Description and cultivation of roses Varuni variety

Pleet roses – this is a real decoration of any site. The varietal variety of this category of plants is widely, so every gardener can choose the option that it will appear externally and is suitable for cultivation in the territory. One of the most interesting representatives of the decorative shrub is “Browni”, which has a number of unique characteristics.


Rosa “Brauni” refers to new varieties. This type of plant was led in 2009 in France. The variety is distinguished by the unusual coloring of buds. Petals are characterized by liabilities and alternation of red, pale pink, cherry and ash-brown shades. Initially, the buds appear red, but as they are dissolved, they begin to change the color and become very unusual.

Flowers “Brauni” Gustomakhovye, on the stem from 3 to 5 pieces. On average, their size reaches 10 centimeters. The bush grows to 1, 5-2 meters. In the width, it is usually about a meter. During the flowering period, the plant makes a gentle and barely catchy floral fragrance.

This variety is resistant to low temperatures and other negative environmental impacts. The most favorable time for landing shrub is the offseason (spring and autumn).

Advantages and disadvantages

In addition to the peculiarities of the appearance, Brauni variety has many other advantages:

  • Flower form in many ways similar to tea rose;
  • large size of buds;
  • unobtrusive fragrance, which is quite stable;
  • the possibility of wintering without shelters in the conditions of the sixth climatic zone;
  • good resistance to dangerous diseases, for example, to mildew and black spotlights;
  • Tolerant attitude to rain and heavy rains.

There are practically no shortcomings of the variety. By the cons “Brownie” can be attributed to the fact that it is blooming late (it happens in July). But this minus is compensated by the fact that the culture pleases the eye with its beauty until the end of September, and in some cases before frosts.


To Rosa “Browni” fit well and decorated the plot for a long time, it is necessary to put a plant correctly. Initially, it is worth purchasing high-quality planting material. The best choice will be a grafted sapling, which has a well-developed root system. This particular copy is characterized by good frost resistance and survival. In the future, he will give a large number of buds.

Rose is a lover of well-lit plots, so when choosing a place, it is worth staying on this territory. Shadow can negatively affect the development of “Browni”. In the absence of light, it can stop blossom, covered with stains or give blind shoots. In addition, plants growing while restricting the access of the Sun often suffer from mildew.

If a seedling is planted, whose root system is open, it is worth choosing spring time to work. The best period for this will be the second half of April – the beginning of May. Since the bush of this variety is quite overall, it will need a pit no less than 0.3 meters deep. Sandy soil should be changed on import and more fertile.

To prepare soil mixture you need to mix such elements:

  • 2 pieces of turf land;
  • 1 part of humus;
  • 1 part of the compost.

Clay natural soil can be optimized by adding sand, lower peat, organic fertilizers. The soil characterized by low fertility must be removed from the well. After that, you need to pour into the deepening prepared mixture, which should go to the pit at least 14 days. For the passage of the specified time, the Earth will be able to compact. The next step will be the formation of a deepening, in which you can freely place the root system of the plant. After the planning procedure, the culture is worth pouring 10 liters of water.

Seedling with an earthen room can be planted in the period from spring by autumn. The advantage of choosing such a planting material is the high probability that the young rose is taken on, as well as the simplicity of the planting process.


Pleet rose “Brauni” variety, like other plants, requires attention and care. Gardeners that have been decorated with this shrub of their plot, it is worth performing certain mandatory events.

  1. Water to water the plant. Rose should have enough moisture, but it should not be in excess. “Brauni” negatively belongs to both droughts and to the drops of humidity.
  2. Feather and feed shrub. It is best to use fertilizers that are designed specifically for roses. Such substances are characterized by a balanced composition, as well as the necessary number of micro and macroelements. Feeding should be made in 14-21 days. The use of organic feeding should occur several times per season, or rather – in spring and autumn time.
  3. To cover “Brauni” for the winter. Protect shrub at winter time only in the region, where frosts exceed 23 degrees below zero.


Family lovers who grow in the whole site “Brauni” grade are satisfied with the acquisition. Their feedbacks indicate the extraordinary beauty and attractiveness of the plant, which changes the colors of their petals. There are many reliable information that the shrub tolerates the winter well and does not freeze, even if it is not covered. Rosa shows good stability and to heat. It is able to withstand even plus 40 degrees.

In reviews, gardeners give the following tips on growing plants of this variety:

  • Watering roses should be carried out with warm water in which there are no chlorine impurities;
  • a good version of feeding for this variety is horse manure;
  • When buds appeared, the shrub is to be filtered with a solution of calcium nitrate;
  • If necessary, it is necessary to handle the rose to the “zircon” or “epinoma” to help survive the procedure;
  • Crop the plant is necessary until the swelling swelling.

Rose “Brauni” is the perfect plant for decorating the yard. She is unpretentious in leaving, so the bush will be able to grow even a novice gardener. If you make a little effort and time, you can get a gorgeous flower garden from roses to which all neighbors will envy.

About how to plant and grow plenty roses, you will learn further.

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