Description of Canadian park roses, their varieties and care tips

Favorite flower many – Rose. Give preference to this elegant plant not only ordinary citizens, but also gardeners. Recently, Canadian Park Roses began to use much popular. If you want to know what the features of these flowers, get acquainted with the most common varieties of the plant, as well as study the rules for planting and care, then continue to read our material.


The main feature of Canadian park roses – low-temperature resistance (in general it is believed that such flowers can grow at temperatures up to -45 degrees Celsius). That is why these plants can be grown even with an adverse climate (for example, in the northern regions of Russia).

Among other things, the positive features of Canadian roses include the following:

  • the ability to transfer sharp jumps of temperature indicators;
  • In the event that the plant altituted, it can be restored with ease;
  • long blossom period;
  • Resistance to various sorts of pests and diseases;
  • The ability to develop even in the absence of a large amount of light;
  • Pleasant aesthetic look;
  • thick foliage and lush flowers;
  • variety of colors, shades and titles.


Consider in more detail some of the varieties of frost-resistant Canadian rustic.

    “Louise Bagnet”

    This flower is not natural, it is the fruit of the work of breeder scientists. “Louise Bagnet” was removed from 1960 and since then she has won the hearts of many gardeners and landscape designers.

    The flowering process occurs in 2 stages: The first time the rose blooms in early June (this stage lasts about 30 days), and then “Louise Bagnet” blooms again after a small pause. The flowers in the plant have an unusual tint: so, at first the saturated cherry-colored buds are blooming, and then the petals of a non-standard shade with a light greenstone appear, and sometimes around the edges of such petals there is a bordeaux color.

    IMPORTANT: Do not be afraid if the flowers of the roses succumb to 1-2 days – it is typical for this variety, after a few days the replacement of the waves will grow new.

    “Martin Frobisher”

    This variety was selected in 1968. The flower has a gentle pink shade, some of his color resembles the shade of ivory. Many gardeners consider such a lack of a lack of plants, so the rose of this variety can be found infrequent.

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    As for the height of the shrub, it usually reaches 170 cm, while the maximum width is about 100 cm. The magnitude of the shrubs flowers reaches 6 centimeters, they usually grow up to groups of 3-5 pieces.

    This flower is named after the English navigator who drove to the shores of North America.

    “Prici Joy”

    “Prairi Joy” is a rose that blooms quite puff. It has dense and lush flowers, many experienced professionals call this rose plant “in ancient style”. Flowers can grow single or groups up to 6 pieces.

    Roses color – saturated pink. Despite the fact that this shade is susceptible to active burnout if roses grow in a sunny section under the direct influence of sunlight, this process does not spoil the shade of roses, but even gives them some election and originality.

    “Adelaide Hudlass”

    Flowers of the Adelaide Hudlass grade have a rich red shade (and they grow up to 15 pieces), and the leaves have a bright green color.

    Important: For active growth, rose needs a support, so it is recommended to be tied. An important difference between the variety is that the plant has the ability to transfer not only strong cold, but also arid and hot climatic conditions. Flowers rose in 2 stages.

    “Catback Grant”

    This flower has an unusual spicy aroma. Roses are growing 3-5 pieces in inflorescence, and the size of the flower can reach 8 centimeters. “Catback Grant” – a variety, well carrying various wet sediments (snow, sleet, rain).

    It is important to note that this rose is capable of rather long blossoms with interruptions. It is these breaks in flowering, according to gardeners, and are the greatest drawback of this species. The bush is not scattered, but a reprehensive.

    “Alexander McKenzy”

    This rose is named after the Scottish traveler. Flowers have a bright red tint and unusual “terry” texture, shrub foliage shiny, bright green. The fragrance of the flower is remotely reminded by a sweet-rod strawberry smell, for this plant is valued not only by gardeners, but also by conventional flowers lovers.

    Gardeners It is important to remember that this variety needs regular trimming. If you neglect this rule, the shrub will quickly deteriorate and stop blossoming.

    “Modern Blasch”

    As opposed to the above-described variety, the flowers of this plant have a rather gentle light pink (practically white) color. Rose “Modern Blass” is considered one of the most popular among all Canadian park roses. Often the flower becomes the main component of wedding bouquets.

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    Flowers are capable of pretty long time to hold their holistic clear shape, without scattering and not spilling (up to 2 weeks). Roses can grow isolated or in brushes.

    “John Davis”

    This rose received his name from the famous American producer and scriptwriter. It has an unusual, but smearing the form of “vintage roses”. At the beginning of flowering, the flowers are painted in a bright pink shade, however, over time they burn out and fade, changing their color to the brightest and gentle.

    This plant is often used for the design of various elements of landscape design – It is possible, thanks to the fetal structure of the shrub.


    This flower is painted in classic red shade, it blooms quite abundantly and intensively. In the length of the plant reaches 100 centimeters. Roses “Champlain” grow groups of 5-7 pieces. Flowers rose until frost appears.

    It is important to note that this shrub is pretty barbed, so when it is cultivated and in the process of plant care, it should be quite attentive and careful.

    In addition to the varieties described above, other popular types of frost-resistant Canadian park roses are allocated. Among them:

    • “Hope Fo Humaniti”;
    • “Lambert Kloss”;
    • “Modern Centennial”;
    • “John Franklin”;
    • “Ja Pi Conneel”;
    • “Modern FireGlow”;
    • “Heidi”;
    • “Mari-Victorin”;
    • “Modern Ruby”;
    • “Modern Sunrise”;
    • “Teresa Bagnet”;
    • “Nicholas”;
    • “Vasaehiming”;
    • “Modern Snow Beauty”;
    • Henry Hudson.


    Gardeners are recommended to plant Canadian roses at sunny sites, it will also be a place where it is poured (for example, the territory of the Moscow region is perfectly suitable). It is forbidden to land on “deadlock” or angular sites – the place where Canadian roses grow, should be well ventilated. It is also not necessary to divert a separate area for clearing these plants – they are well adjacent to other colors.

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    As for the landing time, it is worth noting that the optimal period is autumn. As shoots that you will plant choose plants with long legs; Also on the stem must be present to the top leaves (if there are mid and lower leaves, they must be removed).

    Before proceeding with the immediate landing procedure, it should be a bit to trim the root and remove (if any) elements and parts that are unsuitable for landing condition (for example, unhealthy).

    Well in which you will plant a Canadian rose, should be depth no less than 70 centimeters. It is necessary to add natural fertilizers to the deepening (perfectly suitable for humus), you can also add peat and wood ashes (try to add different types of fertilizer in the same quantities). Then, to the depth of 7-10 centimeters, place roses bush (you need to instill in advance). Seedling base Put the earth and sand mixture.


    In order to grow healthy and beautiful flowers, You must adhere to a few simple recommendations:

    • If you have noticed that on the plant there are dead, frostpled, struck by pests or diseases of the part (it can be flowers, leaves, stems or young shoots), they must be immediately removed;
    • For more active growth of roses, experienced and professional gardeners are recommended to be made in the soil specialized fertilizers, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium;
    • In the period of aridness and heat, it is often necessary to water colors often and intensively;
    • Once a few years, it is necessary to do pruning – usually this procedure is carried out in the spring, such a trimming is called rejuvenating.

    In general, Canadian park roses are unpretentious in care. In the event that you follow the simple advice of specialists, you can easily grow high-quality plants.

    Examples in landscape design

    Canadian Park Roses – Favorite Flowers Landscape Designers. Most often, they are used to create alive ingreders, also create large colorful flower beds and produce other ornaments for the garden.

      Flower arches are particularly popular among private land owners, and roses are framed by gazebos. For this purpose, varieties are most often used: for example, Catback Grant, John Cabot and others.

      Review of the varieties of Canadian roses Looking further.

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