English roses: varieties, tips on choosing and care

English roses are also called David Austin roses, because thanks to this breeder, this plant variety appeared in the late XX century. David Austin brought a new grade, crossed early existing French, Damasky, Bourbon, tea-hybrid, as well as Floribunds.


There is a huge number of varieties of English garden roses, and most of them refers to the skar class. The main distinguishing feature of this class is the use of plants related to it not only for vertical or not only for horizontal landscaping, but also for both species together.

From any other types of roses, English varieties are distinguished, above all, the shape of the flower and the structure of the bush. So, the flower shape resembles the form of “vintage roses” and is a cupid. It is also important to note the fact that the English roses have rather pronounced fragrances and a variety of shades belonging to a rather wide palette of colors.

In general, the varieties are not completely identical and have a large number of differences. For example, some types of English park roses are resistant to external negative impacts of diseases and pests. Other varieties easily transfer the lack of light. Shrubs and in their external signs are different: the group includes low, medium, high, weak, prostrate, thick and rarefied plants.

Despite all of the foregoing, experienced and professional gardeners allocate a number of shortcomings inherent in English roses. Consider these negative characteristics Read more.

  • In case of continuous adverse conditions, for example, when strong rains are running, rose flowers can simply not disclose. First of all, it concerns roses with a cup and spherical form of buds.
  • New young branches of the bush of English park roses can be bad (and as a result – breaking) under the high weight of blossomed buds. However, it is not necessary to scare and upset – usually over time when the bush is rooted and becomes more mature, this problem is solved – the branches are compacted and cease to bend.
  • Some of the varieties are not able to bloom again.
  • Despite the fact that from a botanical point of view, David Austin’s roses are resistant to pests and diseases, in practice it is not always proved.

Best varieties and their characteristics

After familiarization with the common features and characteristic features of the English park roses, derived by David Austin, should be moved to the description of specific varieties of plants, as well as to consider their individual characteristics and distinctive features.

Abraham Darby (Abraham Darby)

This variety is considered unique in nature. He was led in 1985. The color of the roses themselves are non-unugene: the edges of the petals are painted in a pink shade, and the core of the bud has an apricot color. Rose aroma is saturated with pronounced fruit notes. As for the sustainability of external negative factors, it should be noted that this plant has a rather low resistance threshold. First of all, it concerns the inability to transfer the temperature of the temperature regime and low temperatures, so the plant will not grow in adverse climatic zones, for example, not suitable for Siberia. Also Rose “Abraham Derby” badly tolerates diseases.

The bush is capable of repeated flowering. He himself is tall (up to 1 meter in height), but the stems have a disrupting structure. Rose data – Pleet.

“JUBLEE CELEBRISHN” (Jubilee Celebration)

The variety has an aristocratic history – he got his name in honor of the 50-year-old anniversary of the Queen of England Elizabeth II. The variety was led in 2002. Plant belongs to roses. By nature, this shrub is quite wide. If you pose an analogy with geometry, then it has a practically square form – the nerd scientists argue that the length and width in the plant are similar and are 1.2 meters.

Flower petals, which in 1 buton numbered about 40, have an unusual salmon-pink shade, but smell not fish. On the contrary, the aroma of “Juguby Celebreyshn” is very pleasant, it resembles the smell of citrus fruits with light notes of raspberries. If we talk about the size of the flowers themselves, they reach 14 centimeters and are very large. Leaves of this shrub of David Austin roses have a dark green tinge and a glossy surface. It is important to note that the rose is quite resistant to various kinds of disease.

“Charles Austin”

The form of this flower is pronounced and has the outlines of the bowl. Roses have a delicate peach apricot tint. The height of the bush reaches 1.2 meters, the plant has a thick green foliage.

“Queen of Sweden”

Rose is interesting to an unusual tint: flowers painted in light pink color with light apricot halftone. And roses have a terry texture and a cupid form. An important feature is the fact that the buds of the Queen of Sviden varieties are allocated by its matte surface, and their size reaches 7 centimeters in diameter.

The bush himself grows in a height of 1 meter, his shoots are straight. Queen of Sweden is capable of blossoming re-. Plant flowers have a rather weak aroma, in which a distant smell of Mirra. Unlike his “fellow”, this variety of English park roses David Austin is pretty poorly tolerates precipitation, in particular – a rose unstable to heavy rains.

Darcy Bolshall

The plant is named after the famous ballerina. Rose has a bright burgundy tint and is distinguished by almost perfect round flower shape. Often with this plant gardeners are decorated with flowerbeds and parisades. In addition, Darcy Bolshall for convenience can be grown in containers or in any other tanks.

Benjamin Britten (Benjamin Britten)

The second name of the rose – Ausencart. In general, the Rose “Benjamin Britten” received its name from the famous composer from England – Edward Benjamin Britten. This plant belongs to the genus Rosehip and belongs to the above-mentioned class of schrab. First of all, the Park Plant called “Benjamin Britten” performs a decorative role. Plant flowers have a pronounced red-orange color, so they will decorate any plot. In diameter, blossomed roses reach 0.1 meters, and the flowers can grow both one and in groups. On one flower, about 40 petals are usually poured, the height of the bush does not exceed 1-1.2 meters, and the width is 0.7 m.

Aroma from the English park rose Benjamin Britten fragrant and pretty characteristic. It smells like fruit, can also feel wine shades or light pear flavor. It is important to note that the rose is capable of re-blossom. Plant can withstand temperatures up to 20 degrees Celsius below zero.


This variety was developed by David Austin in 1999. The shrub itself reaches 1.5 meters in height, it is much smaller in the width – the maximum value does not exceed 0.9 meters. The type of English park rose “Falstaf” is considered fairly stable, it is able to transfer both adverse temperature conditions and negative influences of various diseases.

As for the flowers directly, it should be noted that they possess an unusual purple tint. And the unspoken bud is painted in a darker color than the already blossomed flower. Flowers themselves have a terry structure, and in size can reach 12 centimeters in diameter. It is important to note that roses are collected in the brush – in 1 brush usually pour up to 5 flowers. Fragrance classic inherent roses.

“James Gelway”

James Gelway was led to the light in the early 2000s. Its characteristic features are gentle pink buds and a saturated pleasant smell. In height, the plant reaches 1.5 meters. Unlike many other varieties of English park roses, this subspecies has smooth and flexible shoots.

“William Shakespeare 2000)

This variety has large flowers with a thick terry texture. “William Shakespeare” is a record holder among all English park roses, because in one buton there may be more than 100 petals. Plant color – pronounced, scarlet.

“Alnwick Rose”

This rose is considered one of the most stable from the entire group of English park roses. It can carry not only significant temperature fluctuations, but can also resist diseases and pests. Rose petals of the view “Alnwick Rose” bent inside – such a structure creates a unique appearance. Color – gentle pink, and the smell – raspberry.

In addition to those described above, there are other varieties of English park roses. Among them are the most popular:

  • “Crown Princesse Margaret”;
  • “Lady of Shalot”;
  • “Volleton Old Hall”;
  • “Tranquiliti”;

  • “Eh Shropshire LED”;
  • “Tizing Georgia”;
  • “Manstened Wood”;
  • Einsten Mariner.

And it is important to note that all types of roses derived by David Austin are divided into several groups depending on the time frame when they were developed and received. Also in its taste you can choose any shade of roses: from neutral white to bright-scarlet.

Rules landing

Before starting the landing procedure, it is necessary to explore the conditions that will be most favorable for the growth and development of English roses derived by David Austin. So, experienced gardeners are recommended to plant a plant in areas where the shadow is present. Such conditions are the most suitable for roses of this variety. And on the contrary, the direct excessive exposure to sunlight can adversely affect the development of shrub.

It is important to take into account the fact that almost all subspecies of the plant are tall. That is why they are quite often used in landscape design for the design of living ingredients and fences. Among other things, it is believed that English roses are best grown by groups. Therefore, you should choose several varieties of plants and plant them in such a combination. Especially bright and colorful will look like roses of different colors growing next to each other.

How to care?

Proper landing is only half of the case. In order for the plant to grow and develop, it is necessary to properly care for it. This should be guided by simple rules.

  • If for landing you have chosen a variety that is poorly resistant to atmospheric precipitation, then it takes additional care. So, after falling out of precipitation, buds and flowers need to shake out from the moisture accumulated on them.
  • It should be regularly and systematically subjected to pink trimmed bushes.
  • In order to maintain the right growth of the plant, with cultivation it is necessary to use special supports. This is due to the fact that the shoots of this flower have a disrupting structure.
  • Do not forget to regularly make various feeding and fertilizer in the soil. Pink bushes need nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus.

Thus, with a proper landing, as well as in the case of compliance with all recommendations and councils of care, you can decorate your garden aristocratic and unusual, but insanely beautiful English roses. They can be placed a flowerbed or decorate the entrance to the house. You can also grow, put on a gazebo, net fence or fence.

However, if you live in the area with an unfavorable climate, it is better to choose those subspecies of David Austin roses, which have high resistance to precipitation and temperature jumps. It is also worth preferred by varieties that carry the effect of pests and diseases.

In the next video you are waiting for the secrets of growing English roses David Austin.

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