Description and varieties of Varyag Motoblocks

Without a motoblock, it is almost impossible to do so people who live in rural areas are engaged in home or farm. Currently, many manufacturers implements modern techniques.

One of the best options of the mini-tractor is the car from the company “Varyag”, which is attributed to medium-purpose, wear-resistant, as well as powerful.


Motoblocks “Varyag” produce in China, but for the past twenty recent years their official suppliers are located in Russia. All cars from this manufacturer have the same standard package. The assembly of motoblocks is characterized by high quality parts and operation. Varyag aggregates have the composition of the following elements.

  • Carrier frame. It consists of a steel corner, which is processed by an anti-corrosion coating. The frame is characterized by durability, therefore, it is capable of withstanding weights and additional canopies, is no exception and a trailer with a weight of up to 600 kilograms.
  • Power plant. Four-stroke gasoline engines are installed in the motoblocks, whose sleeves are located vertically.

  • Chassis. Manufacturing of the semi-axis is made of steel hexagons. Pneumatic wheels 4×10 are attached to it, as well as cutters and soil hooks, which have a diameter from 35 to 70 centimeters. Thanks to the clearance of the technique, it has the ability to carry out movement by territories with difficult relief.
  • Controls, which are attributed to the steering, which has rods, gas feed levers, transmission switches. Thanks to the transmission, a mini-tractor movement is provided at two speeds. The steering wheel can be adjusted both in the height and width.

  • Couch and adapter. These elements contribute to the possibility of accessing the motoblock of additional aggregates, without the use of adapter. Cutters are adjusted in height, which can contribute to the deeper processing of the Earth.

Motoroblocks “Varyag” sold assembled and fully prepared for use.

Before going to the counter, the technique is tested for controlling the correctness of the assembly and the installation of each node, as well as the mechanism.

Advantages and disadvantages

Technique from the brand “Varyag” has a lot of advantages, the main of which is the possibility of operation in any climatic zone. Machines can work with attaching attached units from different manufacturers. The advantages of motoblocks are the following.

  • High level functionality. Using this technique there is a quick plowing of fields, soil breaking, creation of beds, planting and harvest assembly.
  • Price combination with quality.
  • The ability to make a car more perfect. Trailed and attachments contribute to the implementation of many functions.
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  • Excellent quality of work performed.
  • Simple maintenance, care and repair. In specialized stores and fueling stations you can purchase everything you need to troubleshoot the work of the Motoblock.

Varyag technique is characterized by good balance, has the ability to have excellent hold on the slope, for the implementation of the parking lots there is a special focus of a folding type. Disadvantages of these motoblocks a little, one of them is the high cost of equipment. Problems may occur when working in winter or frosty weather, as Motoblocks need special fuel for operation. Also some discomfort when used causes noise and vibration machine.


“Varyag” offers the consumer a wide range of equipment, which can be both diesel and gasoline. Each motoblock is characterized by high strength, reliability and unpretentiousness, but there are also characteristics that models differ from each other. The most popular models of motoblocks from the manufacturer “Varyag” are.

  • “MB-701” – This is the best middle class representative with high functionality characteristics. Often with the help of such a machine perfect, work with a soil hook, cargo transportation and much more.

Buyers appreciate this model for low weight, compact dimensions and high power. MB-701 has a single-cylinder motor, a three-speed gearbox, a gasoline four-stroke engine for 7 liters. with.

  • “MB-901” is a reliable and multifunctional assistant for each owner. An additional fixtures can be connected to this unit, which contributes to the performance of various tasks. This model is equipped with a 9-liter gear engine. with. Thanks to metal wheels, heavy land is carried out. The technique has an excellent width of the capture, and can also transport the cargo that weighs half.
  • “MB-801” functions on gasoline, issuing 8 l. with. With this engine power, the machine can consume some fuel. Maneuverability is carried out due to a special design and large wheels, so the technique rides the most launched territories. In the car there is a reverse, belt clutch and chain type drive. Together with the mini-tractor, the user acquires mudguards, the wheels of a pneumatic type, bumper, projection wings, extension. Frame “MB-801” is made from the corners with the reinforced plan, which are processed by anti-corrosion coating. This element of the motoblock is powerful, so in its ability the ability to withstand gravity about 600 kilograms.

  • “MB-903”. This model from the manufacturer “Varyag” is equipped with a reliable diesel engine with a capacity of 6 liters. with. Thanks to the operation on diesel fuel, the machine can function for a long time. The existing three operating speeds contribute to the absence of difficulties in. Starter launch occurs both mechanical and electrically. In the competent installation of the hits mini tractor of this model is able to carry goods, which weighs 550 kilograms. Motor mills are included in the machine. For this unit, it is not characteristic of overheating, as it is cooled by air.
  • “MB-905” is a diesel multifunctional high power unit. It is intended to perform a large number of different tasks. Battery device in “MB-905” made it silent engagement. Technique is characterized by good permeability and performance.
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Tips for choosing

Motoblock contributes to the relief of work on the garden and the nursery. Purchase of this technique is carried out for many years, so it is very important to make the right choice. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the power of the car, because this particular characteristic provides the ability to process the site. If the soil is characterized by hardness, then you should give preference to a more powerful unit.

It is also necessary to remember that the more powerful mini-tractor, the more fuel it is necessary, so if a small black earth area is to be processed, then in powerful technique there is no need.

Another important selection criterion is the type of fuel used. Gasoline engines have such advantages as quiet operation and ease of launch. Motoblocks on gasoline are considered suitable options for cottages and small areas. Stop the choice on a diesel car, if necessary, work on a large area. This type of engine is recognized as more urgent and reliable.

The weight of the motoblock is the indicator that also needs to be considered when buying equipment. Light motor-blocks are an inappropriate option for a complex type of soils, in such cases it is worth preferred by heavy machinery. Do not go around attention and width cutters so that the work of the motoblock did not give trouble. To become the owner of an inexpensive and reliable motoblock, it is worth paying attention to the car with a small capacity and cutters that are ideal for planned work.

Operation and service

For long and uninterrupted operation of the motoblock, a very important stage is its first runoff, which continues at least eight hours. Technique should be collected strictly according to the instructions. Put the generator can be guided by a specific scheme. If the work is incorrect, and the black carburetor candle is incorrectly, the winding may occur.

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When installing the generator, it is necessary to use two blue wires that are connected to the converter. Red wiring is required for feeding and charge. With the first run of the motor, it should not be done heavy work at maximum power. At the end of the process, it is necessary to change oil.

Motoblocks are pretty unpretentious to maintenance. The main thing is that you should not forget – the timely change of engine oil, as the manufacturer advises. Before starting work, the motoblock must be carefully inspecting, control the health of parts and wiring. Also do not forget about lubrication of switch levers using Salidola or Lithola-24.

After all the work is over, the unit must be cleaned and washed, and then dry and lubricate with oil all the details that are susceptible to friction.

Many Varyag Motor Faults can be corrected independently. For example, if there are malfunctions in the start of the motor, you should check the ignition, the presence of sparks, make sure that the fuel volume is enough to normal operation of the machine, as well as check the filter cleanliness. The problem of engine operation by jerks can be hidden in the absence or poor quality of fuel, contamination of filters or the absence of a spark.

Optional equipment

Motoroblocks “Varyag” can be easily done even more functional due to attachment. Additional aggregates promote help in the ability to plow, landing, sowing, dipping, mowing, harvesting, cutting furrows, snow cleaning and other works. You can buy such additional units to the Varyag motoblocks:

  • Sabelian soils or by the type of “goose paws”;
  • Trailers for the transport of bulk or piece goods, which weighs about half a ton;

  • adapters in the form of fixed seats;
  • mowers, which is indispensable for hay;
  • caterpillar consoles;

  • Pneumatic and rubber wheels;
  • soils;
  • Plows;

  • Snow blowers;
  • potatoes;
  • potatoes;

  • Couplings with adjustment and without it;
  • Utyales.


Reviews of the owners of Motoblocks “Varyag” indicate the ratio of price and quality for equipment. Many users are satisfied with the work and performance of mini tractors. There is also information about the noise arising during operation, but they are easily eliminated after pouring oil. Users say that the technique is easy to operate, quickly starts, it does not arise problems with its mills.

More detailed overview for Varyag Motoblock. See next video.

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