Diesel Motor Pispers: Features and Types

Diesel motor-pumps are special units that are used for automatic pumping of various liquids and their transportation over long distances. Devices are used in various fields – in agriculture, in communal organizations, while extinguishing fires or in the elimination of accidents, in which large volumes of liquid will be released.

Motor-pumps, regardless of the manufacturer, are divided into several types according to specifications and structural features. For each type of work, certain types and models of aggregates are provided.

Features and principle of work

The main work structure in all motor-pump is the same – this is a centrifugal pump and a diesel engine of internal combustion. The principle of operation of the unit is that special blades are fixed on the shaft rotating from the engine, located at a certain angle – the opposite movement of the shaft. Due to this location of the blades, they capture the liquid substance during rotation and serves it through the suction nozzle into the transmission hose. Then, according to the gear or ejecting hose, the liquid and is transported in the desired direction.

Fence of the liquid and its feed to the blades is carried out thanks to a special diaphragm. During the rotation of the diesel engine, the diaphragm begins to shrink and creates a certain pressure in the design – produces a discharge.

Due to the formed internal high pressure and suction and further pumping of liquid substances is ensured. Despite its small dimensions and simple design, diesel motor-pumps have high power, long-term smooth operation and good performance. Therefore, they are very popular in various fields, the main thing is to choose the device correctly.


There are several varieties of diesel motor-pump, which are classified according to their direct destination. Each species has distinctive characteristics and technical capabilities, they must be taken into account, choosing products. Since if you use the unit is not for the appointment, it will not only be able to ensure the right quality of work, but also quickly fails. Types of devices.

  1. Diesel Motor Clean Water. Work on the basis of two-stroke engines of internal combustion. Have low power and performance, on average, calculated for pumping fluid from 6 to 8 m3 per hour. Able to pass the particles contained in liquid with a diameter of no more than 5 mm. Possess in small dimensions, during the work publish the minimum noise level. Excellent suitable for agriculture or private use when watering gardens, garden sites.
  2. Diesel Motor Pumps for Water Medium Pollution Also called high-pressure. Used by fire services, in agriculture when irrigating the fields of large areas and other areas of activity, where water supply is required for long distances. Equipped with four-stroke engines capable of pumping to 60 cubic meters hour. Power pressure – 30-60m. The permissible size of the extraneous particles contained in the liquid – up to 15 mm in diameter.
  3. Diesel motor-pumps for strong water, viscous substances. Such motor-pumps are used not only for pumping particularly dirty water, but also more dense substances, for example, unclean from the breakdown sewage. Also, they can be used for various liquids with high debris: sand, gravel, rubble. The dimensions of foreign particles can reach in diameter up to 25-30 mm. The design of the mechanism provides for the presence of special filtering elements and free access to the places of their installation, fast cleaning and replacement. Therefore, even if some particles are more permissible values, they can be removed without allowing the unit breakdown. The performance of the devices allows to perform a fluid pumping to 130 cubic meters per hour, but at the same time there is a greater fuel consumption – diesel engine.

Modern manufacturers also produce special diesel motor-pumps, intended for pumping petroleum products, fuel and lubricants, liquid fuel and other flammable substances.

Their fundamental difference from other types of similar devices – in special elements of the design of the transfushing mechanism. Membranes, diaphragms, throughput channels, nozzles, blades are made of special materials having increased resistance to corrosion from those who are part of the liquids of harmful acids. They have high performance, capable of distilling dense and viscous substances, liquids with particularly large and solid inclusions.

Today the market has a wide range of diesel motorized pumps from various manufacturers. The most popular and demanded models of aggregates, proven and recommended by professionals.

  • “Tanker 049”. Plant manufacturer is in Russia. The unit is designed for pumping various dark and light petroleum products, fuel and lubricants. Maximum liquid distillation performance – up to 32 cubic meters per hour, inclusion diameter – up to 5 mm. Installation is capable of pumping from a depth of up to 25 meters. Permissible temperature of the pumped liquid – from -40 to +50 degrees.
  • “Yanmar YDP 20 TN” – Japanese motor-pump for dirty water. Performance of pumping – 33 cubic meters of fluid per hour. The permissible size of extraneous particles is up to 25 mm, it is capable of missing particularly solid elements: small stones, gravel. Run is made using a manual starter. Maximum water supply height – 30 meters.
  • “Caffini Libellula 1-4” – Mud Motor Pump of Italian Production. Designed for pumping petroleum products, liquid fuel, fuel and lubricants, other viscous substances with a high content of acids and inclusions. Pumping productivity – 30 cubic meters per hour. Passes particles up to 60 mm in diameter. Lift height – up to 15 meters. Engine Run – Manual.

  • “Wear MP 120 Dia” – Fire motorized pump of Russian production. It is intended only for pumping clean water without large extraneous enclosures. It has a high pressure of a water column – up to 70 meters. Productivity – 7.2 cubic meters per hour. Starter type – manual. Installation Weight – 55 kilogram. Size of nozzles – 25 mm in diameter.
  • Kipor KDP20. Country manufacturer – China. Used to pump clean unusual liquids with outsided particles not more than 5 mm in diameter. Maximum pressure level – up to 25 meters. Pumping performance is 36 cubic meters of fluid per hour. Four-stroke engine, manual starter. Device weight – 40 kg.
  • “Varisco JD 6-250” – Powerful installation from the Italian manufacturer. It is used to pump a contaminated liquid with particles up to 75 mm in diameter. Maximum performance – 360 cubic meters per hour. Four-stroke engine with automatic launch.

  • “Robin-Subaru PTD 405 T” – Suitable for both clean and high water. Passes particles up to 35 mm in diameter. Equipped with a centrifugal pump assembly and a four-stroke engine. Has high power and performance – 120 cubic meters per hour. Height of the pressure – up to 25 meters, installation weight – 90 kg. Manufacturer – Japan.
  • “Daishin SWT-80YD” – Japanese diesel motor-pump for polluted water with a productive capacity of up to 70 cubic meters per hour. Capably passion up to 30 mm. Waterpad head height – 27-30 meters depending on fluid viscosity. It has a powerful four-stroke air-cooled engine.
  • “Champion DHP40E” – Installation from the Chinese manufacturer to pump clean water with outsided elements up to 5 mm in diameter. Pressure power and waterpover height – up to 45 meters. Fluid pumping capacity – up to 5 cubic meters per hour. The diameter of the suction and pressure pipe – 40 mm. Engine start type – manual. The weight of the aggregate is 50 kg.

  • “MERAN MPD 301” – Chinese motor-pump with a productive pumping capacity – up to 35 cubic meters per hour. Maximum waterpover height – 30 meters. Installation is intended for clean and low-grade water with splashes up to 6 mm. Four-stroke engine with manual launch. Device weight – 55 kg.
  • “Yanmar YDP 30 Stehe” – diesel pump for pure water and medium-dressed liquid with the entry of solid particles not more than 15 mm in diameter. Raises water to a height of up to 25 meters, the performance of pumping is 60 cubic meters per hour. Has a manual engine start. The total weight of the aggregate – 40 kg. The diameter of the outlet – 80 mm.
  • SKAT MPD-1200E – a device of joint Russian-Chinese production for medium-level pollution fluid. Productivity – 72 cubic meters per hour. Passes particles up to 25 mm. Automatic launch, Motor four-stroke. The weight of the aggregate is 67 kg.

In different models, during repair, you can use both interchangeable and only original spare parts. For example, Japanese and Italian aggregates do not provide for the installation of non-original parts. In the Chinese and Russian models, it is permissible to use similar spare parts from other manufacturers. This fact must be taken into account when choosing a product.

Review on a powerful diesel motorpomput See in the video below.

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