Description of scarifiers and tips on their choice

For someone summer period is the time of walking, outdoor activities, and for those who have a cottage, this time of year is marked by a large number of work on the site. After the spring period, the territory needs careful care and update. In order to monitor the lawn on the site, various devices are used, among which you can mark scarifiers.

What it is and why need?

When people are just beginning to go into the topic of similar equipment, they do not distinguish verticutters, aerators and scarifiers. In fact, each type of this technique performs its functions and is intended for a different spectrum of action. The scarifier for lawn is very important for garbage collection and last year’s dead grass from the plot. After the snow melts snow, the traces of last grass are becoming noticeable on the grass, which during the winter time managed to dry and stay on the lawn. If we talk about the functional component, then cleaning of such garbage is very important. First of all, it is necessary that your lawn breathe, and last year’s grass and trash in every way imped.

On the other hand, the decorative component is important. Clean and well-kept lawn always pleases the eye not only guests in the country or any other plot, but also the owners themselves. And to perform this feature need a scarifier, which makes garbage cleaning quite simple, less energy consumption and, most importantly, fast.

Comparison with other devices

It is worth noting that the scarifier is a separate device compared to such a technique, and different instances have differences. To begin with, consider the difference with the aerator, which is a tool for updating the lawn and soil. Cropped into it for a certain depth, the aerator loosen the surface and allows it to breathe more actively. Another device from a similar category can be noted Verticutter. It is a universal device that combines 2 in 1 mode, while having all the functions of aerator and scarifier.

In this case, it is worth saying that a functionally verticutter is more diverse and preferable to work with a lawn requiring special care several times a year. With the go, it is impossible to say which device is better, because with different functionality there is a significant difference in price.

Among all these devices, scarifiers are cheaper, as they are intended only for one task – cleaning last year’s grass and the rooted garbage from the lawn, as well as among them there are manual analogs.

Review of species

Despite, it would seem, the simplicity of the purpose of scarifiers, they are also divided into various types of which will allow you to learn more in more detail what is this kind of garden technology.

With a gasoline engine

I want to start with a small description of what special models with a gasoline engine. First of all, fuel work is necessary to perform a large amount of work. Gasoline units are designed for use in the territory of 15 acres, as more powerful, efficient and perform work much faster than other types of scarifiers. Of course, the main issue becomes the main issue, which is noticeably higher compared to electrical and manual aggregates. But if the result for you and the speed of its achievements are primary tasks, the gasoline scarifier will cope with this best.

Of the disadvantages it is worth noting the high level of noise, so calmly rest on the plot during the operation of this device will not work. Do not forget about environmental friendliness, which also suffers from the exhaust in the air of the vapor of gasoline.

How can I understand, the maintenance of the equipment of this type is much more expensive, because the fuel has a higher price than electricity, but more unpretentious. You will not need to take care to supply your scarifier with electricity, use carrying and other methods in those situations when recharging will be required.

With electric motor

The principle of operation of such devices is power from electricity by battery reproduction of energy. It is worth noting the features of electrical scarifiers. First of all, it is important to say about the area of ​​application that reaches the indicator to 15 acres. Such a limitation is associated with a small power, compared with gasoline analogues, as well as less productivity.

Electrical models can suit for gardening, where a small amount of work must be performed on a small area. Of course, the work from the battery has a number of advantages. The most important of them is the price.

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If you compare with fuel scarifiers, we are talking about a difference several times for individual models. This factor is very important to take into account during the selection of equipment with a possible purchase.

Do not forget about mobility that makes work more comfortable. Having smaller dimensions, electrical units are much easier to master and require less attention when preparing for work. No need to take care of which gasoline to fill in, in what quantity, whether it is necessary to breed it with oil, and if necessary, in what proportion. Just charging the device and work. The process of harvesting the grass is more likely, since the rechargeable analogs are less noisy and are not accompanied by gasoline exhausts that have an unpleasant smell.


The type of garden equipment that was relevant before, but now, due to the popularity of gasoline and electrical models, has become less used. In spite of this, Manual models allow you to perform a certain amount of work. Of course, in terms of performance and efficiency, this type of garden technology is the weakest thing that is quite logical, because the human force is used instead of energy.

Hand scarifiers are best used in small areas, where the total cleaning time does not take more hours of hours. In this case, the presence of a mechanical device is fully justified, because it is much cheaper to have this unit than to buy another. The most important advantage of the handcarifier is the low price, which is achieved not only due to the value of the device itself, but also subsequent use. No gasoline with oil, electricity and other energy source.

It is worth saying about the principle of operation of this type of technology. At the bottom of the device there is a special needle shaft, a person leads the whole mechanism into effect by physical effort, moving the scarifier in the right direction. Needles begin to process the lawn and collect all the garbage, which then enjoy each other. Then you need to remove everything unnecessary and continue.

Another advantage of the manual model is the weight that is so small that you can transport this device without any special means. From this plus the other leaks, namely the work itself. Although the tasks of this technique requires physical strength, yet for the prepared person, this process will be simple. At the same time there is no need to monitor the level of fuel, charging and other indicators that are equipped with fuel technology.

Of course, there is no speech about the noise level, so you will not be in any way to interfere with your neighbors or those people who are with you together on the plot.

For a more complete presentation, it will be best to make a kind of scarifier rating depending on the type of energy used – gasoline or electricity.


For those who prefer gasoline models, the models presented below will be interesting.


TIELBUERGER TV 405 B & S 550 – Premium German production top technology, which combines two in one in one and looks like a full lawn mower. There is an opportunity to change the scarifier knives on the spring rake aeration. The hull is made of impact resistant steel, so even serious physical damage for this model will be insignificant. 14 pairs of knives from a particularly strong hardened material significantly increase the quality of the loosening of the Earth, as well as the removal of any kind of garbage from the lawn. There are also shock knives that are designed to work with clay and especially dense soil.

This model is characterized by a high capacity of 1250 kV. m / h, which allows you to work on sufficiently large territories. The switching lever of modes and positions is located on the optimal for the user. Comfortable handles are adjustable in height, simplicity of transportation is ensured by a large ball beading wheels with a diameter of 23 cm. Working width is 38 cm, there is a big traveler on 40 liters. A special valve is installed that will protect the user from stones and other solid items. In this model, low weight is combined with excellent performance. Only a big price can be noted from flaws.

Husqvarna S 500 Pro

Husqvarna S 500 Pro – Swedish lawn unit, which is known for its productivity, power and ease of use. The most important advantage of this model can be called reliability, which is possible due to the quality of assembly, components and versatility. The width of the working surface reaches 50 cm, which is in aggregate with a large number of revolutions per second, namely – 3600, makes S 500 Pro one of the best gasoline scarifiers in general. The body of the model is made of high strength steel.

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Engine power equals 6.1 L. C, and the volume of the tank for fuel is 3.1 l, which provides a high level of wear resistance and reliability of operation with a long session of operation. The cutting system consists of 14 pairs of knives, which are driven by a powerful engine. Easy use is possible due to the presence of adjustable handles. Of the disadvantages, you can note the high level of noise and considerable weight, which is very important to take into account, since the neakkurat movement can spoil the soil of the lawn, which will negatively affect the appearance of the site.

There is no traveler, due to the large width of the treated surface it is impossible to work in hard-to-reach narrow places.

Viking LB 540

Viking LB 540 – Austrian mobile model that can be viewed as opposition to the previous copy. Having not bad power in 5.5 L. with., This unit is well suited for work in difficult areas where universality is needed and a small size for hard-to-reach places. This contributes to the optimal surface treatment width of 38 cm, as well as a working system consisting of 14 fixed high quality knives.

An important advantage can be called a low noise level, which is a melodic sound, and not various incomprehensible sounds of jester or ringing. The weight is only 32 kg, which is quite small for the scarifier of this power. A very hardy engine allows the user in one working session to process up to 2 thousand. kv. m of the territory. LB 540 is equipped with a six-speed height adjustment system, which expands the range of works. Of the flaws it is worth saying about the absence of grass collector.


Among the electrical can be found quite a lot of reliable and convenient units.

Einhell GC-SA 1231

Einhell GC-SA 1231 is a very unimportant and convenient scarifier that meets all the necessary requirements in order to be called a high-quality tool. The German manufacturer equipped this model by an engine per 1.2 kW, which is quite enough to handle the territory of up to 300 kV. M. The working system is 8 dual blades that treated the lawn as carefully as possible, while avoiding breaking the grass and removes all the garbage.

In this scarifier, small sizes, good power and convenience of operation are combined with an acceptable price, so GC-SA 1231 can be safely attributed to those models that are suitable for the value / quality ratio. Working width is 31 cm, there is an adjustable depth of landing blades. This model is very well suited for those who have a lot of moss on the plot and other low vegetation after the winter and spring periods. The manufacturer provided the practicality of its product, so users have the opportunity to purchase spare blades. The technique is equipped with large wheels that increase mobility. Of the disadvantages, you can note a small amount of grassball – in 28 liters.

Makita UV3200

Makita UV3200 – a popular model from one of the most famous manufacturers of working and garden equipment. Like any products of Makita, the UV3200 boasts a number of impressive advantages, among which it is worth noting compactness, ease of operation and a good power of 1.3 kW. The hull is made of impact-resistant plastic, which will protect the inner part of the techniques from stones and other heavy items. Built in the thermal security system, which prevents the battery overheating and its rapid wear. You can change the depth of the penetration of knives into the soil.

The working width is 32 cm, which is the standard for electrical scarifiers. Compared to the previous model, the UV3200 is equipped with a more volumetric trailer for 30 liters. Having a low level of vibration, this unit is best manifest itself in small and medium sections, quickly and efficiently removes garbage, moss and last year’s grass. It is worth saying about the complete set, which includes several steam of spare knives. From the disadvantages you can note the noise level, more precisely – not its volume, but the sound itself, which makes a scarifier. Plastic wheels are not equipped with bearings, and the grass collector is filled very quickly.


GARDENA EVC 1000 – German scarifier, the main advantages of which are simplicity and reliability. Convenient design with folding and removable handle allows you to easily transport the unit, as well as occupy less storage space. It is possible to adjust the depth of sticking knives made of high quality galvanized steel. They, in turn, quickly and reliably remove any moss, garbage and grass. The engine capacity of 1 kW allows you to process the territory of up to 600 kV. m for one session. The width of the working surface is 30 cm, the blades can quickly shove up to move along asphalt or other rigid surfaces. The switch is located on the handle, the weight is only 9.2 kg, which simplifies the process of garbage cleaning.

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Among the shortcomings, the most important thing is the lack of grassball, but it can be purchased and installing that it carries additional spending. As for manual models, they enjoy much less often, but each of these devices has the simplest device, and, it means that the choice can be stopped on any like model that suits its price. A large number of scarifiers are represented on the market, so the choice must be limited to your ideas about such a technique. There are domestic manufacturers who offer good models for a fairly affordable price.

It should be noted that some firms have a wide selection of scarifiers, so you can be based on the products of a certain brand, if it is known to you and the quality does not cause any doubts.

Child Nuances

To choose the best unit for yourself, before buying it is necessary to decide which model is more preferable for you.

  • It is worth starting with what area you are going to process as scarifier. If we are talking about large areas with a variety of or tight soil, it is best to get a gasoline unit that, thanks to its power, can perform the entire amount of work. If the territory is small, then you can do electric or even manual option.
  • Another criterion is functionality. From the review on some models it is clear that some scarifiers are equipped with grassballs, some of them are not. The difference makes the availability of special security systems from engine overheating or protection against stones and other items. Do not forget about the dimensions that directly affect the convenience during the operation of the scarifier.
  • As always, an important criterion is the price. If you need a fairly simple unit, it will not make sense to overpay for professional equipment equipped with special features that may not even be applied when working in normal mode.

Do not forget to study feedback from various sources, as he having listened to the opinion of other buyers, you can more objectively evaluate specific models.

How to use it?

Like any garden technique, scarifiers need to be properly operation. If we are talking about gasoline models, then timely control over the level of fuel becomes the most important. Gasoline brand AI-92 is recommended, which is universal for garden equipment of any kind. Pouring fuel to the appropriate compartment, make sure that the technique is disabled. Do not forget about the cleaning of the grassball, if it is. Empty it quite often, since on some models it is clogged pretty quickly.

An important part of operation is to check the unit before work. Carefully examine the technique for any possible defects that better notice to work than during the process itself.

If your technique has become faulty, and you have done everything that is possible for proper operation, please contact a specialized technical service. Some domestic manufacturers have a considerable number of similar centers, where you can give the technique to repair professionals.

Before the first launch of the scarifier, carefully read the instruction manual and explore the principle of the technique. Also in this documentation may contain information about the basic faults and methods for their possible elimination. During the work itself, make sure that the scarifier is as possible as close as possible with stones, branches and other obstacles that can fade knives and thereby increase their wear.

Tips for care

A very important part of the use of garden equipment is not only compliance with all conditions during the immediate work, but also the correct care for it during storage. First of all, most manufacturers pay attention to the fact that the aggregates are kept in a dry and clean place, since the presence of moisture indoors may affect the quality of the details of the device. Cleanliness is also important in order to inside the scarifier, dust, dirt and other elements, the presence of which negatively affects the work of the technique.

As for electrical models, here pay attention to the connection of the unit to the power supply network. The plug should not have any physical defects, follow the battery and its condition. Do not possess scarifiers near flammable objects, as well as heating systems and other things that have a high temperature.

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