Cultivator nozzle for gasoline trimmer: species, advantages and disadvantages

Gasoline trimmer is an aggregate with sufficient capacity and autonomy. It is convenient when performing various agricultural work. However, to increase the functionality, it needs various types of hits. One of them is a cultivator nozzle. What is it, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this equipment?

What it is?

Cultivator type nozzles on gasoline trimmer are hinged equipment for land processing. In fact, it is a loose knot, by which you can simplify the processing of a small section of the Earth.

Depending on the species, the nozzles can change a little, however, it is not suitable for several types of work. It can not be pumped and dip. She just loose soil.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cultivator nozzle for a benzotrimer, regardless of its variety, increases the weight of the assembled unit to 5-6 kg. This is a rather requested goods from the buyer, which is characterized by ease of maintenance. This device is characterized by a more acceptable value in comparison with the equipment for the motor corrugation. The cultivator nozzle on the gasoline trimmer is convenient in the conditions of greenhouses, it not only loosen the soil, but also saturates it with oxygen.

Considering that this device is performed with a high-quality assembly, it is durable, which cannot but rejoice the user. The devices themselves really simplify the country’s work and allow you to accelerate his work.

With this device, you can braid soil in flowerbed, flower bed, greenhouse, on small beds and even around bushes and trees. On average, the device for one passage can capture the work of the soil wide up to 25 cm.

As for the shortcomings of cultivators onto a benzotrimmer, many buyers celebrate their weight. The weight deficiency of the device is the reason that, facing a complex soil, it may not be deepened in the soil at all, but only scratching its top layer. In addition, as practice shows, in such nozzles it is impossible to press mills to the ground. It is fraught with the fact that the rod begins to spring, and, as a result, the equipment is quickly wearing.

If they try to press the device more stronger to the earth, the rod does not withstand and bends, which can break the braid or the work nozzle itself. The drive rod is quite long, during cultivation not to avoid vibrations, the value of which is directly related to the length of the rod itself. In addition, it depends on the complexity of the area being processed, because the load on the discs and cutters in the case of dense soil will be greater.

Keep a long vibrating tool difficult how to manage them. In this case, it is also worth aware that constant work with a vibrating tool can be fraught with negative consequences for human health. For example, a constant vibration is able to harm blood vessels and nerves in the fingers of those who have blood supply problems. With long work, the motocosa with a cultivation nozzle is possible problems and in healthy people.

If you really take a hitch for the cultivation of the Earth, then it is better to choose a disk option. It is equipped with a safety casing, although it is somewhat complicated by the user. As for independent manufacture of nozzles, this process does not always give an effective result. Besides the fact that the work on the manufacture of hits for the cultivation of the soil time consuming, it does not always work high quality and reliable. In addition, it is not always the product of self-making coping with the turden.

Cannot use a device without protective casing. In the process of processing the soil, it is necessary to ensure that the knives and protective adaptations themselves do not fall not only stones, but also glass fragments. If by negligence it happened, it is necessary to urgently stop the engine, disconnect the wire from the spark plug.

To rinse the cutters, you need to remove the equipment. In addition, from time to time the device needs to be lubricated with oil. Given the sharpness of the blade, it should work in gloves. In the process of cultivation of the soil, it is impossible to switch to high speed. In order to put on a protective screen with a line limiter, it is necessary to remove the restrictive nut from it, insert the bracket into the slot and rotate the screen before passing through the grooves of the brackets. After that, you need to tight a barish nut on a bolt.

To install the nozzle on the motorcycle, it is necessary to remove the cork with the rod hide. After that, it is connected so that the blocking (released) button entered into the recess on the hitch. The nozzle pushes forward until the button snaps. Before starting the workflow, you need to tighten the handle firmly, turning it along the clockwise arrow. If the holes are not suitable, such a nozzle cannot be used for the existing benzotrimer.


Depending on the variety, the device may have or no cutter. On this basis, it can be classified on a gear or disk. The products of the first type are characterized by the presence of cutters, which are located on both sides of the leading shaft. The second options are working at the expense of cutting discs. However, the presence or absence of cutters does not affect the functionality – the hits of cultivators on the gasoline trimmer are bought for loosening of the soil.

The differences between varieties are in the soil type, with which the horses of cultivators cope. For example, the varieties of the toothed line are characterized by less weight, however, because of this, they are not able to treat complex soil. Disk counterparts can not work not only with light soil. These nozzles are characterized by a greater rigidity, they are stronger and more durable.

To handle by the nozzles of this type easier to process long ridges, as in this case there are fewer turns. These devices are not universal, and therefore it is necessary to acquire them to a specific model, because in this case everything will depend on the number of slots. Also at the same time, the power of the Trimmer itself is obligatory.

Construction and mounting options

The design of such a device is usually equipped with one or two pairs of cutting parts. They are attached to the trimmer, instead of a gearbox at the bottom of the barbell or near the device’s motor. Complete motorcycle is performed by burning liquid fuel. In order to strengthen the strength and reliability of the design in it there is a direct reinforced rod, the diameter of which is at least 25 mm. The rod is designed for optimal workload.

Based on the type of device, it is often an adjustment of the width of the cutting of the cutting elements. As a rule, its indicators vary in the range of 13-25 cm. As for the disk cultivators for a benzotrimer, their design can be equipped not only by a couple, but also by several discs with blades fixed on them, bent at a certain angle. As a rule, these hits have a protective damper that prevents land in the process of operation of the device.

The design of gear nozzles can also have more than two cutting elements. Curved knives can be located in a row. At the same time, the increase in the number of knives increases the weight of the cultivator nozzle. On average, it weighs about 5 kg.

The transmission of the torque from the engine of the benzotrimmer on the jamming is performed by means of a shaft composed in the rod. Such a node is not interchangeable, besides, it differs from the number of slots available on the end of the rod. They are 7 or 9. This feature is taken into account by choosing a hitch to the existing benzotrimmer. Handicap-cultivator on a motocos with an incoming shaft of 9 slots and a 26 mm bar is attached instead of the lower gearbox.

The slotted method of connecting disks allows freedom to move the cutting parts. This is conveniently specifically for the cultivation of the soil, because it allows the loosening of the Earth with a wide capture for one passage. However, there is no need for a large amplitude for moving the rod.

How to choose?

Buying a plant-cultivator for benzokos, in addition to the power of the engine of a benzotrimer based on several factors. This is the width of processing, weight, diameter cutters and the number of revolutions per minute. On average, the cutter diameter can be 20 cm, the number of revolutions – 180.

Considering that the nozzles for cultivation to the gasoline trimmer are poorly launched with the blind land, you need to choose the option with a disk type shield. At the same time, it is important to take into account the care factor, because it is better to loosen the Earth after it is a must. It is important that the handle is T-shaped, in this case the direction will be as reliable and correct.

As for the design of the rod, then for a flexible shaft it is useless to buy a cultivation nozzle, She will fail the unit quickly enough. An ideal option will be the purchase of a product with a multi-slim bar in a pair with a cardan transmission. Such an aggregate will show itself in work more effectively and will be distinguished by reliability. So that the engine does not overheat, it is important that the capacity is at least 1000 W, otherwise labor productivity decreases.

Features of operation

Considering the possibilities of the trimmer and the attachment itself, work with a hitch is carried out before the period when weeds have not yet been high and strengthened. So, the user’s work will be more efficient, because it is easier to cut down low grass, rather than fight with rude and thick stems. Timely loosening of the soil with the help of a cultivator nozzle contributes to the accelerated growth and strengthening of planted crops and, as a result, high yield.

It is important to securely fix the nozzle on the gasoline trimmer. It is important to take into account the fact that not every gardener will be able to work with a mocked-cultivator, the reason for which is the weight of braids and hitch. If the unit of the unit is not calculated on the power of more than 1500 W, this nozzle can only be used, more than a ripper or a light gloss. It is important to understand that the nozzle for the cultivation of the soil by means of a gas station in no way replaces the assembly for weeding, plowing and dip. This is a mini-device for small purposes.

Rotating in the process of work Knives are sufficiently dangerous, and therefore it is necessary to work with a gasoline trimmer. You can not try to consider knives from weeds when the device is turned on. It can be done exclusively at full engine stop. You can not grab the knives with hands or try to block them. Inspection of the device, eliminate breakdowns, as well as worn items.

Filling the unit needed on the street. It is important to ensure that no oil leaks or fuel. It is impossible to allow engine overheating. In the process of operation, the operator must be part of the rotating elements, since cutters may damage limbs. Before proceeding with the work, you need to explore the territory of future processing and save it from solid items. For example, it is advisable to get rid of stones that can cause a stop, and then the milling cutters at all.

If this happens, you need to immediately stop the unit and inspect it for damage. It is impossible to work in a broken device.

More about the pump-cultivator for gasoline trime will learn from the video below.

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