Easy tobacco: Description, types and varieties, landing and care

Fragrant tobacco popular among gardeners. Sades love the plant for beautiful bright flowers and unusual flavor. Motherland scented tobacco is South America. In the European part of the bushes are brought by Christopher Columbus. Consider a Read more Description, types and varieties, features of planting and leaving fragrant tobacco.


Latin name Nicotiana SanderAe in translation means Tobacco Mrs. Sander. The plant belongs to the Polenic Family. The people call him a garden or fragrant tobacco. It has such features like:

  • The height of the bush reaches 0.2-0.9 m, on one shoot there may be 10 branches;
  • Soothes are a lot of tracks in size;
  • Flowers have a star shape, diameter – no more than 5 cm;
  • on the surface of the plant, if you look closely, you can see ferrous hairs;
  • Color of bright red, gentle-white, light crimson, pink or yellow;
  • If the inflorescence is pale color, then a strong smell;
  • Noteworthy – flowers bloom after sunset;
  • The fruit of tobacco bushes is seed boxes that are cracking after ripening;
  • Begins to bloom tobacco in early June and throughout the summer.

The plant looks outwardly unusual. It can be decorated with any garden, will allow transforming landscape design.

Types and varieties

Easy tobacco love gardeners due to variety varieties and species. Everyone can choose a suitable bushing for its plot and decorate the garden or a gazebo near the house. Consider several popular species of plants.

  • Tobacco forestry represents a high plant. It is chosen for landing in the flowerbed in the background. The height of the stem reaches 80-1.5 m. The fragrance is pronounced, and the leaves look down. Motherland Tobacco Forest – Brazil. Recently, a subspeted height of 25 cm.

  • Tobacco Langsdorf – This is a one-year view, the height of which is 120 cm, and the flowers resemble green bells. Motherland Plants – Brazil and Chile. In South America, the height of the bush is not more than 85 cm. It is also called “Crim Splash”.

  • Tobacco winged represents a one-year flower height 75 cm. The leaves of the bush elongated with a sip. Flowers of cream, carmine or white shade. Claims length is 7.5 cm, they can bend on the parties.

  • Tobacco Sander. This species was obtained from the winged and variety of Forgeth. The smell is not as bright as other bushes. Flowers have a red-carmine or white shade.

It is worth staying on the main varieties.


Bushes high no more than 30 cm. They are suitable for breeding in the house or winter garden. This variety includes the following:

  • Domino Samun Pink – Kurtics are small up to 30 cm, and pink inflorescences;
  • “Roll and Perfume” – the height of the bush is not more than 25 cm, and the buds are happy with a variety of coloring;
  • “Saratoga Red” – the dwarf type of plant, it grows not more than 30 cm, leaflets are wide and bright green, and the flowers are a large funnel-shaped form, reveals at night or in cloudy weather;
  • “Niki” – The height of the bush reaches 30 cm, and inflorescences can be white or dark crimson;
  • Rosa Gnom – grows up to 25 cm, bright red flowers;
  • “Taxido Lime” – Coloring lemon-yellow, tobacco height is only 20 cm, often used to decorate the balcony;
  • “Avalon” – The variety is famous for different colors, perfectly suitable for growing at home.


These varieties can be planted both in the house and garden. These include the following:

  • “Lime Green” – got his name due to a bright green shade, as on a citrus of the same name, an increase is 70 cm;
  • “Samel Pink” – shade pink or salmon;
  • “RED DAVIL” – Suitable for cultivation in the house, the height is 40 cm, the color of the inflorescence is dark red, the buds are not closed during the day;
  • “IVNING BRIZE” – Kistica has red flowers, and the stem reaches 60 cm growth;
  • “Crimsok Rock” – The grade received an award in the field of gardening – the flakeselaek, the shade of raspberry-red, and the growth is 60 cm;
  • “Green light” – Lush leaflets, bright salad color;
  • “Italian F1” – buds in plants are large, light white, pale green and red shades;
  • “Purple Haze” – Inflorescences are opened in the evening, the color is soft-purple;
  • “Night bonfire” – Buds big bright red tones.


Tall varieties are suitable for breeding only in the garden. The height of some of them reaches several meters. These include the following:

  • “White Holder” – During the day, buds are not closed, the height of the plant reaches up to 1.5 m;
  • Sensatsiya – The height of the bush is 60-95 cm, the variety has a pronounced smell;
  • “Aroma Green” – Tobacco height reaches 90-150 cm, inflorescences have forms of bells;
  • “Pleasure” – a bush is resistant to diseases, will bloom the entire country season;
  • “Dolce Vita F1” – known to different shades during flowering, bells in the afternoon remain open;
  • “Maju Nuar” – Tobacco has an unusual smell, and the white color;
  • “Hypnosis” – a pleasant aroma of the bush, and the scenery of the lilac, less frequently green;
  • “Evening” – the smell is bright, the flowers bloom in cloudy weather either in the evening;
  • “Record” – at varieties a variety of buds.


All types and varieties of garden tobacco heat-loving. They grow well in the area with a warm and wet climate. The plant is grown by seedlings. Consider more Parting Features.


Seed landing is made at the end of February or in early March. In the soil seedlings are planted on May 15-30. But need to check the soil, because it should be warm. Before sowing seeds in boxes for seedlings, you need to choose them correctly. No need to buy goods at a low price. It is better to go to the garden shop and pick up seeds at average cost and in a reliable manufacturer.

It is necessary to pay attention to the packaging, it should be indicated by the full material about the grade, the landing period and landing in open soil, the date of release and the shelf life.

Source requirements

For breeding seedlings are bought in the store plastic or wooden boxes, you can use peat pots or simple plastic cups. Need to make drainage holes. Soil for landing should be fertile, loose and light. It is often used just a soil for seedlings of flowers. But it is better to make the soil yourself. For its preparation, the following ingredients will be needed:

  • River sand – 1 part;
  • humid or mineral fertilizers – 3 parts;
  • Earth from chernozem – 3 parts;
  • peat – 3 parts.

Important! You can simply take the ground from the garden, mix with peat and humus.

Source requirements for plant landing on an open soil differ slightly, namely:

  • The landing site should be located on the slope so that the water is not stored during irrigation or after the rain;
  • It is necessary to ensure protection from the cold northern wind;
  • The soil is pre-“faded” by humus or mineral fertilizers;
  • Recommended to add and river sand.

Features of care

Like any other plant, garden tobacco need to be paid attention to and after sowing in the pots, and after landing on an open ground. There is nothing complicated in cultivation and care, you just need to periodically loose, water and fertilize the soil, protect bushes from pests and diseases.


Fragrant tobacco moisture, so you need to water often and abundantly. Special attention is worth paying the soil in the summer. Soil dries quickly, cracks may appear. We must constantly monitor the soil to be wet. Water better in the evening and early in the morning.


Fertilizers are entered twice for the summer season. The first stage – when the first buds appear on the bushes, and the second – when flowering. If the soil is fertile, then the feeding is not done. But exhausted soil must be sure to fertilize the mineral complex. If you neglect feeding, then the leaves will grow violently, and the plant will be bad.

Before adding a vitamin complex, it should be mixed with water.


Fragrant tobacco does not need bright lighting. Bushes will grow well and blossom in the shaded part of the garden near the trees. Since the plant is unpretentious, landscape designers love to use it when creating an exterior. Do not land tobacco on a deaf dark plot. It will be bad to grow and hardly bloom. If the landing is done in the vases, they need to be moved as they grow, then a beautiful and smooth bush will be formed.


Slowing flowers will not interfere with the appearance of new buds, but scented tobacco will look untidy and ugly. Blossom continues all summer, so there are a lot of faded inflorescences. Therefore, it is better to cut them, then the bush will delight gardeners and guests with their external beautiful view.

Methods of breeding

The plant breeds seeds. As the annual blooms all summer, then the self-seeing will be abundant. But because of the harsh weather conditions, fragrant tobacco is clogged. Therefore, gardeners prefer to multiply at home flowers with seedlings. Features of seeding seeds for reproduction are as follows:

  1. A suitable container is taken, drainage holes are made;
  2. Inside the soil is embanked, mixed with humid, peat and river sand;
  3. In early March, the seeds laid out on a wet cloth so that they are swollen; This process will leave 4-6 days;
  4. After swelling, sprouts are planting in pots or boxes, but it is not necessary to plunge into the soil; Watering should be moderate;
  5. The container is covered with a transparent film, put into the room so that there is a temperature of + 20ºС;
  6. The first sprouts appear after 14 days; The film is removed, and the container is placed on the window with solar lighting;
  7. Sprouts need to be poured neatly, periodically loosen the ground so that the air flows;
  8. Leafs should appear on bushes, after the plant are transplanted into individual pots; this is done neatly not to damage the roots.

In the open soil of seedlings landed at the end of May or at the beginning of the summer. Everything will depend on weather conditions. Seeds for seedlings are not necessary to buy, you can collect your own from the summer season.

Diseases and pests

In the leaves of the plant contains a lot of phytoncides. Bushes are resistant to many pests and diseases. It will protect other plants that are located nearby. But fragrant tobacco is often amazed by mildew. The first signs of appearance – yellow bloom. Leaves begin to dry and roll. To protect bushes from illness, you need to cut all damaged leaves. The earth is sprayed with formalin – 7.5%. 1 m² will need 30 liters. Tools before use are also processed with solution. Neighboring plants spray with “zinaba” 80%.

There are a number of insects that can harm the plant.

  • Cobed tick. The leaves begin to shrust, cracks appear on the surface. Plants on the street are sprayed with a solution “Fitovener”, home flowers are irradiated with an ultraviolet lamp.
  • Aphid. On the plant there are adhesive droplets, the lower leaves are withering, deformed or folded. Insects themselves can be found on buds and colors. Busts need to handle “accutelle” or “desisis”. People’s methods can be used: decoction of rhubarb (leaves), nettle, pyruses.
  • Snails. Through holes appear on the leaves, mucus. Immediately it is necessary to spray a siny tobacco with a solution of copper or “thunderstorm”. You can try to collect pests manually. There is a good folk remedy for the fight – the leaves are sprinkled with food soda, which is mixed with wood ash, and tobacco dust will fit.

Usage in landscape design

Designers often apply fragrant tobacco when creating an exterior on a country site. The smell of the plant will attract bees, which is important for other garden crops who are pollinated by these insects. There are many ways to decorate the garden with a scented tobacco.

  • You can put plants in Cachepo and decorate the veranda, gazebo.

  • If you are selected for landing on the flowerbed of tall varieties, then you need to plant bushes in the background.

  • If there is a water on the plot, then with the use of average decorative varieties of plants, you can decorate the shores.

  • There is another interesting method – fragrant tobacco landed into the vases, only you need to select species with inflorescences of different colors. Pots are set up near the entrance to the house.

  • You can decorate the bushes of fragrant tobacco area to relax or give a finished type of flower bed.

  • Beautifully look at flowers and on the balcony.

Easy tobacco – this is an annual plant that can be planted both in the garden and at home. It attracts the attention of a variety of shades and a pleasant bright smell. Designers love to use bushes to create interesting compositions in the garden.

About how to sow fragrant tobacco, look in the following video.

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