Craftsman cultivators features

Cultivators are one of the most popular and sought-after types of agricultural equipment. Among them, the honorable place is occupied by the products of the American company Craftsman. Over the years on the world market, the manufacturer from the United States has been able to establish its cultivators as one of the most reliable and durable. Models such as 900 Series 24, 29802, 29701 and 99206 Immediately after its appearance, the favor of dachensi won and proved the effectiveness of their use.

Advantages and disadvantages

Craftsman cultivators can boast a number of benefits, among which you can select the following:

  • high-quality cutters, in the process of which are used exclusively durable materials; Steel is exposed to a special hardening, which ensures its strength and resistance to high loads;
  • All the details of cultivators can boast an advanced protection system that does not allow solid particles to enter the working elements;
  • Each model is equipped with large wheels with a deep pattern of the tread, due to which incredible maneuverability is achieved; In addition, it allows cultivators to move on a soft soil;
  • Handles of cultivators are distinguished by an ergonomic form, and can also boast special rubber overlays; This design provides reliable fixation in the hands of the earth processing.

The only drawback of the company’s models is their high cost, but it is quite acquitted, given the reliability, durability and efficiency of equipment.

The lineup

Craftsman offers a huge range of cultivators, thanks to which each dachnik may find optimal option.

Model 98694

Craftsman Motor Cultivator Series 98694 will be an indispensable assistant in the process of preparing the soil in the garden plot. This unit is equipped with a reliable power unit, which is 5.5 liters. with. In addition, this model boasts the adjustable couch, which allows you to set the optimal plowing depth. Among the main advantages of this model, the following can be distinguished:

  • Safety – on the device is a shield covering cutters and not allowing the departure of the soil at the dacket;
  • Powerful power plant – motor without problems copes with soil treatment, including virgin;
  • Ease of transportation – Craftsman 98694 is equipped with a special transport wheel, which greatly simplifies the process of moving the device by section.

Model 29932

This cultivator model is considered one of the most popular. The distinctive feature of the equipment is that it is designed to work with the Earth before planting various cultures. Motor-cultivator boasts several transport wheels providing a high level of maneuverability and safety.

Another advantage is the presence of unique design elements that make it possible to establish and use additional equipment.

Model 29802

Craftsman 29802 Motor Cultivator is an innovative model that is an upgraded version of the previous one. A distinctive feature of the device can be called durable blades, presence of protective shields and wheels for transportation. This model was very powerful due to a four-stroke gasoline power unit, which issues 5.5 liters. with.

Cutters are distinguished by a central location, and in the process of their production it is used exclusively carbon steel.

Subtleties of choice

In the process of selecting the Craftsman Motor Cultivator, you need to be extremely attentive, because Only with a competent selection device will fully cope with its tasks.

  • First of all, you should pay attention to the width of the cutter, which can be in the range from 20 cm. This is an extremely important parameter, as it has a direct impact on productivity. If your country sites differ in different quantities, then it is best to give preference to collapsible mills. They boast their versatility and allow you to process almost any territory.
  • The second parameter to be taken into account when choosing a Craftsman Motor Cultivator – Transmission. The presence of a similar element allows you to select a certain speed in the process. The ability to switch the transmissions will also be relevant if necessary to use attachments.
  • As for attachments, not all the presented models can boast of the possibility of connecting it. This function is largely expanding the possibilities of the cultivator, with which it will be possible to plow, cut and even induce cultures.

Operating Rules

In order for the Craftsman’s acquired Motor Cultivator to fully fulfill its obligations to it, it should be used correctly. Among the main nuances of operation, you can select the following:

  • Before starting work, be sure to read the instructions and read the characteristics of the model used;
  • If there are too many small stones on the country area, the device must be turned on at the minimum speed;
  • Motor cultivator will serve for a long time, if you regularly carry out maintenance; Attention should be paid to the replacement of oil and sharpening cutters, since these factors are affected by the durability of the equipment;
  • fuel is recommended only when the power unit is turned off;

  • Any settings can be carried out exclusively when the motor is turned off;
  • If a vibration is felt during operation, it can perceive as a signal about problems in operation; It is necessary to immediately stop the motor-cultivator, find the cause and eliminate it;
  • Most Craftsman models boast of impressive capacity, so that they are moving not only forward, but also back; If it is necessary to carry out a similar maneuver, then hold down a small pause;
  • After using the motor-cultivator, it is necessary to wipe all of its parts with a cloth.

Thus, Craftsman Motor Cultivators are considered one of the most popular and in demand in the market. Their main advantage is high quality and durability, as well as in the possibility of using on any site.

About how the CraftSman cultivator works, you can see in the video.

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