Excavator installations on the mini tractor: the subtleties of choice and operation

Mini tractors are distinguished by rather wide functionality. But these devices can only implement it when adding various auxiliary accessories. Excavator installation for mini tractor plays an important role.


Wheel tractors – excavators produced a few more decades ago. Of course, more modern and adequate versions have long come to replace those cars. However, they all cost quite expensive. Moreover, the rigidly fixed nozzle of the excavator type is not always needed. Sometimes it interferes with the alteration of the device for other use.

Hinged excavator aggregate allows you to:

  • dug a pit;
  • prepare a trench;
  • plan territory and change its relief;
  • dig pens for pillars, plant landing;
  • form mound;
  • prepare dams;
  • destroy buildings from bricks, reinforced concrete and other durable materials.

    When digging, the extracted soil can be reset to the dump or loaded into the body of the dump truck. As for the trench laying, the smallest width is 30 cm. Smaller trenches are recommended to do manually. Excavators for mini-tractors produced now can be complemented by buckets of various geometry. Their volume varies greatly.

    This technique will make it possible to prepare hundreds of neat holes for landing of trees without any special difficulties. The bucket attached to the loader can effectively show itself during the backfill of the depression and the ditch. He also disrupts the soil from the hills. Moreover, high-quality loaders are able to help with the construction of roads experiencing high loads.

    To break strong building materials, arrows are complemented by hydraulic hammers.


    Excavator type mounted installations may have such parameters:

    • Engine power – from 23 to 50 liters. with.;
    • Dry mass – from 400 to 500 kg;
    • Rotate the mechanism – from 160 to 180 degrees;
    • Radius of digging earth – from 2.8 to 3.2 m;
    • Bucket raising height – up to 1.85 m;
    • Load capacity bucket – up to 200-250 kg.

    Thanks to the separated supports of trailed devices, excellent stability of the machine on all types of soil is guaranteed. Separate versions can be performed with a shift axis. They are distinguished by increased radius of arrows maneuver.

    Excavator bucket (in some cases, called “kun”) can be made and do it yourself. However, and then you should focus on the same parameters that factory equipment has.


    High-quality loader excavators:

    • differ in high performance;
    • more compact than combined aggregates, but have the same power;
    • relatively light (no more than 450 kg);
    • easy to manage;
    • quickly translated into the transport position and back;
    • allow you to save money, giving the opportunity to give up the purchase of several mechanisms at once.

    Hinged equipment manufactured by leading manufacturers has an increased margin of safety. The operating time is at least 5 years. Such mechanisms can be installed on all mini-tractors. They are also compatible with full-fledged MTZ brand tractors, Zubr, Belarus.

    Special excavation canopies can be used when working even close to capital walls.

    How to choose?

    The Bel-21 and TTD-036 model draws attention from Belarusian units. They are released, respectively, the company “Bluming” and “TehnotransDal”. Both versions are designed to install on the rear hinge of tractors.

    • TTD-036 model Recommended for interaction with “Belarus 320”. Bucket capacity is 0.36 m3, and its width – 30 cm. As the manufacturer declares, such a mounted excavator can lift the ground from the depth to 1.8 M.

    • Characteristics of bl-21 It turns out noticeably modest. His bucket swalls no more than 0.1 cubic. m soil, but the depth is increased to 2.2 M. In this case, the treatment radius is approximately 3 m.

    The attention of consumers deserve 4 varieties of miniature trailed excavators of the AVANT brand. In addition to typical bucket, the basic version of the delivery contains supporting dumps. Each model is equipped with rear support racks. Management is carried out by means of levers and buttons available from the driver’s seat, the remote option is provided.

    The maximum accuracy of the work of work is provided at the expense of a full-turn handle. Excavators supplied by AVANT have a lot of no higher than 370 kg. At the same time, the production of soil can be carried out from the depth to 2.5 M.

    A good reputation and installations from the Landformer concern. They are done in Germany, however, the Chinese or Japanese engagement motors are established. The default hydraulic supports and buckets of 3 species.

    LandFormer installation power reaches 9 l. with. Devices of this brand raise the soil from depth 2.2 M. They can ship it into the bodies of cars and dumps up to 2 height.4 M. The effort attached to the working body reaches 800 kg.

    As you can see, choose the appropriate option will not be difficult. The main factors when choosing a specific version are:

    • clarity of the positioning of the bucket;
    • stability of the mini-excavator itself;
    • the magnitude of the cylinders;
    • Strength and mechanical stability of the bucket installed.

    In the next video, you can estimate the operation of the excavator installation of BL-21.

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