes, which also increases the efficiency of the cultivator.

Hinged equipment

Motorized technology functionality can be increased by using attachments. The manufacturer offers a large assortment range of similar canopies. They greatly facilitate work in the subsidiary farm.

  • Plow. Equipment is designed for plowing. As a rule, it is used when cutters do not cope: in the presence of severe clay, dense or wet soil, as well as virgin land. Plow copes with soil, fully captured by the root system of plants. Compared to the cutters, it is deeper in the ground and when it turns the reservoir roots to the top. If the plowing plow is carried out in the fall, then for the winter, the stretched grass will freeze, which will make it easier for the spring plow.

  • Cutter. This canopy is included in the complexation of a cultivator in an amount of from 4 to 6 pieces depending on the model. When rotating cuts, the device itself moves. The depth of plowing is less than that of the plow, due to which the fruitable layer is not damaged: the earth is whipped, saturated with oxygen. For the manufacture, the developer uses high-quality steel.

  • Groundoshachentes. Professionals use this type of mounted equipment in a pair with other canopies, for example, a rank or plow. Their main task is the looping of the Earth, so the primer is used for weeding or dipping.

  • Hiller. Performs functions similar to the primer. However, additionally, it is possible to cut a one-piece section into separate beds.
  • Trailer trolley. Large heavy models of motor-cultivators are often equipped with a trailer, converting the technique in the semblance of a mini tractor. The trolley does not have a large loading capacity, but very convenient for the transport of fine loads, tools, fertilizers.

User manual

In order to work properly with the CHAMPION Motor Cultivator, you should first get acquainted with the instructions. It is always invested when equipped.

This document contains the following sections:

  • technical characteristics of the purchased model;
  • device with the designation of each element or node, description of the principle of operation;
  • recommendations on the run of technology after purchase;
  • Tips on how to start a cultivator for the first time;
  • Maintenance of the unit – section contains information on how to replace the oil, how to remove the gearbox, how to change the belt or chain, how often it is necessary to inspect the work parts and T. d;
  • a list of possible breakdowns, causes of the occurrence and methods of their elimination;
  • Safety technique when working with a motor-cultivator;
  • Contacts of service centers (both local and central office).

How to choose the best Cultivator Champion, look in the following video.

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