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Experienced gardeners know that in order to obtain a higher yield, it is impossible to be limited only by watering and warm. In stock, each of them always has several tricks, allowing to improve the quality and amount of crop. These techniques include the setting on the garden beds – Supporting culture of structures that do not allow shoots of badly born plants (blackberry, cucumbers, tomatoes) lie on Earth.

What is it and for what you need?

If vegetables with durable peel can do without choplaresses, then blackberry, as well as some other berries that are curly plants, support is more than necessary. The fact is that the gentle skin of the berry, in contact with the ground, quickly begins to rot. They are the cause of the accumulation of insects living in the ground, which quickly switch to other fruits.

In addition, branches resembling lianas are tightly cling to each other, create a pretty durable bundle that does not transmit light to the fruits. It slows down the process of maturation.

The following advantages of using trellis in the country were identified by gardeners:

  • Simplifies the care and harvest, water during watering gets directly to the root, weeds are clearly visible and dry branches, it is easier to cut a bush;
  • Allows you to prevent the root system and fruits;
  • If there is a need for feeding or soil processing, the fertilizer falls on its intended purpose, the raised branches make it easier to perform a dip;
  • The presence of a choler on the beds with blackberry allows culture to grow not chaotic, but strictly rows;
  • The beds with adjacent bushes always look aesthetically.

Review of species

It should be noted that Trelliers can be factory, and you can make them and do it yourself. But, choosing a device, experienced gardeners are recommended to be guided by this, but to repel from the size of the berry plantation. In small areas, it is recommended to use single-band choplars, and two-band structures of the sleeper will be appropriate on large farms.

And only in the northern regions it requires the installation of a turning model, which is due to climatic conditions.


Species of single-band chopler many: fan-shaped, straight horizontal or inclined, arcuate and many others. The peculiarity of each presented variety is not so much in the practical sense, so much in aesthetic function (they are predominantly erected for a beautiful design of the garden plot).

Design is simple, so If necessary, you can easily make a sleeper with your own hands. It is a multi-row wire stretched between columns in 1 plane.


Two-band sleepers, unlike single-band, there are 2 parallel planes with a multi-row wire shown. This model allows not only to support hanging branches, but also improve the formation of a bush. The first rope range (wire) is stretched at a distance from the ground, equal to 50 cm, and the last – on a 2-meters altitude from the ground.

This type of choler also has several creation options. Only it is predominantly not a decorative design of the garden, but a variety that can keep the strong branches of bushes, directing them to simplify the harvest of the right and left.

For this reason, two-band trellis can be T -, V-, Y-shaped, which differ not only to the complexity of manufacture, but also the quality of supporting function.

It is easiest to make a T-shaped version that represent a pillar, the crossbar is proper to it so that the whole design is like the letter “T”. If desired, such crossbars can be placed up to 3 pieces. The length of each top will be greater than the previous half meter (the length of the shortest lower crossbar is 0.5 m). This will allow, without changing the design, tapping a bush at different stages: the bottoms are designed for rigorous bustards, medium for slightly bored, and to the uppermost fastening side.

The V-shaped model makes harder than the T-shaped, as the effort will be required to rush at a certain angle 2-meter beams for connecting.

But thanks to such models, the harvest will be higher, as the bush evenly lies to the right and left. Due to this, its central part receives a uniform amount of light and heat.

The most complex in the manufacture Y-shaped model can be mobile and fixed. Production of a rolling version is due to the use in the northern regions of the country, where the culture for the winter needs to be well covered.

The model is the main pillar to which 1 m from the ground is fixed in different directions side crossbars. If we are talking about moving construction, then thanks to the hinge fastening these crossbars move. Mobile mechanism allows you to get closer to the winter to lower the necessary crossbar with a bush suspended to it. On Earth, culture is covered with a rag, and in this position meets the winter.


Homemade and factory choppers for blackberries have almost the same dimensions that are determined by the average indicator of the allowable length and width of the bush.

In addition, the height of the structure is due to the ease of harvest. It is desirable that it does not exceed 2 meters. Amateur gardeners recommend orienting height on human growth, which will allow you to quickly and conveniently collect a harvest.

If the tweer is too low, then most of the bush will hang out, creating a shadow. If you do too high, it will create inconvenience when disrupting berries.

As for the length of the crossbar of T-shaped models, as already noted above, the indicator can be equal to 0.5, 1, 1.5 m. The length of the bar of V-shaped and Y-shaped models is equal to 2 m, and the distance between them is 90 cm.

These are the indicators that are defined with the time by experts. Thanks to the numbers presented, the blackberry bushes can be properly fixed from all sides.


Factory choplars are often made of polymeric materials, which makes them not exposed to moisture, sun and sharp temperature drops. To make a self-made device to be as invulnerable, it is possible for the manufacture of plastic pipes, PVC panels segments and other polypropylene sweater.

Metal models need fittings, saw for metal and in some cases the welding machine.

Wooden trellis make the easiest way. In addition, the method is considered less costly, since several unnecessary bars and rails, as well as nails with a hammer in the country there are always.

Wire or rope is used as fixtures. But in the wooden models it can be replaced by crossbars from thin rails.

Getting started to choose a material, it should be borne in mind that rust will appear on metal products, and devices from the tree due to weather conditions are subject to rotting.

Plastic is the most resistant to the exposure to the external environment, which is not subject to negative exposure from the outside (except that the drawing on it can burn on it). But working with plastic is not easy because it quickly splits into parts. Especially if large nails use to connect. If there are no small nails, or as plastic material used in use of the part, it is better not to risk, but for the connection to use glue, intended for street work.

The choice of material is of a secondary value that does not affect the functionality, but to the appearance of the device.

How to make it yourself?

It has already been noted that it is easiest to make a one-band charm for blackberry. Deciding with the model and planning a properly design scheme, you can proceed to the preparation of simple drawings to count the required amount of material. For the manufacture, there will be pillars with a height of no less than 3 m (they can be wooden or metal) and wire thick from 4 to 6 mm.

To install the poles dig up at the edges of the beds of the pits of a depth of about one meter (if the ground is not clay, then the depth of half a meter is allowed). If the garden is too long, we divide it on the equivalent segments. It is important that the distance between the columns ranges from 5 to 6 m, but not more, otherwise the wire will be saved.

For better stability, the poles are put in the center of the pit and fall asleep with rubble or gravel with the ground, after which everything is needed. If the earth with an excess of sand, which makes it loose, it is recommended to pour poles with cement mortar.

Recently, the popularity of single-band sleeper, made of plastic pipes used during heating in the apartment. If you purchase the required amount of pipes and the angular compounds sold with them, then it is possible to build a single-rowoler with a hammer with nails and glue.

The only minus of such a construction is at a high price.

Whitage of blackberry

Since the garter affects the formation of the bush and to care for it, then it is necessary to tie up to simplify the cultivation and get a higher harvest. To form landed bushes is recommended on a fan-shaped sleeper by landing them at a distance of 2 m from each other.

With further culture care follows remember that it is distinguished by 3 cracking methods.

  • Weave. With such a garter shoots, binding, laid on 3 tiers. After that, move the piglets and put on 4 tiers.
  • Fan garter (applicable in cultures whose age is from year to year). Its essence is that last year’s shoots, putting in the form of a fan, attach to the first 3rd lines, and 4 line is assigned to new shoots.
  • One-sided slope. Last year shoots just as in the case of a fan garter, are attached to the first 3 tiers, and the young piglets are sent to the other side.

      If necessary, to bind, not binding, it is not recommended to use hard or too thin threads (fishing line or kapron), as they can cause cuts.

      Tips for making cholerars for blackberries See below.

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